Who should be England's No.1? | Siobhan Chamberlain | The Football Show

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Former England goalkeeper Siobhan Chamberlain joined the football show to discuss England's win over San Marino last night, including the goalkeeping situation. With Nick Pope standing in for the injured Jordan Pickford last night, we discuss whether it should be the case going forward.
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  1. Saneka Grant

    Saneka Grant11 dagen geleden

    Jordan Pickford Ofc

  2. Crooner

    Crooner15 dagen geleden

    Nick Pope should not be allowed anywhere near the England squad. He looks absolutely petrified every single time that he pulls on that shirt. Both Henderson and Johnstone are far superior, and by a country mile. Southgate's choices seem to be governed by his affection or aversion towards certain clubs, regardless of the quality of the players, and the Manchester United connection, for one, is not his cup of tea.

  3. Dylan Large

    Dylan Large18 dagen geleden

    1. Nick Pope 2. Dean Henderson 3. Alex McCarthy

  4. Christopher

    Christopher18 dagen geleden

    Any good pie recipes love?

  5. DW

    DW20 dagen geleden

    Are pundits that out of touch? Pickford is good but is 100% not better then either Pope or Henderson. Personally, Henderson is better then Pope. Pope should have knocked Pickford off since the last world cup, but he hasnt. Henderson is better

  6. jack wicks

    jack wicks20 dagen geleden

    pickford has been inconsistent for everton but he is good for england

  7. dainty delusionalynn

    dainty delusionalynn20 dagen geleden

    I believe Nick pope is highly underrated.... He could be a big deal like Joe hart if he joins a bigger club

  8. MrJJuK

    MrJJuK20 dagen geleden

    Quick answer... Not Pickford.

  9. Sean Dore

    Sean Dore21 dag geleden

    Who is this person?

  10. Steven Hannah 1872

    Steven Hannah 187221 dag geleden


  11. ehiya has got a bent hairline

    ehiya has got a bent hairline20 dagen geleden

    he is a good GK, he just has a shambolic defence at west brom.

  12. Sue Oglesby

    Sue Oglesby21 dag geleden

    Pickford should be keeper

  13. Jaqen H'ghar

    Jaqen H'ghar21 dag geleden

    Rob Green...

  14. Mark Morris

    Mark Morris21 dag geleden

    Well, if you ask England goalkeeping coach Marge aka Martyn Margetson, he'd probably tell you Hendo with Pope very close behind. Pickford was number 1, and Margetson worked hard with him to lose the weight that hampered his agility, but Henderson was always gonna take that spot, Margetson said that last summer, it's just whether Margetson/Southgate will pick projected ability over playing time in Pope.

  15. eivom

    eivom21 dag geleden

    Pope kept a clean sheet against San Marino, solidifying him as no.1.


    GRPPLINGBJJ32721 dag geleden

    Anyone but Pickford

  17. theo wilson

    theo wilson21 dag geleden

    get this slag off the screen

  18. Connor Peck-Walker

    Connor Peck-Walker21 dag geleden

    Pope is much better then Pickford

  19. Natty dread

    Natty dread21 dag geleden

    No one's interested in what she's got to say have you seen lady keeper's total ball bag sorry for telling tn truth however it's true.

  20. Derek Marmalade

    Derek Marmalade21 dag geleden

    no one cares

  21. ASH 1904

    ASH 190421 dag geleden

    Wheres cal the dragon when you need him..

  22. Jake Griffiths

    Jake Griffiths21 dag geleden

    Nick Pope, 6ft7 and saves with feet trait

  23. Ben Mc

    Ben Mc21 dag geleden

    henderson is too shaky, pickford not reliable = POPE

  24. c0r

    c0r21 dag geleden

    Shouldn't that be England's number 2? or 2000000?

  25. Stumpt Dragon5

    Stumpt Dragon521 dag geleden

    Anybody but pickford

  26. Day Day

    Day Day21 dag geleden

    Females should not have an opinion

  27. TheNo1Waffler

    TheNo1Waffler21 dag geleden

    Henderson is just a glorified ballet dancer

  28. Micheal Oliver

    Micheal Oliver21 dag geleden


  29. Its Liban

    Its Liban21 dag geleden

    How can you have 945 views in 2 hours LOOOL

  30. Elias Vergessen

    Elias Vergessen21 dag geleden

    I like Pope right now. But if Henderson actually got the games more and more for United he'd be definitely challenging.

  31. Kreig Rastalovich

    Kreig Rastalovich21 dag geleden

    Shiobhan Chamerlain? No idea. Former england goalkeeper? For the women's amateur game hardly anyone watches?

  32. Cian MacGana

    Cian MacGana21 dag geleden

    She's talking like she's a premier league keeper

  33. H2 HN

    H2 HN21 dag geleden

    For me it’s Henderson. Pope is very prone to getting beaten at the near post.

  34. H2 HN

    H2 HN19 dagen geleden

    @geo Henderson hasn’t made many mistakes for Man U I know he’s barely played but last season was the best gk in the league

  35. geo

    geo19 dagen geleden

    henderson? wtf he's been poor, made so many mistakes and barely played any minutes, why just because he plays for man u?

  36. i dont know _

    i dont know _21 dag geleden

    Pope has more experience and he is strong in net Henderson needs a year or two then he could NO.1

  37. SerbianMeerkat

    SerbianMeerkat21 dag geleden

    Might sound daft, but maybe having someone like Hart around the team would be a good idea. I know he hasn’t really played for a while, but he brings a degree of leadership and experience to the team which might help to settle the less experienced keepers a bit. Not to mention that on his day he’s still a top quality keeper. He’d mainly be playing more of a supporting role though.


    GTIN GAMING21 dag geleden

    Pope and Henderson may not have the international experience, but also, neither of them have T-Rex arms sooooooooooooo

  39. joseph windsor

    joseph windsor21 dag geleden

    If he is good enough to be number one in the premier league and plays against the best teams in the world than he is more that experienced to play for England. Stop giving rubbish excuses for why Pope isn’t clearly the number 1 choice

  40. Mika

    Mika21 dag geleden

    I dont get why Aaron Ramsdale isnt being mentioned... in my opinion he's a solid goalkeeper thats just unlucky to have a team in front of him that isnt performing. He is young tho, maybe he'll get called up in the future.

  41. Sammy Beck

    Sammy Beck21 dag geleden

    Watching him for Sheffield United this season he's an absolute mess most games and flaps at nearly every cross. He can't catch a cold never mind a football.

  42. Starbucks Coffee

    Starbucks Coffee21 dag geleden

    @Adam Simpson he's shite

  43. JMC95

    JMC9521 dag geleden

    Ramsdale is about as useful as a chocolate tea pot

  44. Adam Simpson

    Adam Simpson21 dag geleden

    He's in the Under 21 squad I think

  45. Krzysztof Nawrot

    Krzysztof Nawrot21 dag geleden

    Pickford should be disqualified forever after his awful act against van Dijk. All about him.

  46. C B

    C B21 dag geleden

    Pope is a better shot stopping goalkeeper....but unfortunately Pickford is the more logical option, he has more England tournament experience, he has more big game experience, can play out from the back as England want to and his team are fighting for top 4 this season.

  47. mikkolia AKA LOLI SMASHER

    mikkolia AKA LOLI SMASHER17 dagen geleden

    It seems as if you're really trying so hard to sound smart but you probably don't watch football or are just stupid.

  48. iMrTayzer

    iMrTayzer21 dag geleden

    I agree with Syobeeharn

  49. Kreig Rastalovich

    Kreig Rastalovich21 dag geleden

    Shiobhan Chamerlain? No idea. Former england goalkeeper? For the women's amateur game hardly anyone watches?

  50. Mildog 98

    Mildog 9821 dag geleden

    Nick Pope should be number one and Henderson as second,Pickford is overrated such a dodgy keeper

  51. Zach Dalton

    Zach Dalton21 dag geleden

    Pope. No question.

  52. G B

    G B21 dag geleden

    TOP 3 England GKs rated strictly on form this season. Imo Henderson is the best overall English GK but he hasn't really played, not good heading into a major tournament: 1) Nick Pope (Burnley) 2) Karl Darlow (Newcastle United) 3) Sam Johnstone (West Bromwich Albion)

  53. Darryl Meeking

    Darryl Meeking21 dag geleden


  54. karl

    karl21 dag geleden

    Pope but Henderson could be a contender very soon

  55. Gaffer

    Gaffer21 dag geleden

    Jack butland

  56. singsangsung

    singsangsung21 dag geleden

    1. Nick pope 2. Dean Henderson

  57. Nasser.H

    Nasser.H21 dag geleden

    Dean Henderson should be no.1 and Pope no.2.

  58. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke21 dag geleden

    Luke Daniels > Jordan Pickford

  59. Jameson Shirreffs

    Jameson Shirreffs21 dag geleden

    Pickford had a great year in the World Cup, but pope is better

  60. bazz 9494

    bazz 949421 dag geleden

    Glad Southgate gave Pope a chance to show what he can do yesterday.

  61. bazz 9494

    bazz 949421 dag geleden

    @Joshuwa could've played with his suit on

  62. Joshuwa

    Joshuwa21 dag geleden

    He touched the ball 5 times 😂

  63. Cloudy with a chance of UFO's

    Cloudy with a chance of UFO's21 dag geleden

    Emiliano Martinez lol 🤣

  64. Blade19

    Blade1921 dag geleden

    Dean Henderson easy 👌

  65. I are Smort

    I are Smort21 dag geleden

    Quick question, when was the last time Pickford made a major mistake for England.

  66. Peter Burke

    Peter Burke21 dag geleden

    @I are Smort I disagree, he makes great saves but he isn’t that consistent

  67. Sammy Beck

    Sammy Beck21 dag geleden

    I don't know where this myth comes from that Pickford has "always been brilliant for England". He's not been good or bad for England as he never has a save to make when we're playing the likes of San Marino and Kosovo over and over again. The only reason he has so many clean sheets is because we're playing complete dross. I could go in net and not concede against those teams.

  68. I are Smort

    I are Smort21 dag geleden

    @Peter Burke fair point but Pickford has been on great form. (Before his injuries).

  69. Peter Burke

    Peter Burke21 dag geleden

    Never, but it should be off form not reputation

  70. Kylerzz

    Kylerzz21 dag geleden

    Never, he has always done well for Southgate

  71. TeddyPicker191

    TeddyPicker19121 dag geleden

    Why tf is Pickford still even in the conversation 🤣

  72. UTDJosh

    UTDJosh19 dagen geleden

    @geo henderson let in one debatable shot and is overall miles better than pickford

  73. geo

    geo19 dagen geleden

    he's been sick recently. pope has been poor recently and henderson been letting in howlers. pickford is just under the spotlight all the time, doesn't get credit when he does well and gets slated when he makes a mistake unlike pope

  74. UTDJosh

    UTDJosh20 dagen geleden

    @Kylerzz so what? we wait to waste a tournament because he’s gonna make a mistake

  75. Sammy Beck

    Sammy Beck21 dag geleden

    @Darryl Meeking That was 3 years ago mate. You move on. The only reason he's kept so many clean sheets for England is because he hasn't really been put under lots of pressure in games and been forced into making mistakes because of the crap teams we play that never test us. Anyone could go in net and do alright against Kosovo.

  76. Darryl Meeking

    Darryl Meeking21 dag geleden

    We have forgotten his performances in World Cup? He hasn’t made any mistakes for England yet that I’ve seen

  77. mANUtd herbert

    mANUtd herbert21 dag geleden

    Dont care about GK. If Southgate the idiot dont start Grealish he has blood on his hands

  78. Azza Y

    Azza Y21 dag geleden

    It has to be Pope, Henderson hasn’t had enough playing time to justify it this season and when you go Pickford vs Pope on ability Pope is miles clear

  79. Peter Burke

    Peter Burke21 dag geleden

    @Redevilsforlife1 haha

  80. Redevilsforlife1

    Redevilsforlife121 dag geleden

    @Peter Burke well I'm trying to be nice for once.

  81. Peter Burke

    Peter Burke21 dag geleden

    @Redevilsforlife1 just say Pickford has dinosaur arms

  82. Redevilsforlife1

    Redevilsforlife121 dag geleden

    And biological advantages

  83. ViraL 24/7

    ViraL 24/721 dag geleden

    *Lord Lingerd*

  84. Davinho

    Davinho21 dag geleden

    Pickford single handedly decided the title race in the Prem this year, how many goalkeepers can say that?

  85. D1

    D119 dagen geleden

    @Kylerzz First full season with Van Dijk we got 22 more points than the season before, he is a massive difference.

  86. John Andy

    John Andy20 dagen geleden

    Davinho can I have a footbal debate with u because ur so cleaver and I would learn a lot

  87. zPAKK

    zPAKK21 dag geleden

    @Lee Robertson based off our CL win less than two years ago, or the PL title we still currently hold. Why does everyone leave such brain dead comments lmao

  88. zPAKK

    zPAKK21 dag geleden

    @Kylerzz that’s a stupid comment, how do you know what the squads mentality wouldn’t have kept their momentum going? We were top of the league before the injury’s. So if THREE main defenders weren’t put out of commission, mixed with the 4-5 games in 14-15 days ridiculous schedules, yeah we could have turned at least 10 draws and tight losses into wins

  89. Rohil

    Rohil21 dag geleden

    @Davinho City would've still outplayed them. They can't score goals against defensive sides, even with their usual front three and fullbacks present. It's Klopps trademark player burnout. The same thing happened at BVB.

  90. The Bored Youtube Gamer

    The Bored Youtube Gamer21 dag geleden

    Let’s see how many subs I gain from this comment subs gained:0

  91. Redevilsforlife1

    Redevilsforlife121 dag geleden

    Henderson needs a chance. Pope should play the eruos but at least give deano a chance

  92. Reece Popplewell

    Reece Popplewell21 dag geleden

    As it stands , Henderson will be England GK for the future so I wouldn't be concerned.

  93. North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast

    North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast21 dag geleden

    Pickford is too mistake prone Imo! I’d prefer Henderson or Pope!

  94. Andrew Robertson

    Andrew Robertson21 dag geleden

    Pope for me

  95. Micheal Oliver

    Micheal Oliver21 dag geleden

    Joe hart is clear of them......

  96. StayAmazing

    StayAmazing21 dag geleden


  97. wsh gros

    wsh gros21 dag geleden

    Joe ‘the legend’ Hart

  98. Samuel Biswas

    Samuel Biswas21 dag geleden

    It’s unfortunate Pickford is injured because he makes very good tackles. Some might argue he tackled his way to changing the premier leauge season

  99. Rayan Dozie

    Rayan Dozie21 dag geleden


  100. Redevilsforlife1

    Redevilsforlife121 dag geleden


  101. Mas A

    Mas A21 dag geleden

    Women deserve equal pay and the same wages like Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar.

  102. Kreig Rastalovich

    Kreig Rastalovich21 dag geleden

    Shiobhan Chamerlain? No idea. Former england goalkeeper? For the women's amateur game hardly anyone watches?

  103. StayAmazing

    StayAmazing21 dag geleden

    @Rohil wisdom

  104. Rohil

    Rohil21 dag geleden

    I get the sentiment, but you have to understand basic economics. If they paid women players the fees that they pay male players when they don't even generate 1/8th of the revenue that men's football generates, it'll run the funds of the clubs and FA women's department dry. They'll have to start redirecting the men's wages to the female team resulting in teams not being able to afford good players. This would result in a drop in the overall level of football, both male and female.

  105. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke21 dag geleden

    U my good sir need to study elementary school again.

  106. Kylerzz

    Kylerzz21 dag geleden


  107. Munsif Shameem

    Munsif Shameem21 dag geleden

    Nick Pope

  108. Taki

    Taki21 dag geleden

    Nick Pope

  109. Kylerzz

    Kylerzz21 dag geleden