Tyrone Mings speaks powerfully on why 'taking the knee' has NOT lost its power

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Aston Villa defender Tyrone Mings says players should continue to take a knee and believes that it still sends a powerful anti-racism message.
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  1. Jamie Eason's Vlogs

    Jamie Eason's Vlogs18 uur geleden

    Well done Tyrone well said. This will help these uneducated f**kers

  2. jordan miller

    jordan miller7 dagen geleden

    I understand slightly why nfl fans dont like players kneeling during national anthem. Even though I disagree with the people against it. But I just can't imagine the hate these people who are against kneeling for 5 seconds before the whistle. They try to justify themselves by saying some nonsense about marxism like they even know what it means. They called martin luther king jr and the civil rights movement communists too. White men scared of change! No better sight.

  3. Hassan Miah

    Hassan Miah15 dagen geleden

    Taking the knee looks nice that’s about it , it’s just these big corporations ticking the representation box, like have they truly they set any campaigns or agendas to make active change, Yh raising awareness is good but that just a start, not even a start tbh but a small step in making a start. I understand what mings is saying but face it keeping it in the conversation won’t stop racism just reminds people that it exists

  4. Bang Bang 100% Francis

    Bang Bang 100% Francis17 dagen geleden

    Just wait for it it's coming it's coming when we have a full house back in the stadium you are getting boo to kingdom Come boy and all of those players that are taking the knee it's pathetic

  5. Christopher

    Christopher18 dagen geleden

    Agreed. Talk to Zaha Mings.

  6. Nathan Lhoni

    Nathan Lhoni21 dag geleden

    Fair play to Mings for coming out n speaking on something so serious👏🏾👏🏾I personally see both sides of the argument n can understand why Mings wants to continue doing it n why Zaha doesn’t🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. SA

    SA21 dag geleden

    Bunch of sweaty gammons in the comments can't handle a simple anti-racism gesture😂😂

  8. TrueEnglishman

    TrueEnglishman22 dagen geleden


  9. Benjamin Kew

    Benjamin Kew22 dagen geleden

    I wouldn't take philsoophical lessons from Tyrone Mings lol

  10. Benjamin Kew

    Benjamin Kew10 dagen geleden

    @Finley Solomon Because you've never made a typo in your life.

  11. Finley Solomon

    Finley Solomon11 dagen geleden

    Yeah maybe spend your time getting spelling lessons instead

  12. Jamie W

    Jamie W22 dagen geleden

    I don't know why everyone is going Zaha is right or Mings is right I think they both have good arguments for it and both need to have their opinions valued and respected, they are both in their own ways right and should choose whether they do it or not.

  13. Gracefully Graceful

    Gracefully Graceful22 dagen geleden

    At the end of the day every man for himself. But more effective mechanisms must be design to change legislation, the knee brings awareness but no change

  14. Ali Constantine

    Ali Constantine22 dagen geleden

    He spoke about how kids want to do it in their grassroots game, and I understand why that would make players feel proud, but do kids understand the message or are they just doing it because they’ve seen their favourite player do it?

  15. Top10Addicts

    Top10Addicts23 dagen geleden

    Black lives matter as an organisation is a danger to society. Mingz says the knee has nothing to do with supporting them, absolutely brainwashed. Football isn't a place for politics, fans get a 3 hour break from politics when they go to a game. Wait until the stadiums are full. Not that I agree with it but there will be booing almost every game I am sure of it, and nobody can silence that. I also find it quite ironic talking about racism in one of the most ethnically diverse industries in the world. There is always going to be a handful of bell ends that ruin it for everyone, the same way there will always be thieves and drug addicts and domestic abuse etc. What we going to start doing to recognise ALL issues, where does it end?

  16. Moin Khan

    Moin Khan23 dagen geleden

    Im listening to this and hes full on saying BLM. The way i see the knee is that everyone is equal but standing up for 1 min would be the exact same its literally pointless. Its like a min of silence etc

  17. Shaun Pierce

    Shaun Pierce23 dagen geleden

    Victim complex

  18. Spratt !

    Spratt !23 dagen geleden

    What inequalities? You’re a black man earning thousands of pounds weekly, playing in the best league in the world and in the England squad. What oppression have you experienced? A few racists saying mean words on social media does not qualify as systemic racism or institutional racism. You work hard and you reap the benefits in life, no one is holding you back.

  19. Fr At

    Fr At23 dagen geleden

    no, sorry, but this is not powerful gesture, but calling out hypocrisy is. what inaquality he's talking about, it's a sport, if you good enough nobody cares about your skin color, nobody will play some random white dude instead of Mbappe just because of skin color. I remember Seedorf was complaining that he not getting a job in Italy clubs because he is black, yeah, it has nothing to do with his perfomance as a manager in Milan and other teams, stop make everything about a racism.

  20. BoRhap

    BoRhap24 dagen geleden

    Bow to noone but your mother

  21. anele makhubalo

    anele makhubalo24 dagen geleden

    Liverpool need this guy next to VVD

  22. Jason Brown

    Jason Brown24 dagen geleden

    It’s time for taking the knee to end we’ve had it we get it we know what it’s suppose to stand for.... let’s move on. P.s. that’s coming from a black man

  23. Bradley Hickman

    Bradley Hickman24 dagen geleden

    People saying that it isn’t a powerful message are wrong as if footballers wasn’t doing it no one would be talking about this stuff and Black Lives Matter as much this is getting more people to notice it more and making more people aware

  24. Mooky Mook of Fartville

    Mooky Mook of Fartville24 dagen geleden


  25. Alan Jones

    Alan Jones24 dagen geleden

    Am totally bored with this trending fashion, all it does create more racism. You shouldn’t have to be like a sheep just for the sake of it! 🙈

  26. Nathan Merchant

    Nathan Merchant24 dagen geleden

    $0 given to the black communities in the USA well done BLM

  27. Nathan Merchant

    Nathan Merchant23 dagen geleden

    Blm does not care about making black life’s better

  28. Nathan Merchant

    Nathan Merchant23 dagen geleden

    @Don’t know meee blm is why they take a knee and no money blm raise goes to black communities if you don’t know this then a feel sorry for you.

  29. Don’t know meee

    Don’t know meee23 dagen geleden

    Just saying anything to go against BLM

  30. Don’t know meee

    Don’t know meee23 dagen geleden

    What are you even talking about

  31. Patrick Rumbu

    Patrick Rumbu24 dagen geleden

    He has spoken so intelligently. But for me as a black man, taking the knee has no essence..education & up bringing at homes should be the way forward

  32. Giro Ged

    Giro Ged24 dagen geleden

    The gesture is pathetic. It makes the players look stupid. If the fans were in the stadium they would soon know what people think. About sport you open opportunities by being good at what you do not as a black man.

  33. Kreig Rastalovich

    Kreig Rastalovich24 dagen geleden

    He's right, it hasn't lost it's power, it still shows these people are pretty clueless.

  34. Not Now Cato

    Not Now Cato24 dagen geleden

    It has lost it's power.

  35. 1 2

    1 224 dagen geleden

    Likes disappearing again sky sports are pure propaganda. CANCEL SKY!!

  36. Micheal Oliver

    Micheal Oliver24 dagen geleden

    He is the best CB in the world can u can’t change it

  37. singsangsung

    singsangsung22 dagen geleden

    Mings cant beat konsa

  38. Hurley

    Hurley24 dagen geleden

    More Racial propaganda.

  39. Agent MrBeast

    Agent MrBeast24 dagen geleden

    I swear Sky Sports are getting rid of dislikes? They had over 500 and now it's going backwards

  40. Daniel

    Daniel24 dagen geleden

    Seems odd

  41. T Amazin

    T Amazin24 dagen geleden

    Why is it the job of Tyrone to reach out to other players or clubs?? The fact it took sooooo long for the leagues and football institutions to even back this is a sign in itself of racism. Organisations NEED TO DO MORE!!

  42. Mooky Mook of Fartville

    Mooky Mook of Fartville22 dagen geleden

    @Don’t know meee - no. Gfy

  43. Don’t know meee

    Don’t know meee23 dagen geleden

    @Mooky Mook of Fartville cry

  44. Mooky Mook of Fartville

    Mooky Mook of Fartville24 dagen geleden

    Shut up.

  45. Jackson Constantine

    Jackson Constantine24 dagen geleden

    YES! Re-education camps, ending freedom of speech and expression, wrong-think police, and more! Ban all the infidels!

  46. T Amazin

    T Amazin24 dagen geleden

    If it’s nothing to do with “Black lives matter” rename the whole thing and tell Sky to stop branding it as this. All this does is make the brand stronger and diffuse away from the issue of racial inequality


    FRESHNESS24 dagen geleden

    He's spoken brilliantly there. Flies in the face of the general opinion that PL footballers are thickos. A really considerate response with actual ideas and solutions well set out.

  48. JEFF LFC

    JEFF LFC24 dagen geleden

    Mings has no idea what he’s talking about just play football bro. It’s sad that there’s corporations use these athletes to talk about social issues it’s really a joke

  49. Don’t know meee

    Don’t know meee23 dagen geleden

    You’re not listening with your ears

  50. Nathan

    Nathan24 dagen geleden

    I feel sorry for white players being forced into this bs

  51. Don’t know meee

    Don’t know meee23 dagen geleden

    @Nathan depends how they say it.👍🏼

  52. Nathan

    Nathan23 dagen geleden

    @Don’t know meee are you seriously that deluded if a white player come out and said something what do you think they would be labelled

  53. Don’t know meee

    Don’t know meee23 dagen geleden

    No one is forced. If anyone has a problem with it no one stops them from stating their opinion. No one stopped zaha from standing, so let them speak for themselves rather than you assuming their opinions for them

  54. analog kid

    analog kid24 dagen geleden

    Doesn't make one bit of difference.

  55. Yusuf Khan

    Yusuf Khan24 dagen geleden

    Clearly it has a massive impact just look at this comment section full spite and anger

  56. Mooky Mook of Fartville

    Mooky Mook of Fartville24 dagen geleden

    Put your mangina away.

  57. AdriasSoap

    AdriasSoap24 dagen geleden

    What the elite can't bring themselves to accept is that we reject the gesture precisely _because_ we understand it, not because we don't.

  58. galty1987

    galty198724 dagen geleden

    Wait, what do you think the elite is? To me the elite (AEW aside) are generally old school Etonian politician types & the aristocracy

  59. Jackson Constantine

    Jackson Constantine24 dagen geleden

    Well said

  60. Firmino

    Firmino24 dagen geleden

    BLM is a money making organisation

  61. Mister T

    Mister T24 dagen geleden

    except from kneeling down, what do you do ? This is nonsense.

  62. Clare Norris

    Clare Norris24 dagen geleden

    Why are people disliking this video more than likes?

  63. Idk Yeahik69

    Idk Yeahik6925 dagen geleden

    It’s complete bullshit and the BLM Marxist can’t stop doing it👍🏻

  64. Hurley

    Hurley25 dagen geleden

    Just kick the football and stfu you complete tool. Complete propaganda.

  65. tigercap100

    tigercap10025 dagen geleden

    So stupid.

  66. Godot

    Godot25 dagen geleden

    Mings is a good player but as Zlatan said, players should stop talking about politics. Especially when it’s based on false narratives and lies, like the BLM movement

  67. michael d

    michael d24 dagen geleden

    @Blazing Gun BLM is, whether people like it or not, a political organisation and the wearing of Black Lives Matter in place of players names and wearing a BLM badge on sleeves made this whole campaign political.

  68. Mooky Mook of Fartville

    Mooky Mook of Fartville24 dagen geleden

    @Blazing Gun - what a drone. You have no idea what to think, apart from what the Commie Media told you. This trite comeback you folk use is for impressionable children. Stop using it on adults. It's pathetic.

  69. Blazing Gun

    Blazing Gun25 dagen geleden

    It's not political, it's anti racism. If you think it's political then you're uneducated

  70. Odi et Amo

    Odi et Amo25 dagen geleden

    Stick to kicking balls.

  71. Stephen Cahill Furlong

    Stephen Cahill Furlong25 dagen geleden

    Most footballers I’ve seen momentarily forget to take the knee at the whistle... were Black

  72. Stephen Cahill Furlong

    Stephen Cahill Furlong23 dagen geleden

    @Don’t know meee A little thing called irony

  73. Don’t know meee

    Don’t know meee23 dagen geleden


  74. Kane Pillers

    Kane Pillers25 dagen geleden

    Just a ritual now. People won't even give a thought to what it means soon, just "oh they're doing the knee thing, kick-off in a moment".

  75. Real Mr Poopybutthole

    Real Mr Poopybutthole23 dagen geleden

    I'm from the Netherlands, and I am truly astonished that you lot are still taking the knee. I am a 100% sure that this political nonsense would never be accepted in our stadiums. I hope the English supporters will protest this nonsense when they're allowed to go to the matches again.

  76. Fungusz _

    Fungusz _24 dagen geleden

    fax 👍

  77. NOBL3 II

    NOBL3 II25 dagen geleden

    A tough question would be what Mings has to say seeing John Terry taking the knee in relation to the controversy with Anton Ferdinand.

  78. Nathan Lhoni

    Nathan Lhoni21 dag geleden

    I do wonder how those black players at Villa must feel being coached by him uno 🤔🤔

  79. your dad

    your dad25 dagen geleden

    Tell that to the racists that still hate you and will abuse people who look like you when crowds come back. Sadly, they won’t care.

  80. Nemophilist

    Nemophilist25 dagen geleden

    In a way he's right. It's still as annoying as ever.

  81. Lee Sauce

    Lee Sauce25 dagen geleden

    Just... stop.

  82. Tahmid Ahmed

    Tahmid Ahmed25 dagen geleden

    Nobody In schools take the knee.

  83. Tahmid Ahmed

    Tahmid Ahmed25 dagen geleden

    Taking the Knee is RIDICULOUS bc George Floyd a Black man was Racially abused who was killed when a Policeman knelt on his neck. Taking the Knee just represents this action. Not many know this and should stop 🛑 this. GEORGE FLOYD WILL NOT BE HAPPY.

  84. Tahmid Ahmed

    Tahmid Ahmed25 dagen geleden

    400 Dislikes 👎 compared to 377 Likes 👍 shows that many people DO NOT WANT toTake the Knee SCRAPED‼️

  85. johnno johnno

    johnno johnno25 dagen geleden

    I don't believe it is simply about race it also has a politicised agenda. And when people are coerced into taking the knee then I find that rather unsettling. Kudos to Zaha for standing up to these bullies. That is true leadership.

  86. Adam Phillip

    Adam Phillip25 dagen geleden

    Taking the knee is an act of submission

  87. Dominic Clarke

    Dominic Clarke25 dagen geleden

    Ming's your my brother I love you bro thank you for fighting racism.the struggle continues 🖤✊🏾.

  88. Danimal

    Danimal25 dagen geleden

    STAND against racism

  89. Idk Yeahik69

    Idk Yeahik6925 dagen geleden

    Players knee on grass, RACISM IS SOLVED😄

  90. CFC Hazard

    CFC Hazard25 dagen geleden

    Nothing more than a shill. Any idiot with half brain knows BLM is marxist group now political in UK. I wonder what Mings stance is on defunding the gathers. Lewis Hamilton would be proud of ya mings.

  91. Mads Lund Hansen

    Mads Lund Hansen25 dagen geleden

    Wilfried Zaha is typing...

  92. LKB11 LKB11

    LKB11 LKB1125 dagen geleden

    Taking the knee wont change it now but the children who are watching and asking why its happening become educated through this. it wont change the actual racists now, that needs change from above, serious bans etc. We just need more than taking the knee but dont get rid of it

  93. Louis Kyriacou

    Louis Kyriacou25 dagen geleden

    Nobody cares your a footballer not a activist don't pretend to care

  94. Miamiheat9517

    Miamiheat951725 dagen geleden

    Cry me a river

  95. P JB

    P JB25 dagen geleden

    People with the most privilege want to be a part of something so bad. Fad and clout.

  96. Cmuni7 Z

    Cmuni7 Z25 dagen geleden

    Bare white ppl are happy with this Zaha thing😭😭 n I very much agree with both sides it’s not gonna change anything but at-least people can now c every time as a reminder that racism is still out there👌

  97. johnno johnno

    johnno johnno25 dagen geleden

    Yes it is still out there and always will be. Racism is just a form of tribalism. Except when Scots throw insults at the English no one bothers, or when Hutu kill Tutsis no one says that it is racism per se. But the issue is the same at a root level. Groups identify based on culture, religion, income bracket, colour or the town they were born in.

  98. Stomm X

    Stomm X25 dagen geleden

    Taking a knee in the country that actively ended slavery ffs. Funny how they never do that in places like the middle east Africa or Asia where it still continued long after and still continues.

  99. Tijn Ruiten

    Tijn Ruiten25 dagen geleden

    Would they also kneel down for the victims of the qatar world cup?

  100. Сергей Чекулаев

    Сергей Чекулаев23 dagen geleden

    no, footballers are uneducated hypocrits

  101. Obama Donald

    Obama Donald24 dagen geleden

    @Fungusz _ Yes slave labourers who died while building the stadia

  102. Fungusz _

    Fungusz _24 dagen geleden


  103. AR10 ENDZ

    AR10 ENDZ25 dagen geleden

    He talks like a white boy wth

  104. AR10 ENDZ

    AR10 ENDZ23 dagen geleden

    @Dominic Clarke what i was refering to was his comments on blm and kneeling he was sitting on the fence no real substance

  105. Dominic Clarke

    Dominic Clarke25 dagen geleden

    There is no way to talk like a white person you fool .

  106. Jamie Martin

    Jamie Martin25 dagen geleden

    It’s a load of bollocks

  107. Joey Ocean

    Joey Ocean25 dagen geleden

    Dnt take the knee! Dnt wear a mask!! Dnt listen to the news!!

  108. John Kedward

    John Kedward25 dagen geleden

    BLM and taking the knee is just a gigantic paranoid witch hunt. Somebody once said that when people can't control themselves they feel compelled to control others

  109. Martin Johnson

    Martin Johnson25 dagen geleden

    Wow 295 likes and 358 dislikes

  110. LFC Spectre

    LFC Spectre25 dagen geleden

    You get paid for kicking ball around for 90 minutes Tyrone, now all sudden your becoming like some civil activist. Who believes in BLM movement, but why have they changed their name into Black Liberal Movement who have got money for it.

  111. Kyle Gallagher

    Kyle Gallagher25 dagen geleden

    Too thick to understand that the movement they support would very much like to destroy the industry they are in.

  112. Rory Moriarty-Scanlon

    Rory Moriarty-Scanlon25 dagen geleden

    Are they still doing that??

  113. glasgow blue boxing fan

    glasgow blue boxing fan25 dagen geleden

    How can u possibly say that the knee dosnt represent BLM we are not stupid BLM is plastered all over sky bt and the premier league .

  114. CrazyOldWorld

    CrazyOldWorld25 dagen geleden

    He ain’t got no clue this is why some footballers should just shut up

  115. Svet the Saiyan

    Svet the Saiyan25 dagen geleden

    Don't mind me, I'm just strolling by to give this piece of pandering propaganda the dislike it so deservedly warrants. Judging by the like/dislike ratio, it seems like I'm not the only one that's not buying this pro-BLM narrative. I always knew you lads were based. 😎

  116. Wealdstone Raider

    Wealdstone Raider25 dagen geleden

    Just kick a ball ⚽️. Millionaire.

  117. Teo Tibbs

    Teo Tibbs25 dagen geleden

    We'll see what impact it has on UEFA , when dealing with Slavia Prague, Tyrone?!

  118. Liam James Wood

    Liam James Wood25 dagen geleden

    For this display of leadership I’d take him at my club.

  119. Robert 1972

    Robert 197225 dagen geleden

    We stand with Glen Kamara

  120. Tristan Macknight

    Tristan Macknight25 dagen geleden

    Personally i think they should stop taking the knee in support of black people and instead stand up for humanity. We all matter not just one race. We all suffer discrimination at some point, its time the motto changed to stand up to hate!

  121. David Brooks

    David Brooks25 dagen geleden

    It's totally pointless

  122. Jamie Sanderson

    Jamie Sanderson25 dagen geleden

    And another thing, why do people see taking a knee as a powerful image?? People use to kneel to their superiors did they not. To show that they were lower than them. Why not have teams stand shoulder to shoulder to show equality? Taking a knee looks weak. And the impact its having is weak.

  123. Beaupaul KAYOKA

    Beaupaul KAYOKA25 dagen geleden

    He has no choice but to kneel or he won't get a call for England.

  124. Crim168

    Crim16825 dagen geleden

    Racism is as worse as its ever been, all this is doing is bringing the trolls out to add to it.

  125. Crim168

    Crim16825 dagen geleden

    @Adla Lamb in my lifetime. Im 23

  126. Mr Me

    Mr Me25 dagen geleden

    It's sad that mainstream media has brainwashed you so much that you think racism is worse than it's ever been. Read a history book and turn off the tv.

  127. Adla Lamb

    Adla Lamb25 dagen geleden

    @Elias Vergessen maybe he’s young but it makes me laugh when the youth of today say things like that, if only they knew how bad it used to be

  128. Elias Vergessen

    Elias Vergessen25 dagen geleden

    How in the world is racism as worse as it's ever been? There have been slavery, genocide and the lack of rights. Do you know anything of history?

  129. Adla Lamb

    Adla Lamb25 dagen geleden

    How can you sit there and say that racism is as worse as it’s ever been? That’s an insane thing to say when you look at how blacks & other minorities were treated in the 70’s & 80’s especially. If you genuinely believe the comment you wrote then you seriously need to look at the history of racism in this country..

  130. Laureus

    Laureus25 dagen geleden

    Solidarity ✊🏿

  131. stewie zjonder

    stewie zjonder25 dagen geleden

    It couldn't lose its power if it never had one.

  132. Ryan Finnerty

    Ryan Finnerty25 dagen geleden

    🤣🤣🤣 .

  133. Zev Rev

    Zev Rev25 dagen geleden

    For a subject that’s all to do with equality surely people are equally able to decide wether to support such a movement or not without being at risk of being strung out by the media, equality has zero to do with race/colour/religion if freedom of thought isn’t as important as everything else

  134. soundcloud__sc h

    soundcloud__sc h25 dagen geleden

    Get on with it let your feet doing the talking

  135. averagegamer

    averagegamer25 dagen geleden

    This does nothing, this what happens when the need to be relevant clashes with poor education. Got to love how easily humans are manipulated.

  136. Sam Law

    Sam Law25 dagen geleden

    Zaha seems like the only one who understands what the knee, the fist and BLM really stand for. I support Zaha.

  137. lumiere

    lumiere24 dagen geleden

    except he never said he isnt taking the knee because he doesn't agree with BLM. He even mentions in the podcast he is a fan of Malcom X so I doubt he has a problem with BLM

  138. Macca 31

    Macca 3125 dagen geleden

    and lyle taylor

  139. 1 2

    1 225 dagen geleden

    Weak men take the knee.

  140. 1 2

    1 224 dagen geleden

    @Jackson Constantine so do you agree "taking a knee" is for weak subservient men?

  141. Jackson Constantine

    Jackson Constantine24 dagen geleden

    @1 2 I think he’s referring to deism in general, not just Islam. That’s a whole other can of worms.

  142. 1 2

    1 224 dagen geleden

    @lumiere So what is your issue with Muslims?

  143. lumiere

    lumiere24 dagen geleden

    @1 2 only weak men need to believe in a god

  144. 1 2

    1 224 dagen geleden

    @Yusuf Khan no it is subservient my people laugh at this as these so called "men". A true man only bow for his wife and his god.

  145. Jacky B

    Jacky B25 dagen geleden

    How do we have any chance of beating racism when we can't even agree on taking the knee or not? 🤣

  146. L

    L25 dagen geleden

    Wilfred Zaha is a patty.

  147. Olu Ade

    Olu Ade25 dagen geleden

    I respectfully disagree, what is the point of taking the knee? You can make a reasonable argument that it's for awareness. Which has been achieved so this has run its course. Now taking the knee is more about "at least we are doing something" rather than evaluating what is being done. We can implement a UK version of "Rooney rule", harsher punishment for clubs & players found guilty etc.


    MOBB LORDS25 dagen geleden

    People in the comments section saying "it has no power" whilst feeling compelled to comment on the matter 😂


    MOBB LORDS25 dagen geleden

    @H____h Chump How many people are in your "eye queue"?

  150. Jack Brailsford

    Jack Brailsford25 dagen geleden

    @MOBB LORDS no, that's nothing like what I said

  151. H____h Chump

    H____h Chump25 dagen geleden

    @MOBB LORDS you do realise your arguments are logically nonsensical? Oh, you don't. Now that is funny! So lowe eye queue lol.


    MOBB LORDS25 dagen geleden

    @Jack Brailsford so you're telling me it doesn't have the desired effect...after having watched a video about it...and then commenting on it...

  153. CapsLock959

    CapsLock95925 dagen geleden

    @Jack Brailsford it has boomer snowflake triggering powers