"The standard has to be much higher" | Shocked Arteta takes blame for defeat to Liverpool

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Mikel Arteta says he was 'shocked' by his Arsenal side's performance in the 3-0 defeat to Liverpool. Arteta said he takes the blame for the result, and stated that the standard 'has to be much higher' at the club.
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  1. naimpoptani

    naimpoptani5 dagen geleden

    Arsenal is 11th, what more do they expect? Delusional fans should be happy.

  2. Aaron T

    Aaron T9 dagen geleden

    lost dressing room

  3. scott micheal walsh

    scott micheal walsh9 dagen geleden

    HA HA HA HA HA HA they were total rubbish no effort he won,t last much longer 10th says it all

  4. IstraBalagina

    IstraBalagina9 dagen geleden

    Not good enough, next.

  5. Ryan Guilbert

    Ryan Guilbert9 dagen geleden

    The same old song, since the start of the season. Lampard lost his job, why not Arteta?

  6. Jeremy J

    Jeremy J10 dagen geleden

    Whenever they lose he always seems to be rude and answer the question before it s finished. I guess he will learn in time although Pep also has this tendency.

  7. Brandon Eddy

    Brandon Eddy10 dagen geleden

    Arteta, Saka and Smith Rowe will be here next year, as for the rest, I could honestly see them all leaving if it was possible.

  8. Alex Mulugeta

    Alex Mulugeta10 dagen geleden

    Exactly the standard must be higher starting with you!!!!

  9. Bosi

    Bosi10 dagen geleden

    Some players are going to be dropped definitely

  10. BW88

    BW8810 dagen geleden

    That was such an interview.

  11. Andrei

    Andrei10 dagen geleden

    Arteta is a good coach, but throughout his season he mad lots of mistakes choosing who to play, again and again. Remember the first half of the season when everyone was screaming for him to play Saka and ESR, he did eventually play them (thank God) and we immediately started playing better. Alas, it was half a season too late. He needs to be more confident in the youngsters and drop players like Auba. It's Hale End fc as far as I'm concerned.

  12. Krispus Shapaka

    Krispus Shapaka11 dagen geleden

    Believe me , no Xhaka no victory.....

  13. Mc Dyse

    Mc Dyse11 dagen geleden

    Chin up Arteta parts of the team have really let not just him down!

  14. Segaran Taru

    Segaran Taru11 dagen geleden

    I start Stop watching arsenal games since Arteta manage the team..... he brings the team bad to worst

  15. ρɾιMα•

    ρɾιMα•11 dagen geleden

    So they blamed Wenger, he’s gone, they blamed Ozil, he’s gone... who they blaming next? How many more people you gonna blame and scapegoat and further ruin my club?

  16. Syed Ismael

    Syed Ismael11 dagen geleden

    Arteta is a very good manager... In league two that is

  17. Anuj Damani

    Anuj Damani11 dagen geleden

    Arteta is living every man's dream..No pressure.

  18. Bradley Clutton

    Bradley Clutton11 dagen geleden

    I’m still in his Camp, his still the man for me! Wish the crowd was in today they wouldn’t have put it all on him that’s for sure.

  19. Zaki

    Zaki11 dagen geleden

    Actually when I see this guy's face. I only see disappointment. I think he's made for losing.

  20. Vlog Music

    Vlog Music11 dagen geleden

    SILENT STAN DOESNT EVEN know the score !!!!!!!!

  21. Vlog Music

    Vlog Music11 dagen geleden


  22. Neo Ndimande

    Neo Ndimande11 dagen geleden

    Arsenal don't sake him please or he will join Barca and be great like Martinez is at villa 🙄

  23. Arsenal Manic

    Arsenal Manic11 dagen geleden

    F off ! This club has been turned to a laughing stock. Arsenal is now a small club. Disagree as much as you like, but fact is fact

  24. Johan Rijhkelaar

    Johan Rijhkelaar11 dagen geleden

    Starting with the standard of coaching. This man is out of sorts and and has proved he can’t give stability to his team, not even an Arsenal fan

  25. maD studios

    maD studios11 dagen geleden

    I hope that is his last straw with Auba and ceballos

  26. Robert Armitage

    Robert Armitage11 dagen geleden

    Na maybe we are just SHITE!!! I’ve given up on this team. Spineless, gutless they are bastards!!!

  27. Danny Revell

    Danny Revell11 dagen geleden

    If he doesn't win the europa league which is a huuugggeee ask now he has to go along with 6/7 of those senior players its the first time I've seen this season were there was no desire heart spirit to play especially with the week we've had with Claude passing and rockys anniversary if you're not motivated to play in a big game and your thinking about Thursday you don't deserve to play at all go back to semi pro level it was just awful from minute 1 to 90 certain players don't respect the badge a joke of a captain who can't even be arsed to turn up on time says it all.

  28. Adam Lewis

    Adam Lewis11 dagen geleden

    U know what I feel bad for him he go to take the blame every time even when it’s the players today it was a mix of arteta and the players fault

  29. gantswood

    gantswood11 dagen geleden

    *All you Arsenal fans wishing for Wenger to leave never thought be careful what you wish for did you? Wenger got you in the CL 99% of the times which is a huge revenue spinner and a lure to bring in decent players in transfer windows. No Arteta is as overated as Frank Lampard management wise (although Frank got us CL in his first season with a transfer ban) has now made you a mid table team. Even if Arteta is sacked, the board will bring in another yes man who gets no money. Plus you will be out of the CL again. You are fortunate Spurs have a chairman just as stingy as yours or they would have left you behind*

  30. pirates of the Caribbean

    pirates of the Caribbean11 dagen geleden

    Sack this guy

  31. Szymon Szor

    Szymon Szor11 dagen geleden

    Imagine if this was Mourinho, he’d be blaming the players, the ref and the weather before he’d even think about taking on the blame... That being said, I do think players nowadays get way too much protection and notoriously get away with putting no effort in and Arsenal is a great example of that Players haven’t shown any guts or cojones in years, only care about their pay checks, hairstyle and social media 🙃

  32. Crypto Crazy

    Crypto Crazy11 dagen geleden

    Arteta out

  33. Ollie Millward

    Ollie Millward12 dagen geleden

    I’m Arteta in, but players like Auba and Pepe need to go this summer. If they do decide to sack him, Nagelsmann is the guy.

  34. Malachi

    Malachi12 dagen geleden

    Just leave my club man. You are so boring both off and on the pitch. You worked with Pep but you are making this team play like tony pulis team. Just leave.

  35. Roger Ramjet

    Roger Ramjet12 dagen geleden

    Manager out of his depth, Captain without a care in the World. Welcome to Arsenal.

  36. 1 1

    1 112 dagen geleden

    I respect Arteta for trying to protect the players but I'm sorry but if that performance is TRULY all your fault then in the words of a legend: "IT'S TIME TO GO!"

  37. jondoe1980

    jondoe198012 dagen geleden

    "The standard has to be much higher." Starting with the manager, I'm afraid. I like Arteta but he is a Lampard. We need a Tuchel. There's levels to this sport.


    BRAD SOLLARS12 dagen geleden

    arteta out

  39. AM Distant

    AM Distant12 dagen geleden

    Get rid of Arteta and bring in Sam Allardyce...........lol

  40. Chaz Clifford

    Chaz Clifford12 dagen geleden

    Start making phone calls for a new CEO, director of football, coaching staff and a new manager. Graham potter would've made more progression than arteta at arsenal. Ten haag is my ideal candidate

  41. Joey Binz

    Joey Binz12 dagen geleden

    Arsenal players dont deserve Mikel. Absolutely shocking yesterday

  42. ThatKidSON

    ThatKidSON12 dagen geleden

    Felt like a few players out here being agents. Ceballos . Aubameyang.

  43. Franchesco Murcia

    Franchesco Murcia12 dagen geleden

    Bro he is playing aubamayang on the left wing lol play lacazette and aubamayang up front and counter attack liverpool

  44. Abdul Khader

    Abdul Khader12 dagen geleden

    Trust the process,all the way to league 2..👍

  45. The Stelios Show

    The Stelios Show12 dagen geleden

    Arteta's face in the thumbnail looks like he's been shouted at and is trying to hold back his tears.

  46. Ross Littlejohn

    Ross Littlejohn12 dagen geleden

    Big baws😂😂..hero

  47. Garvin Preville

    Garvin Preville12 dagen geleden

    2:07 😁

  48. David Wright

    David Wright12 dagen geleden

    I hope he doesnt get the sack 😀 COYS

  49. Ahmet Ucar

    Ahmet Ucar12 dagen geleden

    You miss Dinamo Zagreb?

  50. postman pat

    postman pat12 dagen geleden

    This man is such a fraud.. before the game all he was saying is that they are going to actually go for it and give Liverpool a game.. You can't just blame the arsenal players yes they are terrible but the manager does not help them at all. The fix is so simple.. get a real manager with real experience and release your garbage and don't hire a clown who's going to offer willian 200k a week contract 🤣🤣

  51. arkie blak

    arkie blak12 dagen geleden

    I see tears in his eyes!

  52. 6Siv6

    6Siv612 dagen geleden

    big balls !!

  53. Neymar

    Neymar12 dagen geleden

    Why did you give holding 5 year contract

  54. Alvin Reid

    Alvin Reid12 dagen geleden

    Saying it’s your fault, does not make the defeat feel any better. The truth is you’re not good enough to be managing a club as big as Arsenal. Go do your apprenticeship in the championships , then maybe you could be ready for the assistant manager’s job at arsenal!

  55. Simon Hutchinson

    Simon Hutchinson12 dagen geleden

    If the players aren't good enough to perform that strategy... Shouldn't you change the strategy.

  56. Parapsyglider

    Parapsyglider12 dagen geleden

    Fraudetaa. We are 9th Mr, don't get angry as if we are 2nd on goal difference.

  57. Parapsyglider

    Parapsyglider12 dagen geleden

    As always says exactly what the fans would like to hear. He is blessed to be the manager of this club. Play pathetic football and openly admit it and the deluded fanbase will praise him 😂😂 No one knows what the process is but everyone trusts it. Arsenal fans are something to else.

  58. Honest Halal VLOGZ Food Reviews

    Honest Halal VLOGZ Food Reviews12 dagen geleden

    Assnal shyte 🤣 small balls arteta saying 🤣🤣🤣

  59. Dominik Santic

    Dominik Santic12 dagen geleden

    You're sacked by the end of the season, my friend!

  60. Gustav Von Aschenbach

    Gustav Von Aschenbach12 dagen geleden

    The team selection needs to be much better too bruv.

  61. CRCP2000

    CRCP200012 dagen geleden

    Mikel arteta looks too much like Ted Bundy for my liking

  62. Joseph Starbuck

    Joseph Starbuck12 dagen geleden

    No (art)eta broke klopp!!!😂🤣😭🤡🤦🏻‍♂️

  63. Karlito Bergkamp

    Karlito Bergkamp12 dagen geleden

    Effort is a big issue with this squad if Snapchat/insta story prats. Sick of seeing Auba admins laca playing around at the training ground there’s no need to pay idiots that don’t try it’s that simple.

  64. Luke Leonard

    Luke Leonard12 dagen geleden

    Arsenal next Newcastle 😂😂

  65. ZixZax Zol

    ZixZax Zol12 dagen geleden

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rookie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the reality is you are assistant manager.

  66. tadej jankovic

    tadej jankovic12 dagen geleden

    I fell sorry for arteta. He is a good manager .he doesn't have a good enough squad ,he needs to go and get some world class players.

  67. Nelson Isiudukho

    Nelson Isiudukho12 dagen geleden

    Until you get sacked, we never gonna have a better performance...Get in the bin!

  68. AZEL

    AZEL12 dagen geleden

    Sign troy deeney

  69. Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    Rathurshan Rajeekaran12 dagen geleden

    2:08 haha arteta sus

  70. Batman

    Batman12 dagen geleden


  71. TMC Franc

    TMC Franc12 dagen geleden

    12Ls respectfully hand in your notice


    MYxCATSxONxFIRE12 dagen geleden

    You know Mikel's angry when he doesn't let the reporter finish their sentence.

  73. Drillin Newz

    Drillin Newz11 dagen geleden

    Lol tm

  74. Official DPS

    Official DPS12 dagen geleden

    I love Arteta’s honesty in interviews - but in EVERY interview he does, he cuts the interviewer before letting them finish asking their Question.. anyone else noticed that 😅? As for the game itself.. I think I need more time to digest.

  75. Scott Lawson

    Scott Lawson12 dagen geleden

    "WENGER OUT" Arsenal fans - 2018 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  76. kevin perry

    kevin perry12 dagen geleden

    What a surprise, you give a lack lustre team to a guy who’s never managed and you whinge they under performing week in week out. They just sign ageing free agents to artificially inflate the clubs image, keeping the money rolling in and that’s all that matters.

  77. JM763cbdh

    JM763cbdh12 dagen geleden

    Even though Liverpool has been ropey this season, Arsenal fans need to remember what Liverpool can do when they actually show up

  78. FatalPies

    FatalPies12 dagen geleden

    Liverpool have been sabotaged by endless injuries this season

  79. Doug Bairead

    Doug Bairead12 dagen geleden

    2:06 You heard it folks...you need courage and to big balls and to stand up and take it

  80. lardosian

    lardosian12 dagen geleden

    Carefull Mikel, you cant say 'big balls' these days, people only waiting to be offended.

  81. Pratik Ghogale

    Pratik Ghogale12 dagen geleden

    He's fuming. Aubameyang needs to play rather than changing hairstyles. Needs to step now more than ever. Enough is enough.

  82. Amos Twesiga

    Amos Twesiga12 dagen geleden

    Has he not been talking about unacceptable the whole season? Arteta simply not good enough Emery 8th and europa league final loss (Sacked),Arteta 10th and Europa league final loss coming......we all watching and waiting

  83. yavor iliev

    yavor iliev12 dagen geleden

    he said the right things to calm us arsenal fans , apolagized and looked shocked , thats what i expected him to do so im fine with him ( i was arteta out yesterday) but now not so much

  84. Julie McCormick

    Julie McCormick12 dagen geleden

    2:09 if you have courage and big balls🤣

  85. Sophie Lopez

    Sophie Lopez12 dagen geleden

    In my opinion both the manager and the players are responsible for this disgraceful performance. I think his lost the dressing room, if he ever had it.

  86. Nelson Demba

    Nelson Demba12 dagen geleden

    Set up was all wrong. We should have played 352 in this game. Shouldn't have started Ceballos.

  87. Daniel Adelakun

    Daniel Adelakun12 dagen geleden

    Did he just say you gotta have ‘Big Balls’ ? He’s getting rid of hella players this summer

  88. Lawbringer boi

    Lawbringer boi12 dagen geleden

    Liverpool fan who hates arsenal but the way this guy has come out and takes all the blame and not making any excuses is great, really changed arsenal since he came in (although not to the levels they were once, but such a big job!)

  89. Ben Lackenby

    Ben Lackenby12 dagen geleden

    @Lawbringer boi haha I like it but no I'm not, clearly you aren't either. Now answer, are you 15?

  90. Lawbringer boi

    Lawbringer boi12 dagen geleden

    @Ben Lackenby not very busy today are you? 😂

  91. Ben Lackenby

    Ben Lackenby12 dagen geleden

    @Lawbringer boi you are 15 aren't you 😂

  92. Lawbringer boi

    Lawbringer boi12 dagen geleden

    @Ben Lackenby I have the right to hate any team I like which isn't my own, and the rest is just subjective

  93. Ben Lackenby

    Ben Lackenby12 dagen geleden

    @Lawbringer boi I'm basing it off that comment alone , saying you hate arsenal when you're a Liverpool fan and the way you're talking. Definitely a 15 year old

  94. Dede Supriatna

    Dede Supriatna12 dagen geleden

    Too much talk and excuse, no progress

  95. hadjipotts

    hadjipotts12 dagen geleden

    In 18 years we have had just 5 games where we’ve had 3 or less shots on goal in a game. 4 of those have been under Arteta

  96. Bill Hicks

    Bill Hicks12 dagen geleden

    Yes it does ! Please leave ! OR stop playing players that are clearly out of form . Auba must be rested for the remainder of the season . He hasn’t been in form the whole season. Stop playing Cebellos , stop playing Belerin, Xhaka... and be more courageous against teams that you are frightened of . Drive forward , play to our strengths, incite attacks and confidence. If we are going to lose , go out fighting...

  97. Mufc Racer

    Mufc Racer12 dagen geleden

    Male model should be sacked if this was wenger banners and protests the lot

  98. Penonton Bola

    Penonton Bola13 dagen geleden

    F*ck off.. just out

  99. Hegelian Dianetik

    Hegelian Dianetik13 dagen geleden

    The players did not stick to the game plan, Leno kept going long when we needed to build up

  100. Adam ST205

    Adam ST20513 dagen geleden

    Guy is not even PE teacher quality.

  101. Szyszyszy

    Szyszyszy13 dagen geleden

    Arteta is an idiot because he dont give an opportunity for Emiliano Martinez

  102. S B

    S B13 dagen geleden

    Apart from the technical, the effort, my fault and the gap between the two teams we will be just fine going forward as we have courage to lose again.

  103. Abdi Aden

    Abdi Aden13 dagen geleden

    If I played last night and heard my manager speak like that I would be fcuking embarrassed. Disgraceful performance! We are a mid table team because we consistently perform inconsistently. Our so called top players have huge weaknesses that are so glaring it is scary and in reality cement our current position in the league. 12 defeats?!?! Wow.

  104. lazygamer

    lazygamer13 dagen geleden

    i don’t know what all these fellow arsenal fans think will happen if we sack arteta and get a new manager in, the problem is so much bigger than that from the board down we are such a terribly run club and arteta or any manager can’t change that. i agree we shouldn’t give arteta free passes and act like results and performances like last night are acceptable but people forget the rebuilding stage we are in, we need to come to term with the facts that getting top 4 in our current state is unrealistic but also remember how arteta has also got us playing some of the best football i’ve seen for a while and also has instilled this fight i haven’t seen in the team for years, before arteta if we ever went 3-0 down like we did against west ham that would be game over and absolutely no chance of getting back in it, let’s not forget too that play things have dropped off recently but arteta has transformed our defence into a much more solid defence a couple of months ago only man city had conceded less than us and that’s a position that we’ve all said has been so so weak for ages. Arteta’s main problem is consistency and that’s where his inexperience comes in but i think people need to look at the bigger picture we have a manager who’s never managed before and when you look at some of the results we have especially against the top 6 he’s outclassing even wenger in his final years. It’s going to be a painful and annoying wait but we need to trust Arteta and back him because once he can get some more signings in and make this team consistently play how we all know it can we can be a dangerous team

  105. john doe

    john doe13 dagen geleden

    As it stands we're at 12 wins, 6 draws, 12 losses. Arsenal Football Club. Needs to be a huge overhaul next season because this is unacceptable. If we lost to Liverpool last night but gave everything then I wouldn't mind as much, but the players were shocking last night.

  106. Matthew Waller

    Matthew Waller13 dagen geleden

    Not good enough at all. 50 games in and we have no style of play, no identity and yet somehow Arteta still gets the old 'give him time' or 'we are progressing '...... How???? We aren't winning the Europa league as better sides than us still in it. When we get knocked out he should be sacked, but I bet that doesn't happen as deluded fans who seem to like losing week in week out will no doubt keep him in a job way longer than he should be!

  107. Manlikeolly

    Manlikeolly13 dagen geleden

    out bro cmon AVB in please

  108. 2015 Arya Karkera 58

    2015 Arya Karkera 5813 dagen geleden

    Arsenal's build-up game involves lot of long passing and support range is very far to create any one touch or atleast quick passing. Liverpool exploited this by pressing in numbers. They pressed every player and we were not able to string a single pass.