Rangers release statement following claims of racial abuse towards Glen Kamara by Slavia Prague

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Charles Patterson joined Sky Sports News to give an update on the situation involving Rangers and the racial abuse of their player Glen Kamara.
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  1. Magioraz Komarom

    Magioraz Komarom8 dagen geleden

    Everybody could see how Rangers have played during the whole match. Animals. Shame on you, you hypocrisy personalised.

  2. Filip Lerch

    Filip Lerch9 dagen geleden

    I used to play basketball with black guys in California. They called me all kinds of things and I just ignored it. I earned respect from few of them, but some continued and wanted to fight me, just because... I once saw a movie, don t remember the title, a silly movie with Kutcher, and there was a scene, when anything white dude said was rasisit. However, calling a black person a monkey in english has a cultural significance, and is a sign of rasism, and we should know, that it will hurt. I would never do that. Many czechs think its ok, but in czech language and culture it has different conotations. White czech children often call other white children monkeys. In czech, it means you are mentally behind. Some players are simple. Judging Kudela from inteviewes, he is very simple and capable of saying such a stupid think. Covering his lips was not a smart think to do, but he thinks it was ok. Further, until the referee, any other unsided person proves it happened, only God, Kudela and maybe Zenga knows. Thats the case.

  3. Sean Davis

    Sean Davis9 dagen geleden

    When was Ian Huntley released?

  4. Magioraz Komarom

    Magioraz Komarom11 dagen geleden

    Rangers behaved like animals. Is this racism ?

  5. Kerberos

    Kerberos11 dagen geleden

    Gerrard's attempt to impose colonial British racism on the UEFA Council wept Kamara

  6. Polska Gora

    Polska Gora21 dag geleden

    Brawo Slavia! Polska z wami biala i Slowianska sila

  7. Ghost Cz

    Ghost Cz19 dagen geleden

    Thank you brother. 🇵🇱🙏🇨🇿

  8. zpospisil

    zpospisil23 dagen geleden

    rangers fans are murderes :/

  9. Oldřich Hrozný

    Oldřich Hrozný23 dagen geleden

    I wouldn't generalize like that. Yet, the insanity of the deed is overwhelming. So much disgusting behavior around. :(

  10. Couch Potatoe

    Couch Potatoe23 dagen geleden

    What about the physical harm done to slavia’s keeper on the head , we hope action is taken on that as well

  11. xcv699

    xcv69923 dagen geleden

    Kamara and his victim points LMAO.

  12. 78wolfhearts78

    78wolfhearts7823 dagen geleden

    Illogical thinking and total absence of common sense. This is how a Scottish gentleman behaves when he loses a match ...

  13. SilentRieper

    SilentRieper24 dagen geleden

    Wtf? Please stfu you EU morons, you guys have a major stick up yours with lies. Glad to be American and come here to middle finger scots.

  14. Peter Belohorec

    Peter Belohorec24 dagen geleden

    Kamara is greatest liar.

  15. rybiz80

    rybiz8024 dagen geleden

    they almost killed slavias keeper.. 2 red cards.. very brutal gameplay.. terrible socer skills...after game criminal atack 50 min. after match.. thats all is RANGERS

  16. Jake Perry

    Jake Perry24 dagen geleden

    If there will be any evidence against Kudela beside he "covered his mouth", he and Slavia should be punished very hard for it and i will say, they deserve it...Other opinion - zero evidence, atleast 4 red cards in the match for Rangers, zero interest about goalies healthy and acting to Slavia like some *** from East...Such a difference of behaviour in comparision to Leicester, Dortmund, Chelsea or Celtic, who played against Sparta...So please, don´t hide that violence what happened in that match and be more objective and fair please to both sides and prove your arguments with clear evidence and not just an accusation...You know what happened to romanian referee...

  17. Papi Chulo

    Papi Chulo25 dagen geleden

    Arsenal gonna smash em for all of us

  18. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler26 dagen geleden

    No real proof though is there

  19. Milan Tichy

    Milan Tichy26 dagen geleden

    Ok, let's sum it up: - Playing brutal rugby instead of football: OK - Morelo's verbal attack on Olayinka: OK - Brutal attack aka MMA high kick on Kolar: OK - Kick the ball right to Kuchta's body: OK - Beat Kudela after the match: OK - Unknown verbal attack of Kudela: NOT OK New world order? A word is worse than criminal violence and blood? Bravo !

  20. John Mitchell

    John Mitchell26 dagen geleden

    These Eastern European sides are still stuck in the 19th century.

  21. Jiří Dvořák

    Jiří Dvořák25 dagen geleden

    Well, you just show how racism still live in your country, eastern/western . This kind of measuring people is the same what you crying for in Kamara causa. Dont think so?

  22. Petr Žežulka

    Petr Žežulka25 dagen geleden

    Czech Republic is in the centre of Europe, moron.

  23. Robert Mackovik

    Robert Mackovik26 dagen geleden

    End of season for Slavia's goalkeeper - fractured skull. Roofe, karma will find you and return it to you 10x

  24. Graeme Adam

    Graeme Adam25 dagen geleden


  25. oldhippy oldhippy

    oldhippy oldhippy26 dagen geleden

    Oh dear never mind

  26. David Robinson

    David Robinson26 dagen geleden

    Rangers are just moaning because they lost

  27. Marek Mach

    Marek Mach26 dagen geleden

    A že by někdo zmínil Koláře, kterýho tam pomalu zabili, dochytával to osmnáctiletej kluk a dostali 0:2, nedokážou unýst prohru, kdyby prohráli s takovyma němcema, tak si tohle v životě nedovolí. Ten Patterason, či jak se jmenuje, to je kriminálník a ublíženej Kamara, to je kret*n uplnej, že bílej něco do ucha pošeptá černýmu, (ani není prokázaný co), to je hrubej rasismus, ale že dva černý mezitim okopávali na zemi bílího, to v pořádku je?! Proboha proberte se, Gerrerd se mi hrubo znechutil, měl jsem ho za legendu, teď je to za mě spíš ubožák. Chtěl bych to uzavřít tím, že by se tohle ve fotbale stávat nemělo a doufám, že už se to ani nestane. Oficiální kánál Slavie před chvílí vydal krásné video ohledně rasismu a tým který se skládá z hráčů jedenácti různých zemí a tří různých kontinentů, podle mě, určitě “nezaměstnává” rasisty. Kluci držíme palce s Arsenalem a hlavně tobě Ondro, drž se🤍❤️✊🏻✊🏿

  28. Blueyestu

    Blueyestu26 dagen geleden

    Rangers - fighting racism since 10.30 Thursday night! 🙄

  29. MustafaPS5

    MustafaPS526 dagen geleden

    rangers thinking there a good team 🤣😂

  30. Michal Motyčka

    Michal Motyčka10 dagen geleden

    in rugby yes

  31. john o'neil

    john o'neil27 dagen geleden

    What happened to Kamara was ridiculous, for the well being of sport in general the player should be banned for life, end of. I also think charges should be brought against him in a court of law. ...And Roofe should be charged with serious assault. He could have pulled back, but elected to go all the way. He is an idiot, his actions brought the defeat about. Getting on to the football side of it. Rangers were beaten because.they have been "off the boil" for some time now. I tipped 0-2 same score today only in reverse.

  32. Tristan Edwards

    Tristan Edwards27 dagen geleden

    They've got to suspend them from the Europa League. Especially after the crap their ultras have pulled.

  33. Michael McGuinness

    Michael McGuinness27 dagen geleden

    There is no need for this in any walk of life weather , it is skin colour, a person's Faith or what country you come from. Many football people are sick and tired of players making comments on the pitch and there is diffently no right of any supporters chanting sicking abous and vile songs about other peoples culture and faith. It is time now for players to be band for a season or more and supporters who are caught singing abusive and hate crime songs should be band for life. It is time now to stamp this evil in sport. Take a stand and get rid of this once and for all.

  34. Annemarie Ducie

    Annemarie Ducie27 dagen geleden

    To all you numb nuts ..goalkeepers choose to play the game as such, same zs ice hockey, yip they do get injured, but..for you idiots, the fact thst a man was racially abused in this dsh and age with all the wordky implications, numbnuts.. why do you think players take the knee...but , dare i say in your sad life..you are less than tolerant, im an old fim fan from glasgow and in Glasgow..People make our city from all ovef ghe world..shame not in your stinkhole.

  35. Mohamed Ahmed

    Mohamed Ahmed27 dagen geleden

    This might be a bit crazy I dunno but what if... he didn’t say it..? Maybe it was misheard...? I dunno tho

  36. Stan Vano

    Stan Vano27 dagen geleden

    Better team win. Rangers play very dirty football ⚽️ What you expect win 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Slavia is Better team for sure .

  37. Stan Vano

    Stan Vano27 dagen geleden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Poor Rangers.

  38. RYK

    RYK27 dagen geleden

    People talking about the goalkeepers injury, you do realise it was the keepers own fault.

  39. Filip Žalud

    Filip Žalud27 dagen geleden

    it is Slavia Praha !!!

  40. trelopaoktsaki

    trelopaoktsaki27 dagen geleden

    Just asking how many Players of African Origin and colour are on their roster? That's hillarious if someone from Slavia said the N-word to Glen when they have 5 African players on their roster!

  41. Alex Grant

    Alex Grant27 dagen geleden

    Eastern European clubs have previous for this,they are all the same 😡

  42. Jozef Pribitny

    Jozef Pribitny27 dagen geleden

    😅Yeah right. Everyone on East is Eastern European how about Csechoslovakia was always central Europe. U know there is north east west and south right? Plus everyone knows Rangers are having history well known for discrimination and racism as well so s. The f... Up.

  43. Stuart

    Stuart27 dagen geleden

    55 get it up yeez 💙

  44. Stuart

    Stuart25 dagen geleden

    @C B 🎣

  45. C B

    C B25 dagen geleden

    Imagine a grown man saying 55 get it up yeez like I would expect that from a kid ffs

  46. Stuart

    Stuart26 dagen geleden

    @Stephen Brown Pacific shelf 595

  47. Stephen Brown

    Stephen Brown26 dagen geleden

    Liquidation is forever!! Sevco Rovers or whatever !!!

  48. paul young

    paul young27 dagen geleden

    What about rasict chants from football fans in old firm games...... Or don't they count??? Both sides

  49. Tomáš Petrův

    Tomáš Petrův27 dagen geleden

    In real news journalists should ask also the opionion of the other side, but not here because its from east europe right.

  50. Cool Okap

    Cool Okap27 dagen geleden

    Rangers are IDIOTS 0:2😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  51. Hubert Niewiński

    Hubert Niewiński27 dagen geleden

    Have they released a statement about Kemar Roofe assaulting and badly hurting Slavia's goalkeeper?. If he had done that outisde of a football game, he could have gone to jail but he will probably get away with that because "his eyes were on the ball" and british "journalists" prefer to talk about racism-with-no-evidence.

  52. Malc Uttley

    Malc Uttley27 dagen geleden

    I don't care ,

  53. Uno Brown

    Uno Brown27 dagen geleden

    BANNED FROM PLAYING FOOTBALL OR DROP THE WHOLE TEAM FROM THE EUROPA!!! Like how much more should people get abused for things to change

  54. Michal Motyčka

    Michal Motyčka10 dagen geleden

    where is evidence . if o great evidence slavie dont had a ban for football

  55. Janet Gallacher

    Janet Gallacher27 dagen geleden

    Or maybe it's time, for the big clubs to take it into their hands, and not enter the competition, then UEFA will start to change things.

  56. ArtOf52

    ArtOf5227 dagen geleden

    Lets' sum it up: Roofe butchered Slavia's goalkeeper, could've been a career-ending injury, or worse. Noone cares. Slavia's player got the ball kicked to his head while on the ground, and was kicked to his body by 3 Rangers players. Noone cares. Ranger "players" had a dozen more red-card fouls. Noone cares. Kamara punched Kudela from behind and then ran away to the locker room. Noone cares. Rangers refused to let Slavia players and staff to their locker room for over 30 minutes after the match. Noone cares. But an allegation of racism, without any evidence? MUH APOCALYPSE. Rangers should be banned from international footbal for a couple of years. That team isnt mentally ready to participate in civilized football.

  57. Martin Vlcek

    Martin Vlcek12 dagen geleden

    trouble is, the "West" is no longer civilized and it has been a long time when "Western" teams are allowed to cheat against "Eastern" ones. and now, with us choosing to remain homogenous nations, and the West reverting to the Stone Age, we will be branded as racists and they will be allowed to cheat against us even more. there will be no punishment for Kamara, because he is a BLM victim no matter his bad behavior. hopefully, Kudela will be ok.

  58. Aivars Dalbiņš

    Aivars Dalbiņš26 dagen geleden

    Glasgow "Rats".

  59. zdenek Plhal

    zdenek Plhal27 dagen geleden

    Kamara is just a liar

  60. mysterious light

    mysterious light27 dagen geleden

    "SK Slavia Prague filed criminal complaint to Scottish police through the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London for physical assault on player Ondřej Kúdela. Physical assault on Ondřej Kúdela was prepared and deliberate act which included covering of cameras on the site of the incident. The assault was brutal and carried out with the full force with the intention to hurt and cause physical harm to our player. In the text, the names of people who witnessed the incident are stated, including UEFA representatives and Rangers FC manager Mr. Steven Gerrard. "

  61. dj suth

    dj suth27 dagen geleden

    But no complaint has been received, and Police Scotland have issued a statement stating that. Yet more lies, and deflection from Slavia Prague ?

  62. Tibor Louskacek

    Tibor Louskacek27 dagen geleden

    Hráli jste, jak kriminalni prasata!!! Zamerne zmrzaceni prvniho gólmana, když jste věděli, že náhradník je jen dorostenec! Jak malé a ubohé! Kopání dvou fotbalistů po sobě do ležícího útočníka Kuchty na zemi!! To je pro vás normální??? A co pak to napadení v útrobách stadionu?? Co to ponižující znemožněni jít do kabin po zápase??? Hrali jste doma a nezmohli jste se niceho fotbaloveho na hristi!! Pry kolebka fotbalu, haha.. Ubozaci, co neumi prohrat!! Nejste ani v EU a budete si takto dovolovat?? ;-)) Churchill a Thatcherova by se za vás styděli!!! Vzpamatujte se!

  63. mysterious light

    mysterious light27 dagen geleden

    "Ondřej Kúdela is one of the team captains elected in secret polls by the players who choose characters that enjoy their trust. He is a decent and modest person with a strong moral integrity, popular amongst the players and fans, a football gentleman. He categorically denies and refutes any allegations of racism. We are shocked that his reputation and the club’s reputation are being smeared without a single piece of evidence. The only “alleged” evidence is the player covering his mouth - which Ondřej does on a regular basis when he talks to his teammates during our games. Under the patronage and in the presence of the UEFA delegation, the coaches of both teams, Ondřej Kúdela and Glen Kamara met. After the arrival of Slavia representatives, Ondřej was physically abused by the player of Rangers FC who then fled into the locker rooms followed by the manager Steven Gerrard without a single word of apology. The incident is thoroughly described in the match protocol and Slavia will consider filing a criminal complaint after their return to the Czech Republic."

  64. Stephen Wilson

    Stephen Wilson27 dagen geleden

    It will be swept under the carpet as usual

  65. RH142

    RH14227 dagen geleden

    Kamara wrote it was a player Kedel. There isn' t such a player in Slavia's squad.

  66. Bad Blake

    Bad Blake27 dagen geleden

    Hope Rangers will be banned from europa league for few years

  67. ArtOf52

    ArtOf5227 dagen geleden

    @jonnie greaves Post evidence. Oh, right, there isnt any. But there's more than enough evidence of Kamara acting like a psychopath and assaulting Kudela from behind, then running away to his locker room like a little girl. Of course, neither this nor the criminal butchery on the pitch by the rangers team matter to you, because someone might've said a no-no word. How do you even become this brainwashed?

  68. jonnie greaves

    jonnie greaves27 dagen geleden

    FFS ? What planet are you on , it was racism against one of their players not by , I have no love for Rangers but dip my hat to them for taking a stand against racism !

  69. ObgVEVO

    ObgVEVO27 dagen geleden

    The match wont be replayed 😑

  70. ozy Helda

    ozy Helda27 dagen geleden

    rangers can't play rangers are pigs

  71. Ales Z

    Ales Z27 dagen geleden

    The one thing i dont understand... why Rangers in the end allowed Slavia to leave their stadium? Why let them wait on the pitch only 30 mins after the game was over? If they'd lock them up forever they could probably get their spot instead in quarerfinals.

  72. Krmele Czech

    Krmele Czech25 dagen geleden

    @euth007 I don't think so - this is just about money and british market is for UEFA far more interesting than Czech one, thats the reality.

  73. euth007

    euth00725 dagen geleden

    This and incident in the tunnel will cost Rangers european cups for few seasons....

  74. RH142

    RH14227 dagen geleden

    No evidence. We have no reason to believe Gerrard and Kamara.

  75. RH142

    RH14227 dagen geleden

    They played this match like dirty pigs, no like the football players.

  76. Valjean

    Valjean27 dagen geleden

    Black lies matter

  77. Louis Rosson

    Louis Rosson27 dagen geleden

    No one really seems to care about the guy being assaulted so Kamara is totally in the wrong and should be arrested

  78. Imperial Anakin

    Imperial Anakin27 dagen geleden

    A řekli taky že kamara před jednáním jebnul kudymu do obličeje pěsti a zdrhl do šatny

  79. joel kusak

    joel kusak27 dagen geleden

    Kudela he is hero

  80. su ma59

    su ma5927 dagen geleden

    To vile rodents to yourself?

  81. Grandson of Sam NiFDy

    Grandson of Sam NiFDy27 dagen geleden

    The club who cried wolf.

  82. joel kusak

    joel kusak27 dagen geleden

    Rangers team who can't accept a loss ... stay just in shitty Scotland league please

  83. Nick Name

    Nick Name27 dagen geleden

    It’s curious to hear Rangers talk out against bigotry ..... bigotry and prejudice are part of the clubs and fans culture and history!

  84. Janet Gallacher

    Janet Gallacher27 dagen geleden

    Think up find its racism, they are 2 both different things.

  85. Den Nouvelle

    Den Nouvelle27 dagen geleden

    Ok, let's sum it up: - Playing rugby instead of football: OK - Morelo's verbal attack on Olayinka: OK - Brutal attack aka MMA high kick on Kolar: OK - Kick the ball right to Kuchta's body: OK - Beat Kudela after the match: OK - Unknown verbal attack of Kudela: NOT OK

  86. Quarterintelligent

    Quarterintelligent27 dagen geleden

    You just copied another guys comment, find some originality

  87. jungle bunny

    jungle bunny27 dagen geleden

    it seems kamara made the initial insult, which is more likely from these type of people

  88. Jong Bong

    Jong Bong28 dagen geleden

    As a 50/50 Celtic and Rangers can (I couldn't choose) this is sickening, and as you can tell, I'm completely impartial and amazing, so there's zero bias from me, and I'm a very amazing guy, some things are bigger than football, and even bigger than racism, and it's me

  89. Jong Bong

    Jong Bong27 dagen geleden

    @Quarterintelligent yes, I like those teams too, but racism matters more, and I matter more

  90. Quarterintelligent

    Quarterintelligent27 dagen geleden

    That's like supporting both real Madrid and Barcelona or man United and Liverpool

  91. tomas marny

    tomas marny28 dagen geleden

    World is getting psychopatic. Psychopatic politics have influence on mental health of people so there is now believed that what one person think is more than what other person do. It is now believed There is a mouse called Tim, the mouse was born in stable, Tim is horse.

  92. Michal Kozel

    Michal Kozel28 dagen geleden

    Rangers fighting again rasist since 18. 3. 2021

  93. Mason Jens

    Mason Jens28 dagen geleden

    Quit fueling the fire where’s the proof stevie

  94. Jiří Brych

    Jiří Brych28 dagen geleden

    Rangers just repost the same statement after match against Ross Country? Hahahaha

  95. Paul

    Paul28 dagen geleden

    Smokescreen from Rangers. Their players were out of control. The challenge on that goalkeeper was the worst I have ever seen.

  96. Joe Biden Won and Trump has a Tiny Mushroom

    Joe Biden Won and Trump has a Tiny Mushroom27 dagen geleden

    @Paul I hope Kudela gets the same.

  97. Falco Sirrus

    Falco Sirrus27 dagen geleden

    @Paul If you're going to play in traffic...

  98. Paul

    Paul27 dagen geleden

    @Falco Sirrus No player is supposed to have their studs out like to the win the ball. Thats why it was an immediate red card. And he followed through onto the keepers face.

  99. Falco Sirrus

    Falco Sirrus27 dagen geleden

    Won the ball.

  100. Paul

    Paul27 dagen geleden

    @Ales Z Those allegations are alleged. And unlikely under circumstances. All I seen was Rangers players antagonize the opposition at the end of the match. The goalkeeper looks like he was attacked by a velociraptor at Jurassic Park. His injuries are awful. I would rather be called any silly name than get a fractured skull and horrific facial injuries like that. Roofe should given a long term ban for what he done. Horrific challenge.

  101. Lionel10 HD

    Lionel10 HD28 dagen geleden

    And talk about brutal faul ?!

  102. Sebastian Morningstar

    Sebastian Morningstar28 dagen geleden

    Black people complaining again lol

  103. Jp Ansbro

    Jp Ansbro28 dagen geleden

    The same group of fans that said they'd burn all Catholics haha

  104. Kane Newman

    Kane Newman28 dagen geleden

    Ban the player for the rest of the season and fine him for the rest of his wages for this year. Absolutely unacceptable

  105. ArtOf52

    ArtOf5227 dagen geleden

    I agree, players like Roofe and Kamara have no place in sports that promote fair play.

  106. Vito Kiliano

    Vito Kiliano27 dagen geleden

    PROOF?? Where is the proof

  107. WorldOfFootball

    WorldOfFootball28 dagen geleden

    Chuck the team out of the competition

  108. Alieu Bah

    Alieu Bah28 dagen geleden

    Rangers played dirty football against slavia Prague football is not boxing

  109. Jiri Nedved

    Jiri Nedved28 dagen geleden

    Goalie gets almost killed by brutal kick in the face and the attacker is even smiling on to that. He should go to jail after that.

  110. Quarterintelligent

    Quarterintelligent27 dagen geleden

    Thats an exaggeration

  111. Jesus R-Grossmuller

    Jesus R-Grossmuller28 dagen geleden

    Would Rangers be complaining about this had they won the tie? I don’t think so racism will never go away in fact the same people promote initiative and diversity are the same people who behind closed doors promote hate common people let’s wake up


    PANDA_BLBEC28 dagen geleden

    Rangers And Gerard made false charge before, i dont trust them Now, Michael Gardyne slammed by Steven Gerrard as Rangers boss says alleged comment 'doesn't belong on a football pitch' do you remember this ? Liars...

  113. Jiri Nedved

    Jiri Nedved28 dagen geleden

    Bullshit statement

  114. tigercap100

    tigercap10028 dagen geleden

    An insult is an insult. Shrug it off.

  115. TK

    TK27 dagen geleden

    @ArtOf52 That’s the point I am getting at. Don’t prey on others for no reason, as you may not know what mental state they are in and how sensitive they may be on a certain issue. But either way racism and any other form of discrimination should be stopped and with that mindset, the world will not be a better place if we all assume it is just an “insult”. Racism is more than just an insult. Stop being so ignorant towards the matter.

  116. ArtOf52

    ArtOf5227 dagen geleden

    @TK A word is just that, a word. If an insult causes you to have a breakdown, your m3nt4l health was terrible to begin with.

  117. Dyn y Jawa

    Dyn y Jawa27 dagen geleden

    Exsctly i got teased every DAY growing up for being a fat kid. How sad when a 13 year old can out man a grown man.

  118. TK

    TK28 dagen geleden

    It’s much more than just an insult. This can trigger mental health issues for the player and with this mindset, no wonder why there are horrible people in this world. UEFA & governments need to take action. Please educate yourself.

  119. Paulson

    Paulson28 dagen geleden

    Tom cruise is now a sky sports correspondent

  120. quixtovity

    quixtovity23 dagen geleden

    Aye you need a new pair of glasses mate!

  121. wendy gordon

    wendy gordon27 dagen geleden


  122. gardez

    gardez28 dagen geleden

    We live in a time, when the alleged insult overshadows a brutal kick on the head, that could end the goalkeepers life.

  123. gardez

    gardez23 dagen geleden

    @ScottJrRamage Some poor people from the East will not disrupt UEFA's financial flows across Western Europe. Maybe next time they'll really kill someone on the field, so we realize our place! Yes, it's worse today to tell someone a m., than to punch him ... sad. 23.3.2021: Young dad, Celtic fan Kamil Charyszyn killed after shouting match with 3 men & woman who emerged from flats deck¬ed in Rangers colours. You caused this, Mr. Gerrard

  124. ScottJrRamage

    ScottJrRamage27 dagen geleden

    @TheEdgyDoggo I was not amused just d Couldn't be arsed to start fights in the comments but here we are

  125. TheEdgyDoggo

    TheEdgyDoggo28 dagen geleden

    @ScottJrRamage How can you be amused by this incident? Wtf is wrong with you, you actual psychopath. Get some help.

  126. Milan Kaplan

    Milan Kaplan28 dagen geleden

    @ScottJrRamage Year, he did not mean it, got a red card and when he looked down at the goalie covered in blood, he smiled - go and watch the footage. That's the right reaction after a life-threatening tackle. That's the way to respect the stronger opposition.

  127. ScottJrRamage

    ScottJrRamage28 dagen geleden

    The keeper was given a right kick but you can tell kemar didn't mean to and the keeper came back to watch the rest of the match, but maybe roofe should take up kickboxing XD

  128. Nxthe

    Nxthe28 dagen geleden

    Rangers are just the best.

  129. Michal Motyčka

    Michal Motyčka10 dagen geleden

    Why rangers lose and cry. And the scotlish league is small. If you best you dont lose. Slavie 2 rangers 0

  130. Michal Motyčka

    Michal Motyčka10 dagen geleden

    @Nxthe you too kid,

  131. Nxthe

    Nxthe10 dagen geleden

    @Michal Motyčka ur a kid hush

  132. Michal Motyčka

    Michal Motyčka10 dagen geleden

    @Nxthe bitch learn to spell rangers are just the best rugby player

  133. Nxthe

    Nxthe10 dagen geleden

    @Michal Motyčka learn to spell bitch

  134. Culchie Revived

    Culchie Revived28 dagen geleden

    Let’s hope the anti Irish stuff is condemned also. And all sectarian football! It’s 2021 we are sick Of it!

  135. nouzy X

    nouzy X28 dagen geleden

    Kamara (victim) physically attacked Kúdel after the match! It's alright? There are witnesses to that! Rangers kept Slavie on the pitch for no reason for 30 minutes after the match! Goalkeeper Slavia praha has a cracked skull after a Rangers player! Rangers deserve punishment! Kamara makes it up because he doesn't know how else he would disguise what was really going on in the field and later outside!

  136. nouzy X

    nouzy X27 dagen geleden

    @WorldOfFootball There are witnesses to the attack on Kudel! It happened right in front of the UEFA delegation! Uefa knows about it, but it probably doesn't suit the British press very well when witch-hunting! Slavia has already filed a criminal complaint against Kamara! Tow is one of the most decent players I know, but Rangers' behavior was disgusting and unsportsmanlike!

  137. WorldOfFootball

    WorldOfFootball28 dagen geleden

    Well kamara didnt attack him in the tunnel it was bs and the fact you are saying kamara is lying is disgusting

  138. Name Surname

    Name Surname28 dagen geleden

    Talking about racism only to justify 4 injured players, broken skull, two red cards. Racism is no joke, but don't use serious accusations as a weapon to cover for your lack of respect. That's even worse.

  139. Johny Mctequila

    Johny Mctequila28 dagen geleden

    Oh yes, can you cry any louder? Rangers played aggresively and inappropriately. They've literally broken the goalie's skull. Yet they lost. So to cover it up, they just came up with a racism story, cause that is the new way of wining games. Pathetic. Thought the Scotsmen were fair people.

  140. The Hybrid

    The Hybrid18 dagen geleden

    @S Z ok

  141. S Z

    S Z18 dagen geleden

    @The Hybrid blacks have been socially programmed to cry racism whenever it can possibly benefit them

  142. The Hybrid

    The Hybrid28 dagen geleden

    The issue isnt the loss, the issue is someone was called a monkey and the n word during the match

  143. Jon Burrows

    Jon Burrows28 dagen geleden

    But can you prove its true????? That would be no.

  144. TK

    TK28 dagen geleden

    That is just a ridiculous mindset to have. The proof is in the pudding. Nobody would try cover up what they are saying on a football pitch if it wasn’t really bad what they were saying. Use your brain

  145. Ryan

    Ryan28 dagen geleden

    Looks like Show racism the red card under 18s made that statement

  146. Shaun Pierce

    Shaun Pierce28 dagen geleden

    Would they have made this claim if they hadn't got knocked out of Europe? I'm doubtful.

  147. Jon Burrows

    Jon Burrows28 dagen geleden

    That would be a no. And Slippy G would have stood pitch side with a big, arrogant, non humble, stupid grin, patting all the Prague players on the back as they walked off. It's all about him when he wins. But like the rest of the huns, he doesn't like it up'em! 😂😂😂

  148. Albert Reynolds

    Albert Reynolds28 dagen geleden

    Hey stupid

  149. John Scott

    John Scott28 dagen geleden

    They will do nothing

  150. Jon Burrows

    Jon Burrows28 dagen geleden

    Without proper evidence how can they do anything?

  151. Adam Phillip

    Adam Phillip28 dagen geleden

    Glen Smollet

  152. David Přibyla

    David Přibyla28 dagen geleden

    Aby jste se neposrali z toho rasismu, stejně si zkušeně zakryl pusu a dokážou mu tak možná hovno. Jsem sice proti rasizmu ale vůbec nevěřím že Kudela je rasista i když to třeba řek. Jen vypatlaní Skoti jsou z toho posraní, ale spíš by měli klečet na kolenou a prosit o odpuštění protože hráli jako ZMRDSKE PIČE

  153. Muhammad Abdullah

    Muhammad Abdullah28 dagen geleden

    Lies ,yesterday Glasgow Rangers played Very dirty ,Two red cards(and there should have been 2 penalties) ,czech dude barely speaks english,so God knows what he told him with his broken english ,there was a lot of emotions involved after Goalkeeper got badly injured ,intentionally with a Head kick ,shameful ?now they play Race card ,when two players came to clarify what was said apparently Kamara punched czech guy in the face ! Sore losers Rangers 🙈 They should change their name To Glasgow Blamers 🤣 we Beat the hell out of you and then we call you Racists ,type of guys 🙈

  154. TomTominov

    TomTominov28 dagen geleden

    Disgusting British media... Everyone is discousing potentional racism and noone is talking about Karate kick of Roofe that could kill Kolar (He has fractured scull). Roofe was laughting when he saw Kolar´s face covered in blood. And kicking into laying lying Kuchta by Goldson and Zungu? Rangers players were threatening Slavia players they will go after them and kill them (before the incident). Are you going crazy?

  155. ross bennett

    ross bennett28 dagen geleden

    Ok Karen, calm down love. Stop your crying.

  156. Aaron T

    Aaron T28 dagen geleden

    kick it out

  157. Vondřej Novosad

    Vondřej Novosad28 dagen geleden

    The British Empire murdered many people in India, Africa and the Aborigines. Blaming Czechs for racism because suspicion of one word.... very funny.

  158. James Clarke

    James Clarke27 dagen geleden

    Get over it

  159. The Hybrid

    The Hybrid28 dagen geleden

    True but its a much different time now and you know that

  160. Gordon Campbell

    Gordon Campbell28 dagen geleden


  161. Neo Rain

    Neo Rain28 dagen geleden

    Wouldn’t believe a word Glen says

  162. Rytkö

    Rytkö28 dagen geleden

    Why are there so many racists in the Balkan countries??

  163. Rytkö

    Rytkö28 dagen geleden

    @dshawt First of all fix your language, and second of all, the Slavia prague fan page just posted a picture with a text ”Kamara just a nig***”

  164. dshawt

    dshawt28 dagen geleden

    Where do you see racism! Show me, where is it!?! Because someone said that, is this proof...OMG

  165. Rytkö

    Rytkö28 dagen geleden

    @Vondřej Novosad Close enough

  166. Vondřej Novosad

    Vondřej Novosad28 dagen geleden

    What Balkan country do you mean? Learn geography. Nobody tells you you're an Eskimo either.

  167. oscar ngare

    oscar ngare28 dagen geleden

    Why are you mentioning Glen Kamaras' name while you not mentioning the Slavia Prague players' name?(this is for the presenter in studio) Name & Shame him.

  168. Jonny Allan

    Jonny Allan28 dagen geleden

    The fact that some people are trying to justify this garbage or talk about bs that happened years ago just shows you where their heads are at 🤭 bitterness has clouded people's judgment on serious issues... like gerrard said this is bigger than the game so all you idiots that are lining up to have a pop about irrelevant things then just keep your bs to yourselves 👍