Jurgen Klopp on Trent's form and Champions League battle! | Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool Post Match

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Jurgen Klopp reacts to his Liverpool side's 3-0 win at Arsenal in the Premier League. Klopp also discusses Trent Alexander-Arnold's recent performances and his England national team ambitions, and gives his thoughts on the battle for Champions League spots.
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    ARIYANZA10 dagen geleden

    Beat Arsenal, Stay Happy Meet The King, Go back being crappy LOL

  2. Pulp Roman

    Pulp Roman10 dagen geleden

    Great game by Trent against Real Madrid huh, you arrogant man.

  3. Daniel Knight 14

    Daniel Knight 1410 dagen geleden

    Liverpool are so bad at home they will loose again Aston villa

  4. Aman Preet Singh

    Aman Preet Singh10 dagen geleden

    2:03 Klopp with a little Liverpool accent/tone😅.

  5. harsh sharma

    harsh sharma10 dagen geleden

    I love his guy's vibe. Very positive.

  6. Adec

    Adec11 dagen geleden

    Trent on a bad form is even better than Reece James and Tripper. Trent is the only RB that can produce magic at his position in the world. Whoever disagree absolutely doesn't have a clue about football

  7. Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos10 dagen geleden

    Also produces gifts for Real Madrid lololololol

  8. andy lowe

    andy lowe11 dagen geleden

    Chirpy shud get his head down and be more consistent Because he's shocking when he plays for england Good going forward Crap defending Maybe play in midfield ???

  9. Andrew Lane

    Andrew Lane11 dagen geleden

    i amazed at the amount of liverpool fans when they were going through a run of not winning asking for klopp to get the sack i always took liverpool fans for backing there manager be very careful klopp best thing to happen to liverpool

  10. Michae V

    Michae V11 dagen geleden

    klopp looks tired

  11. love pink

    love pink11 dagen geleden

    Its true 4 defenders and a CDM like Fabinho has given Liverpool stability, but also think playing Jota, Salah, Mane and Firmino together has allowed spaces to be created and link up that was missing in earlier part of season. Liverpool got into final third so many times but was not able to score. Today it was much more cohesive.

  12. Harmon Salmon

    Harmon Salmon11 dagen geleden

    We make many mistakes in the new year and lose games we should be winning, we didn't adjust to the needs of the team and try to pull the cart without the horse

  13. Liverpool Forever

    Liverpool Forever11 dagen geleden


  14. PJR7

    PJR711 dagen geleden

    Im gutted! But form is temporary and class is permenant (age/injuries permitting) liverpool will make top 4 and we (everton) wont 😫

  15. MRT Racing

    MRT Racing11 dagen geleden

    Just like city last year they will be back

  16. starbwoi 1

    starbwoi 111 dagen geleden

    Trent, how the hell is he not in the England team. I guess he's wear wrong colour.

  17. Arkadiusz

    Arkadiusz11 dagen geleden

    Trippier, Walker, Carvajal > TAA

  18. Cullen Chua

    Cullen Chua11 dagen geleden

    Trent should had been backed by Southgate, the guy is still young! Nevertheless, it's a blessing in disguise as he seems to need the rest physically and mentally to perform.


    SOMALIANO SPORTS12 dagen geleden

    Big mistake was that klopp played Henderson and fabinho CB that left the team exposed to counterattacks becouse no holding midfielder

  20. Rohit Sharma

    Rohit Sharma12 dagen geleden

    Now that liverpool have some players back and some consistency it shows that they really were affected the most by injuries. Fabinho is up there with Fernandinho as one of the best CDM’s ! VVD & Gomez being back and hopefull we can challenge for the title next year

  21. Matthew Price

    Matthew Price12 dagen geleden

    Liverpool are gonna thrash real Madrid.

  22. Aaron T

    Aaron T12 dagen geleden

    my boss

  23. Peter Baxter

    Peter Baxter12 dagen geleden

    YNWA forever

  24. Sandesh Mishra

    Sandesh Mishra12 dagen geleden

    The champions are city that’s it 💙

  25. Duble Rakı

    Duble Rakı12 dagen geleden

    🇹🇷Ozan Kabak 🇹🇷

  26. Paki Velli

    Paki Velli12 dagen geleden

    Klopp seems to wearing a double chin.. I think he putting on weight..!

  27. Declan McCartney

    Declan McCartney12 dagen geleden

    Everyone will see next season when Virgil, Hendo and Gomez are back in business.

  28. Tahmid Sultan

    Tahmid Sultan12 dagen geleden

    If Saka played it would’ve been a difficult game for Trent there’s no doubt offensively he’s elite and stats prove that his assists is off the charts and his technique is sublime however, defensively he’s weak at elite level. It’s now time for him to transition to that right side of the midfield.

  29. Jamie Mitchell

    Jamie Mitchell12 dagen geleden

    Trent is great going forward, good going back not the best

  30. redkites

    redkites12 dagen geleden

    They are not bad champions they will finish 4th and win Champions League, this could still be one of the great Liverpool seasons.

  31. flyvon fernandes

    flyvon fernandes12 dagen geleden

    Liverpool vs Real Madrid - Epic battle

  32. prod. TJ

    prod. TJ12 dagen geleden


  33. jc .6

    jc .612 dagen geleden

    only real ones know the faces this guy pulls lollllll

  34. LizTan PT

    LizTan PT12 dagen geleden

    How is no one talking about Diogo Jota's masterclass?

  35. Daniel choi

    Daniel choi12 dagen geleden

    attack was still playing like sterling against lyon. except jota

  36. METE Han METE

    METE Han METE12 dagen geleden

    Ozan kabak have a Future in Liverpool ! 💪🏻

  37. Bulumko Mponco

    Bulumko Mponco12 dagen geleden

    One thing I've never heard anyone mention is how clever Klopp is

  38. Red Cat

    Red Cat11 dagen geleden

    @Stephen ok I can see that ya r not clever

  39. Stephen

    Stephen12 dagen geleden

    Because he's not clever. Also, as a side issue. he's the worst dressed manager in history. Looks ridiculous stood there with a tracksuit on and wearing a teenagers baseball cap. That's not to mention his ridiculous glasses and million dollar teeth. Way too big an ego I reckon. The comparison between him and Guardiola stood side by side at the game a few weeks ago was laughable. On calm, measured, dignified and effortlessy stylish and classy. The other, err' Klopp lol

  40. Joseph Robinson

    Joseph Robinson12 dagen geleden

    Instead of moaning about trent being dropped by southgate Jurgen. Both you and me ain't soft. Him being dropped was the best thing that could have happened to liverpool. Now he WILL play out of his skin to the end of the season to get in the England team. Come on jurgen lad, we know our football and trent and robbo have had poor seasons. Walker and james have deserved their places ahead of trent.

  41. Thomas Donald

    Thomas Donald12 dagen geleden

    The rich stay rich by investing and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the Rich but yet not investing like the rich

  42. Amelia Mia

    Amelia Mia12 dagen geleden

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  43. Robert Dosier

    Robert Dosier12 dagen geleden

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  44. Joseph Paul

    Joseph Paul12 dagen geleden

    Wow ! I'm just shocked you mentioned and recommended Michelle Scott trading services, I thought people don't know him.. He's really awesome!

  45. Autumn Max

    Autumn Max12 dagen geleden

    Thank you 😊

  46. Kate Steven

    Kate Steven12 dagen geleden

    Contact him directly on WhatsApp or call ☎️

  47. heon kim

    heon kim12 dagen geleden

    I love the politically correct Klopp. He can convey more by talking like this.

  48. Maan K

    Maan K12 dagen geleden

    Good luck Kloop on Wendesday Liverpool vs Real Madrid GK Alisson LB Robo LCB Kabak RCB Phillips RB TAA LCM Fabinho RCM Thaigo CF Firmino LW Mane St Jota RW Salah

  49. bait 21

    bait 2112 dagen geleden

    "and all this kind of things"

  50. Nvrdi

    Nvrdi12 dagen geleden

    I like Klopp's new glasses. German like.

  51. Tyler Johns

    Tyler Johns12 dagen geleden

    champions league football?!

  52. Pablo Shicoan

    Pablo Shicoan12 dagen geleden

    Think we'd all be happier knowing the skinny runt wasn't defending our back line.

  53. Winnie12381

    Winnie1238112 dagen geleden

    Klopp lennon

  54. Fizxify

    Fizxify12 dagen geleden

    Fabinho in midfield has made all the difference, as well as Jota returning in good form

  55. Jarvis stead

    Jarvis stead12 dagen geleden

    If arsenal can’t beat Liverpool what makes people think Real Madrid can Wich players have they got what’s way better then arsenal

  56. OTFT

    OTFT12 dagen geleden

    Klopp basically saying gareth is a rubbish manager

  57. Jaya Iyer

    Jaya Iyer12 dagen geleden

    Klopp looks like Dr.Zola from captain America with those glasses

  58. Ziggy wiggy

    Ziggy wiggy12 dagen geleden

    He took kabak off so he is fit for the Madrid game.

  59. Paul Mallon

    Paul Mallon12 dagen geleden

    TAA plays one good game in a year. 'He has to go in the England team'. You people are mental.

  60. Bradley Walsh

    Bradley Walsh12 dagen geleden

    The reason Trent wasn't picked is because England's entire analytical approach is based on a linear variable that is individual form, which doesn't tell us much when you're operating within the dynamics of a team game. Picking players should be on the basis of fitting in a tactical and structural framework that's easily transitional, that is the identity does not shift based on personnel. Problem for England is we don't have an integrated playing approach or established framework so we choose players that might effect it somehow. So when it comes to Trent, the question is not about if he's good enough or if he's in form, but rather does he fit?

  61. johnny devaney

    johnny devaney12 dagen geleden

    Fabinho game changer... viera is a massive comparison but nane me a player that comes close

  62. Mark Ireland

    Mark Ireland12 dagen geleden

    Trent won’t go World Cup England won’t win the World Cup and he will always be able to say should of took me to that World Cup could of won it for yous but nothing will change now teams are picked in Southgates head already

  63. Lawbringer boi

    Lawbringer boi12 dagen geleden

    Thank god we bought Jota instead of Werner

  64. Missile Customs

    Missile Customs12 dagen geleden

    Of course I’m the most naive amateur but I will never understand why Klopp didn’t play like this from the start rather than experiments.

  65. Tasha Isibor

    Tasha Isibor12 dagen geleden

    Trent is world class, no doubts

  66. samuel utd

    samuel utd9 dagen geleden


  67. Daniel

    Daniel12 dagen geleden

    Not so arrogant anymore Mr Klopp! Glad things started going wrong for LFC cause it’s knocked him down a peg

  68. dheeraj Rao

    dheeraj Rao13 dagen geleden

    Hey Gareth.

  69. khushrow chinoy

    khushrow chinoy13 dagen geleden

    Potter Klopp!

  70. Ziggy A

    Ziggy A13 dagen geleden

    People don’t understand how much balls you have to have to take Fabinho out of CB and play two new young CBs together with new young full backs. Klopp is a Liverpool legend.

  71. Ziggy A

    Ziggy A8 dagen geleden

    @Starbucks Coffee Is 22 and 27 not young for full backs? I’ll answer it for you, yes it is.

  72. Starbucks Coffee

    Starbucks Coffee9 dagen geleden

    Young full backs? what are you on about

  73. Thomas 123

    Thomas 12313 dagen geleden

    Kabak is a great cb. Has the relaxed composure of van dijk.

  74. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones13 dagen geleden

    Is it me or when the reporter started It gave Jurgen a bit of a fright Or was there a bright light in front of him 😂

  75. Abdulbari Mohamed

    Abdulbari Mohamed13 dagen geleden


  76. Peter Matthew

    Peter Matthew13 dagen geleden

    Damn Jota is just a supersub. Mane's turn was really good Trent's position and play was explicit

  77. Crooner

    Crooner13 dagen geleden

    The sudden change in intensity and power of every single player would suggest that the German doctors are back and performing their alchemy.

  78. Paul Harris

    Paul Harris13 dagen geleden

    Nice to see Klopp happy again

  79. Sean T

    Sean T13 dagen geleden

    Liverpool needed the break

  80. Bald Martin

    Bald Martin13 dagen geleden

    Not crying for once

  81. K C

    K C13 dagen geleden

    All of a sudden Liverpool plays better when defenders are playing defence, and midfielders are in midfield. Must be magic.

  82. Fionn MacCumhaill

    Fionn MacCumhaill13 dagen geleden

    Trent?? That was all Fabinho and Jota. Potentially Salah. Painful stuff from the English media again. Trent has been garbage all year. Did not deserve the call up.

  83. musicvids

    musicvids13 dagen geleden

    Its the smirk from Jurgen when he says “Trent showed his class again” brilliant!!!

  84. TMB 114

    TMB 11413 dagen geleden

    This is true they won every game at London away

  85. Joseph Robinson

    Joseph Robinson12 dagen geleden

    17-0 at palace, chelsea, whu, spurs and arsenal 7-0 2-0 2-0 3-0 3-0............ However, you have forgot 1-1 at fulham.

  86. Joseph Robinson

    Joseph Robinson12 dagen geleden

    Otherwise we might have got relegated. (Smile).

  87. Joseph Robinson

    Joseph Robinson12 dagen geleden

    17-0 the goal difference.

  88. Nas A

    Nas A13 dagen geleden

    How can one choose dier over trent for England squad . Dier is shite

  89. Nelson Demba

    Nelson Demba13 dagen geleden

    In this game like this is why I would want Arsenal to buy Kessiè or Bissouma. Ceballos was useless. It felt like Partey was in the midfield alone. Tierney getting injured made us lose.

  90. Spy _88

    Spy _8813 dagen geleden

    Let's take a look on Liverpool defense rn: Fabinho change back to midfield was a huge W, big return to the midfield was much needed Tsimikas, kinda sad for him, not getting enough playtime for us but he is needed as our backup for Robertson, and he is the best to match Robertson style of play as a substitute, he is a great asset to have definitely Nathaniel Phillips has been solid every game he played, few mistakes but not a big bark Kabak, average, and we can end his loan for Konaté from Leipzig depending if Kabak won't improve more, but we can still have him loan to permanent, he has shown his class for Liverpool sometimes VVD, still injured.. sucks hard Gomez, still injured, but we have Kabak and Nathaniel Phillips which is almost a good backup, but Gomez better by far, sucks for Gomez to be injured Matip, injury prone, fullstop. But still world class, love his appearances, he is a worldy. Rhees Williams makes a lot of defensive errors and weak in body contact, yet he did show his class sometimes, but Nathaniel Phillips > Rhees all the way Neco Williams? He can't cross the ball as proper as a needed crosser backup for Trent, I don't know what to say about him, he plays nervously but ok he is good regarding a cover for the RB position So? Conclusion? Kabak decides whether he will stay after Konaté's deal hopefully, and it is by Kabak's performances, if he performs good like at Arsenal match, and improve, he could be a great asset to us by ending his loan to permanent, yet we can still end his loan and not have him in case he was trash like the game against Leicester, silly mistakes but costy. Now I imagine LFC defense like this:- Starting XI: Robertson- VVD - Gomez - TAA Subs: Konaté, Kabak, Matip, Nathaniel Phillips, Tsimikas Backup: Neco, Rhees williams I really think we need a better substitute for TAA as a RB, Neco is not a good substitute, he is good as a backup tho

  91. marcin pitol

    marcin pitol13 dagen geleden

    Cmon Liverpool

  92. Dylansport 10

    Dylansport 1013 dagen geleden

    Love how he just repeats what he says in the other interviews

  93. O'Brien Denis

    O'Brien Denis13 dagen geleden

    That's how you avoid controversies i suppose

  94. TobyMike 11

    TobyMike 1113 dagen geleden

    Liverpool Could Get Top 4 🤦‍♂️

  95. TobyMike 11

    TobyMike 1113 dagen geleden

    Yes They Could

  96. Sayed Aziz

    Sayed Aziz13 dagen geleden

    If liverpool play the same against madrid ..they will damaged them ssly.

  97. sarat cherry

    sarat cherry13 dagen geleden

    if we could play keita or shaq instead thiago we can do better alongside jota

  98. SirDaeMusic

    SirDaeMusic13 dagen geleden

    It beggars belief that the Debacle that was the last 2 months could have been avoided if Klopp had just trusted Phillips and Rhys as Centre backs and keep Fabinho in the position where he can protect them ...... what's happened to the team is completely down to Klopp

  99. Haricric03

    Haricric0313 dagen geleden

    The switch to the 4-2-3-1 in the 60th minute was such a good decision. Jota came on and we start scoring so easily. It could be our solution to scoring goals efficiently.

  100. O'Brien Denis

    O'Brien Denis13 dagen geleden

    Yeah after we scored two then Klopp revert it back to a 433 bringing Gini on for Bobby

  101. Chazie_edits

    Chazie_edits13 dagen geleden

    Who cares

  102. Ay Up

    Ay Up13 dagen geleden

    Trent can't defend, boss going forward, balls at defending

  103. Ay Up

    Ay Up13 dagen geleden

    @musicvids its a fact m8

  104. musicvids

    musicvids13 dagen geleden

    Such a myth and a forced agenda about Trents defending.

  105. Sam N Edu Medja

    Sam N Edu Medja13 dagen geleden

    Trent was amazing because the team shape is getting back to where it used to be. Having Fab in the middle frees him up to do what he is best at. When we have Fab and Hendo in the middle both of the full backs play freely because they cover for them and that's been missing all season with them (Fab and Hendo) playing outta position in the back.

  106. Unknownorigin

    Unknownorigin13 dagen geleden

    Haha I love Klopp basically calling Southgate a moron for not picking Trent. What a great guy, shame he can't manage England. Southgate is a fraud.

  107. Jake SCOTT

    Jake SCOTT13 dagen geleden

    Don’t get too carry away Liverpool fans, you’ve beaten Sheffield United and Arsenal, not Man City and Real Madrid

  108. Daz ALAW

    Daz ALAW13 dagen geleden

    Big Sam hooking up Jurgen.

  109. Shintaro Robert

    Shintaro Robert13 dagen geleden

    He looks like Harry Potter

  110. Prateek Vasisht

    Prateek Vasisht13 dagen geleden

    If only Klopp had not self-destroyed Liverpool by playing midfielders in defence and then shafting the defence. Will have to work hard now to salvage something from the season.

  111. Kenneth Wilkinson

    Kenneth Wilkinson13 dagen geleden

    what a fickle bunch these southern Scousers are lol

  112. Spectraevil

    Spectraevil13 dagen geleden

    Lol Trent made one pass and these people r going nuts. Trent was always like this with crossing, it was Arsenal’s fault, they gave him plenty of spaces. Other good teams dont give space to the person who is the main person for crossing the ball.

  113. douglas douga

    douglas douga13 dagen geleden

    Thank you Gareth

  114. Lorcan Grant

    Lorcan Grant13 dagen geleden

    they need to play a 4-2-4 with mane salah firmino and jota up front

  115. An ordinary Liverpool fan

    An ordinary Liverpool fan13 dagen geleden


  116. iv

    iv13 dagen geleden

    That Liverpool defence wasnt tested, i guess Artetas boys should trust the process. If Mourinho played the same way he'd be slaughtered.

  117. Samoht Renyar

    Samoht Renyar13 dagen geleden

    In your face Southgate !

  118. Isaac Martinez

    Isaac Martinez13 dagen geleden

    Love u jurgen. It was hard and rough today. Pretty messy tbh. We gotta clean up our performance next time. We got wrecked.

  119. RoadTripTravel

    RoadTripTravel13 dagen geleden

    Klopp you are the reason why I am still watching football .you are the best coach ever (for me)

  120. buttplugs and mastadons 1988

    buttplugs and mastadons 198813 dagen geleden

    Bring on the hater ynwa