Premier League managers FINAL interviews before leaving or being sacked! 👀

Have a watch of Premier League managers final post-match interviews after they were either sacked or left their clubs. Including Jose Mourinho, Nigel Pearson, Carlo Ancelotti & more!
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  1. ??????

    ??????8 dagen geleden

    I dont know why but I thought that Koeman was going to say "I used to play for Barcelona"

  2. ProdPadré Beatz

    ProdPadré Beatz9 dagen geleden

    Jose interview just too funny

  3. Ben Roberts

    Ben Roberts11 dagen geleden

    Mourinho defended his players when it came down to it

  4. The_khu_khem

    The_khu_khem11 dagen geleden

    Koeman just seems like a grade A bellend.

  5. nav01nav

    nav01nav13 dagen geleden

    Lot of them after loosing to liverpool

  6. Stevie P

    Stevie P14 dagen geleden

    The abiding poultry serologically own because cormorant coincidingly comb worth a burly laugh. nonstop, hurried manager

  7. olddn kinobi

    olddn kinobi14 dagen geleden

    Interviewer: I'm a clever cnut Manager: you're not clever. You cnut

  8. SwikMaster

    SwikMaster14 dagen geleden

    Tap Out!!

  9. AT

    AT15 dagen geleden

    Watford would still be in the prem if they hadn't sacked Nigel

  10. Deez1892

    Deez189215 dagen geleden

    How come no pundits teared into Steve Bruce like this after the 3-0 loss against Brighton? Bizarre

  11. Yudha Bagaskara

    Yudha Bagaskara15 dagen geleden

    Poch and Hodgson should be here

  12. Bill Comden

    Bill Comden15 dagen geleden

    Sacking nigel pearson was really harsh

  13. ricardo mensah

    ricardo mensah15 dagen geleden

    Love how Mourinho is here twice hahaha

  14. Demir Bejtovic

    Demir Bejtovic16 dagen geleden

    Carlo Ancelotti is one of the most under appreciated managers of all time. Also Chelsea makes a manager change every year. Tuchel will most likely be fired in a year. It’s not just the coach, it’s the players commitment as well.

  15. Finn Moore

    Finn Moore16 dagen geleden

    Imagine Rogers as england manager would be unreal

  16. Dario Jagaric

    Dario Jagaric16 dagen geleden


  17. Mamoun Da Silva

    Mamoun Da Silva16 dagen geleden

    Ronald koman looks so cute while interviewing him

  18. Lish CFC

    Lish CFC16 dagen geleden

    Interviewer: top 4 gone now? Jose: yeh... clearly yes Interviewer: thanks for your time Jose: thank you Perfect ending to the Special Ones time at Chelsea 😂😂😭😭😭

  19. DinosaurDemon5 Mst

    DinosaurDemon5 Mst16 dagen geleden

    Jose is always there ha

  20. DinosaurDemon5 Mst

    DinosaurDemon5 Mst16 dagen geleden


  21. Nathan Vigodner

    Nathan Vigodner16 dagen geleden

    Nobody: koeman 😃

  22. FBI

    FBI16 dagen geleden

    Crazy how Koeman failed at Everton and did great at Netherlands and now fixing up Barca and doing great with them. Was Everton his fault? I barely watch them so I couldn’t judge Koeman’s time at Everton.

  23. Danlino

    Danlino16 dagen geleden

    Bad form + bad results= the sack

  24. Kubzy

    Kubzy16 dagen geleden

    Expected to see all mourinho

  25. Sami Younis

    Sami Younis16 dagen geleden


  26. Convertible Nigga

    Convertible Nigga16 dagen geleden

    Where is lampard

  27. S G

    S G16 dagen geleden

    Could be about 80 watford managers in this.

  28. Thierry Henry

    Thierry Henry16 dagen geleden

    This is brutal and exploitative. This new click bait new media will bring society further down.

  29. Munam Farooq

    Munam Farooq16 dagen geleden

    Half of the sackings came from a loss or draw against teams from Liverpool....🥴🤦🏾

  30. Aff Soye

    Aff Soye17 dagen geleden

    England loves Mou Start with him and finish with him 😂😂

  31. benbelap

    benbelap17 dagen geleden

    As a youth coach nothing is more damning than losing a game of football. I can't think, can't focus, my mind is wild, replaying every moment of the game in my head, the patterns, the fundamentals and the mistakes. I cannot imagine how this one moment compares to Premier League managers who are consistently under pressure, they've just lost or tied a game that they needed to win and the axe is looming over their heads at every turn. Worse they have to go in front of a camera, show bravado and comment on how they'll turn things around. It's damning.

  32. Momo zzz

    Momo zzz17 dagen geleden

    2:12 Brandon Rodgers: I’m not worried, I’m not worried, Look at his face lol 😂

  33. Shaun Taylor

    Shaun Taylor17 dagen geleden

    Have you got a Steve Bruce one.

  34. wes dryden

    wes dryden17 dagen geleden

    If we hadn’t had the international break we’d be seeing Steve Bruce on here

  35. Jason Big

    Jason Big17 dagen geleden

    Looking forward to watching Jose v4, gonna be out in 2021, right?

  36. Omar G

    Omar G17 dagen geleden

    MOURINIO about to get sacked again

  37. Micven Media

    Micven Media17 dagen geleden

    Brandon Rogers looked horrible 🤣🤣

  38. PodcArne

    PodcArne17 dagen geleden

    Nigel Pearson being sacked from Watford is the pinnacle of self sabotage.

  39. Jean Pierre

    Jean Pierre17 dagen geleden

    December 16th is the scariest day for all the managers

  40. AJA Ryan1994

    AJA Ryan199417 dagen geleden

    Geoff Shreeves asks some of the dumbest questions ever.

  41. PiggyHorror2020 YT

    PiggyHorror2020 YT17 dagen geleden

    can’t believe shaqiri got jose sacked more like shaqed

  42. rian doyle

    rian doyle18 dagen geleden

    Alot of them fired after losing to everton so when koeman was fired the world didnt know what to do and he glitched into Barcelona

  43. Alex Vargas

    Alex Vargas18 dagen geleden

    When Koeman signed for Barca my thoughts shot straight to Everton in 2017

  44. Just Fun

    Just Fun18 dagen geleden

    This is literally one of the most highly stressful jobs in the world and believe me since your job isn’t guaranteed,these guys are always sitting on a time bomb

  45. Thewillshow123

    Thewillshow12318 dagen geleden

    Pearson’s sacking still boggles me. Should’ve let him play out the last games.

  46. M A

    M A18 dagen geleden

    Chelsea played our best attacking ball under ancelotti 🤷🏾‍♂️

  47. Robert Marston

    Robert Marston18 dagen geleden


  48. Dheevhanth Devendran

    Dheevhanth Devendran18 dagen geleden

    Release this video again when the season ends but add Mourinho's last Spurs interview

  49. Hajo W

    Hajo W18 dagen geleden

    And now, Frank de Boer is wreaking havoc in the Dutch team, killing everything that R Koeman has built up.

  50. Andrew Sarabia

    Andrew Sarabia18 dagen geleden

    Ancelotti and Pearson's sackings where disgraceful

  51. Geraint Williams

    Geraint Williams18 dagen geleden

    Nigel pearson wrongfully sacked twice

  52. kelton

    kelton18 dagen geleden

    Saw sacking and mourinho and thought Spurs finally came to their senses.

  53. exmomemez

    exmomemez17 dagen geleden

    Mourinho is NOT the problem 🤦‍♂️

  54. Alfie Dunn

    Alfie Dunn18 dagen geleden

    What we’ve established here is that Goodison Park is a graveyard for managers.

  55. Juan Novoa

    Juan Novoa18 dagen geleden

    Frank de Boer is doing terrible with the Netherlands team

  56. Abduuul

    Abduuul18 dagen geleden

    to this day i am still so confused how bilic got sacked for getting a 1-1 draw at the etihad against league leaders

  57. Adam Hancox

    Adam Hancox18 dagen geleden

    Nothing more vague than “last season really good, this season not so good”💀

  58. Gooner N4

    Gooner N418 dagen geleden

    Jose questioned his players honesty every day. Especially Luke Shaw..🤣

  59. Alex C-H JA

    Alex C-H JA18 dagen geleden

    Interesting how Carlo went to Everton after losing to them just before he got sacked

  60. Joel Fecher

    Joel Fecher18 dagen geleden

    They shouldn’t have sacked Pearson or bilic or ancelotti

  61. riyazmdpechu

    riyazmdpechu18 dagen geleden

    Where is Lampard?

  62. Amar Kh

    Amar Kh19 dagen geleden

    Last Interview before getting a nice fat pay cheque!!!

  63. Zharif Zamri

    Zharif Zamri19 dagen geleden

    "Top 4 gone now?" "clearly yeah" the way he answered it for me 😂

  64. Euphonik Prince

    Euphonik Prince19 dagen geleden

    0:05 what's that? ??😅😅😅😅😂


    SHAHID WILLIE19 dagen geleden

    why did chelsea sack ancelotti

  66. Raheem Hussain

    Raheem Hussain19 dagen geleden

    As a Chelsea fan I hate how we treat managers

  67. Yuguan

    Yuguan19 dagen geleden

    is it me or does mourinho look like rowan atkinson LOL

  68. ########

    ########19 dagen geleden

    feeling LOL, I expected to see Mourinhio two times befor start watching the video and really happened,really how i admire that naughty guy!😃

  69. Spyzy Vevo

    Spyzy Vevo19 dagen geleden

    Fans never give managers time because they want to win bet 😂

  70. Joel Thomas

    Joel Thomas19 dagen geleden

    Carlos at a better club now ay 🔵

  71. ian ibbotson

    ian ibbotson19 dagen geleden

    Mourinho is TOXIC...

  72. Nikhil Sarker

    Nikhil Sarker19 dagen geleden

    Put mourinho up there again

  73. Neil Luhar

    Neil Luhar19 dagen geleden

    Sky sports journalists and pundits are all complete spastics.

  74. Jordan William

    Jordan William19 dagen geleden

    I expected this from retro lol

  75. Leon3ll

    Leon3ll19 dagen geleden

    Still don't underarstand how Bilic was sacked😥

  76. Adam Reeve

    Adam Reeve19 dagen geleden

    It’s Geoff Shreves curse

  77. Tghy Ffhy

    Tghy Ffhy19 dagen geleden

    Weird video this, making content out of people losing their jobs. Doesn’t sit right with me

  78. Deveshan Govender

    Deveshan Govender19 dagen geleden

    Frank De Boer ... worst manager in the history of the Premier League Edit: spelling

  79. FAKTOI

    FAKTOI18 dagen geleden

    You misspelled Steve Bruce

  80. Mohamed Feisal

    Mohamed Feisal19 dagen geleden

    Geoff Shreeves brings back fifa vibes on the touchline 😂

  81. Daily Dose of Scripture. DDS

    Daily Dose of Scripture. DDS19 dagen geleden

    Ancelotti got fired for finishing 2nd a year after winning the league, wow! Chelsea’s merciless strategy along with the ruthless Roman abramovich should terrify and manager in the world.

  82. Freshly Salted

    Freshly Salted19 dagen geleden

    A manager being interviewed by Geoff Shreeves while their job is under pressure: My time has come

  83. Jack Bailey

    Jack Bailey19 dagen geleden

    Where's Frank lampard and Chris wilders final interview?

  84. ghost 24z

    ghost 24z19 dagen geleden

    All the Man U fans waiting for ole final interview

  85. rayner ben

    rayner ben19 dagen geleden

    I came I see I win & Then Get Sacked 😅

  86. rayner ben

    rayner ben19 dagen geleden goes On

  87. A Obi

    A Obi19 dagen geleden

    I see repeat offender Jose 👀😆

  88. Leon Ashmead

    Leon Ashmead19 dagen geleden

    Mourinho on twice 🤣🤣😁

  89. Yeetus Deleteus

    Yeetus Deleteus19 dagen geleden

    sponsored by chang

  90. jimmykelly86

    jimmykelly8619 dagen geleden

    Can’t stand Geoff Shreeves

  91. Freddie McDonald

    Freddie McDonald19 dagen geleden

    Mourinho is such a self-entitled bell end

  92. TripleDeeeee

    TripleDeeeee19 dagen geleden

    Gud ebening

  93. Masoud Mansori

    Masoud Mansori19 dagen geleden

    Was waiting for Mauricio Pochettino

  94. Milo Lurot

    Milo Lurot19 dagen geleden

    As a fan of mid field teams and more specifically drivers, it’s painful how incredibly bias and ignorant Max fanboys are. I think that’s a sentiment shared by most like me. Or am I wrong? Every time I see them comment, all it is is taking away drivers achievements, being disrespectful and downright delusional when they can’t accept that it’s not always about the car unless it’s max in the best car lmao

  95. Adam Finnegan

    Adam Finnegan19 dagen geleden

    Just shows how seriously Koeman took the Everton job, smiling and laughing after a 5-2 defeat, most Everton fans hate him

  96. Anubhav Kumar

    Anubhav Kumar17 dagen geleden

    Dumb Everton fans.

  97. JKaine

    JKaine17 dagen geleden

    @rian doyle and he’s doing pretty good

  98. rian doyle

    rian doyle18 dagen geleden

    Imagine saying that within a few years he would be over Barcelona

  99. branchyapple

    branchyapple19 dagen geleden

    *0:52 expect Paul pogba

  100. n sande

    n sande19 dagen geleden

    Could Pearson be anymore of a bell-end in interviews

  101. 87rish

    87rish19 dagen geleden

    3 managers sacked on 16th Dec🧐

  102. Mahlatse Lefika

    Mahlatse Lefika19 dagen geleden

    Ancelotti is just ice cold😎😎

  103. Sam Hourihan

    Sam Hourihan19 dagen geleden

    Hopefully chelsea don't have to sack tuchel

  104. Gabex

    Gabex19 dagen geleden

    WBA sacking Slaven Bilić after a 1:1 draw with City is crazy...

  105. The Chair King Steer

    The Chair King Steer19 dagen geleden

    Nigel Pearson was sacked on my birthday