Jose Mourinho 'very happy' with Spurs' response following their Europa League exit

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho spoke after his side's 2-0 away victory against Aston Villa saying he was 'very happy' with the response to their 'awful' Europa League exit.
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  1. Joe its Joe

    Joe its Joe23 dagen geleden

    Exactly managers need time with a consistent group of players theses days.

  2. Shawn Kristoferu

    Shawn Kristoferu24 dagen geleden

    I saw an amazing interview with Costinha in Portuguese but with English subtitles. Costinha is the Porto player who scored the critical goal at Old Trafford at 83 minutes which knocked MU out of the UCL. Before the matches, Mourinho told his team that the game in Porto will end up at 1-0, 2-1, or 2-0 in favor of Porto. But when we go to Manchester, the game will be mostly in the air which Porto defenders were tall & strong so we should be fine. His prediction was that Porto will knock MU out of the tournament. Porto won the match at home 2-1 & away was a 1-1 draw. I do remember that the British gutter press, the emotional fans, & deluded MU mafia who had turned pundits were all saying after the first game that MU will win since all they have to do is to win 1-0. MU did score a goal in OT but Costinha popped their balloon before the final whistle & the Special One was born. Mourinho has stated time & time again, that Costinha texts him quite often & says if it wasn’t because of that goal, you would never be The Special One. LOL. So if this coach is so experienced & intelligent to read the matches before they start, Tottenham should just listen & follow. They will get to the promised land.

  3. Diego pez

    Diego pez25 dagen geleden

    SALAD ( ensalada)

  4. J U

    J U25 dagen geleden

    Its funny when things go wrong he points fingers at refs decisions but when he wins no mention of them

  5. Ghulam Afzal

    Ghulam Afzal25 dagen geleden

    These players did it to Poch and he got sacked and now they’re doing it to a man who has won more trophies single handedly then Spurs have in the modern era Levy needs to back Jose and get rid of the deadwood I think Jose will know who the players are that give 110% and the ones who are causing trouble I guarantee you it’ll be Dele, Dier, Sissoko, Aurier, Bale & Winks

  6. H4554N 330D

    H4554N 330D25 dagen geleden

    Get rid of DIER !!! His crap 💩

  7. marcoys

    marcoys25 dagen geleden

    Happy with Jose which is more than I can say for sky mocking Vinis goal celebration that’s for his dead mum. Appalling and shameful behaviour. I hope he sues you.

  8. Neil Smith

    Neil Smith25 dagen geleden

    We never win anything but we always played great football Jose has robbed us of that. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK the Tottenham way

  9. lazeris 16

    lazeris 1625 dagen geleden

    Jeez what r yous gonna do when thfc sell kane to united.or real madrid...u mark my words its gonna happen...hope it dsnt mind but if thfc dont win the cup and get champions league hes off...

  10. Connor Davey

    Connor Davey25 dagen geleden

    I'm a Chelsea fan, and I'll say this with Jose I don't think hes outdated never did, terrific coach, changed English football... Society has let Jose down... Society in our young generation... The quilty in an individual has gone down... Its not a raging murderous one but it is a narcissistic one that infects everything... And the sad truth is.. It ain't even their fault..

  11. crypto hodler

    crypto hodler24 dagen geleden

    @Connor Davey well im sorry, if it is only Tottenham i would accept your logic and your explenation, but its not. He failed in Chelsea, and from a champion slumped on table to 10th, and was sacked after that Conte with the same team and new tactics of 352, wingbacks instead of flat 4, 3 mc, etc won the league. Showing clearly that team has quality. Than he want to MAN UTD, and again after good period slumped badly in league table and in preformances. And now is doing it in Spurs. It clearly shows his mentality, way of communicating with players and doing things has a short time frame and after it goes downhill. Before it was 2 to 3 years, and now is very fast. And it clearly shows his way of managing players in todays game is outdated.

  12. Connor Davey

    Connor Davey24 dagen geleden

    @crypto hodler didn't say anything about other coaches mate.... I just on today players and the constant talk of Jose being outdated.... He's not... Spurs ain't good enough player wise... Apart from Kane, Son and their left back (who's going back to Madrid) who have they got really? Jose wants a reaction when he slates he's players... He wants them to prove him wrong (worked with top players in the past, Terry and Lampard, etc) that rose to the challenge... He hasn't got the player at spurs that will do that... Same with United players... They ain't got the stomach for criticism... Or stomach to react to it and rise above it and become a better player.. I don't think that makes him outdated... He demands better and the current generation constantly fail to do so...

  13. crypto hodler

    crypto hodler24 dagen geleden

    hahaha, this is idiotic , so he is always right, other coaches doing good job or great job today our what, society did not harm them, that means being outdated , literally, you are not suited for today's game, people managment etc, you in your defense of him called him outdated. Its fantastic , never wrong, when you fail society just got one over you, nice mentality.

  14. Dinesh Moonan

    Dinesh Moonan25 dagen geleden

    What abt his statement is bad? This is normally what he says, real honest opinions. I really can’t see why so many hate the guy. It must be because of the numerous wins and trophies

  15. Hebib Medical

    Hebib Medical25 dagen geleden

    Yes trust in jose ,its e winner

  16. PaRk LaNe YiD

    PaRk LaNe YiD25 dagen geleden

    Jose in 100%

  17. mduduzi desmond

    mduduzi desmond25 dagen geleden

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic said Got call from Jose Mourinho

  18. HK zzang

    HK zzang25 dagen geleden

    Dier,Ali,Sissoko,Winks -> hopeless Kane-> one of the best players but didn't show his ability and name value when the team is miserable so that makes him less than Lionel Messi. Bale-> Careful of sprinting and running. His body seems irreversible

  19. Elliot Gibson

    Elliot Gibson25 dagen geleden

    Jose “are around” Mourinho

  20. Jason Genovaweight

    Jason Genovaweight25 dagen geleden

    Nussing to say.

  21. Ariam Samuel

    Ariam Samuel25 dagen geleden

    Scored penalty scored by mistake got dominated Mourinhio: IM HAPPY WITH DAT by the way for you english fans, including myself im slightly happy tottenham won because kane is gonna be playing for england and he has to have confidence to play good

  22. Anthony Moody

    Anthony Moody25 dagen geleden

    Never been a better manager, nor anyone with a better understanding of the mentality of current footballers. Sadly, many aren't prepared to give everything and die for the Club.

  23. Ashley McDougall

    Ashley McDougall25 dagen geleden

    He needs time to build a team willing to buy into his style of play spurs aren’t good enough and always under achieve if he gets champions league football I’d take that from this season

  24. All-Father

    All-Father25 dagen geleden

    Doesnt matter who manages spurs...... cant polish a turd 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

  25. Colin Quigley

    Colin Quigley25 dagen geleden

    Jose you will never win a trophy at Spurs or ever again !! Bye!

  26. d one

    d one25 dagen geleden

    I don't think Jose is the right man for our club

  27. polyglot8

    polyglot825 dagen geleden

    Oh no! Not the trendy "non-negotiable" trope! See how using that phrase repeatedly worked out for Arteta!

  28. Shama Lama

    Shama Lama25 dagen geleden

    Who cares Spurs Suck 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Greg O'D

    Greg O'D25 dagen geleden

    Lot's of todays players a like spoilt brats and have a Sunday morning league attitude when they are left out. Instead of being ready and part of the solution, they are in fact the problem and rock the boat.

  30. Bob Tan

    Bob Tan25 dagen geleden

    Yeaaa, spurs has got no football heritage

  31. indi bassi

    indi bassi25 dagen geleden

    Get Rid of the bad eggs, Dier,Dele,Winks,Doherty.

  32. Luke Ramsey

    Luke Ramsey25 dagen geleden


  33. Gamebred

    Gamebred25 dagen geleden

    Tottenham need to go buy a whole new defence. Aurier, Docherty, Dier, Sanchez, Davies and Rose are horrendous.

  34. Top Hattington

    Top Hattington25 dagen geleden

    When criticising Mourinho at Tottenham, it's important to remember this is a team that barely wins anything at all. He has to come in and teach these players not just to play the way he wants, but to teach them to have a winning attitude. That isn't easy when the senior players in the team haven't won much themselves. He has a very difficult job at Spurs and a lot of these players aren't good enough either in terms of ability or attitude. If he wins even a single trophy for Tottenham in the next season or two, he has been a success for them.

  35. Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos25 dagen geleden

    True, 1st summer was getting players to fix the team's tactics & now 2nd summer is getting rid of deadwood

  36. The Video Shot

    The Video Shot25 dagen geleden

    If Harry Kane has a brain and some respect for his World class abilities... He should demand a transfer request. The guy is too good to be fighting mediocrity with Spurs. Nobody will remember Kane when we talk about Lewa,Saurez,Aguero if he keeps playing for this tinpot club.

  37. The Video Shot

    The Video Shot25 dagen geleden

    If Harry Kane has a brain and some respect for his World class abilities... He should demand a transfer request. The guy is too good to be fighting mediocrity with Spurs.

  38. Fieldy

    Fieldy25 dagen geleden

    And the NEW specialist in failure with all the excuses

  39. Newname Jad

    Newname Jad25 dagen geleden

    Liberal footballers have injected toxicity

  40. Tony Nightingale

    Tony Nightingale25 dagen geleden

    A little sensible perspective, Jose? Villa are not a great side right now and are struggling to score goals (without Grealish). Yes, Spurs won but it was hardly straightforward and/or impressive. You still have one of the best attacking squads in the PL and you seem to have done nothing exciting with it. It should have been so, so much better. A very frustrating season of lost opportunity...

  41. Dean Ryan

    Dean Ryan25 dagen geleden

    He basically said young people are bitches loool blame the PC world for that one

  42. Alfie B

    Alfie B25 dagen geleden

    Rodon and tanganga need to play!!!

  43. AG

    AG25 dagen geleden

    Arteta gave Mourinho such a schooling that he started using his phrases; talking about "non-negotiables" 😂

  44. Angel Blaz

    Angel Blaz26 dagen geleden

    The annoying beauty tentatively unpack because agenda effectively examine below a unwieldy lasagna. neat, flowery income

  45. edd herring

    edd herring26 dagen geleden

    A manager is a conductor, without an orchestra the manager is not making music, no matter what he does. When the two come together and the orchestra plays what the conductor wants then the symphony is adored by the audience. Mourinho has the wrong orchestra, so do you change the whole orchestra or just the conductor?

  46. James Barralet

    James Barralet26 dagen geleden

    Individualism is counter to team spirit, and the spirit in general. Society and the economy are built on principals of individualism. That’s why football clubs now feel more like multi-national corporations than cathedrals of the community, as is their potential and as they used to be. Society needs to find a different path.

  47. Aintong Mah

    Aintong Mah26 dagen geleden

    Spurs have to be patience & wait for some more times & some more years.Jose is a good manager he can sign many best players in the years to come & do something for the club.

  48. SIPO

    SIPO26 dagen geleden

    He is so right.This last week has to be a watershed moment. The attitude of last sunday and thursday forges losers not winners. It must never be seen on the pitch again. If every player commits 100% to every action every time they play for the badge then we fans can feel a sense of pride whatever the result and thus a connection takes shape that is unbreakable dynamic and thrilling.

  49. Cosmin Negrea

    Cosmin Negrea26 dagen geleden

    So, United another year no trophy :))) Fired Jose, kept Pogba. No chance to win europa league. Hope Spurs will win the match vs City in the final. First trophy in a long series to come. Levy won't fired Jose. He trust him to bring the club on a path of glory! JM has a pedigree. Plastic supporters i read somewhere dont know what real life is. Back Mou and the results will follow... Winning mentality and honesty just in the case of Kane, Sonny, Lucas, Hojbjerg, Lloris, Bergwijn, Tanganga... most of the others just smokes down the river: Delle? Bale? Serge? Dier? Sorry... in the summer Levy must bring a CB whois a leader not a crying baby.

  50. Elaine Patterson

    Elaine Patterson25 dagen geleden

    Well said!

  51. j c

    j c26 dagen geleden

    Mourinho very happy....looks miserable

  52. Elaine Patterson

    Elaine Patterson25 dagen geleden

    I am not surprised with the hate-fuelled nastiness from so-called fans.

  53. Tommy Vercetti

    Tommy Vercetti26 dagen geleden

    1:08 oh i have no doubt

  54. Na La

    Na La26 dagen geleden

    RB is our worst position. And we need one or two cb.

  55. IE

    IE26 dagen geleden

    Jeez, it was only Aston Villa. Spurs fans bigging this up. LOL!!!!! They never learn. Suckers. Manipulative Jose. Subtly blaming the players for Zagreb for a second time. He should can it. He's pushing certain players away. He needs to keep his ego in check if he wants to make top 4 and save his reputation. If he fails at Spurs, no one is going to give him the time of day. Even Frank Lampard got top 4 in his first season in the PL and that was with a club that had a transfer ban. Jose made bad decisions for that Zagreb game. He'll learn better if he spends more time analyzing those bad decisions instead of thinking up excuses and deflections for the media: *"I'm so perfect, it's always someone else's fault. Whether it's the players' attitude, them not following my instructions or something else - it's never MEEEEE!!!!!"* Arrogant childish Jose without the checkbook wins nothing (unless it's small potatoes like the League Cup), and loses the dressing room and forces owners to sack him. And even _with_ the checkbook he wasn't always winning.

  56. Keen Observer

    Keen Observer26 dagen geleden

    People are forgetting that Tottenham are only three points behind Chelsea if they finish in top four and win the league Cup it will be hugely successful season for them.

  57. Brian Anthony

    Brian Anthony26 dagen geleden

    22 more points or bust! 😇

  58. Brian Anthony

    Brian Anthony26 dagen geleden

    Just treat them decently, Jose' 😎

  59. Clive Hamilton

    Clive Hamilton26 dagen geleden

    Amazing manager

  60. Mr Graft

    Mr Graft26 dagen geleden

    I’m very happy too. From an honest Chelsea fan

  61. Still Call

    Still Call26 dagen geleden

    Dele, Dier, Sissoko, Winks & Davies this players are all the bad eggs of spurs who are only playing for money. They should all be sell to championship team.

  62. RealistPatson

    RealistPatson25 dagen geleden

    @Grizzly Boys ????

  63. Grizzly Boys

    Grizzly Boys25 dagen geleden

    Bale too

  64. day feed

    day feed26 dagen geleden

    Agree that he can't do it alone. In the end, its the players that play

  65. John Harbertson

    John Harbertson26 dagen geleden

    Don't play your attacking players as defenders, and you get a win.he did it to Chelsea and united, look he's finished at the top level, thats 90s football. He spent a while out and said he has a different view,do you see it, I don't. Bet next match is defensive

  66. perry valton

    perry valton26 dagen geleden

    Jose is crying out for help, help from the board help from players help from fans we need to help him.

  67. Cloudy with a chance of UFO's

    Cloudy with a chance of UFO's26 dagen geleden

    Villa were garbage. Calm down Jose.

  68. Chase Kwak

    Chase Kwak26 dagen geleden

    I really like what he said here "We should not win games as a reaction of bad games. We need to have attitude, empathy and professionalism always and those are not negotiable"

  69. Yash

    Yash26 dagen geleden

    Its feast or famine for the special one now. If he manages to get top 4 and win a title next season ; he will be hailed otherwise it will be all over. If he gets sacked ; he should join a midtable club and try to improve them

  70. Bikram Ach

    Bikram Ach26 dagen geleden

    Spurs fan acting like they won league last year and year before 😂😂😂 you guys have the coach that can give you the trophies ,just give him time like pochettino had

  71. mohamed sa

    mohamed sa26 dagen geleden

    What a man?

  72. schakal LEE

    schakal LEE26 dagen geleden

    Jose's plan was good

  73. FLAT - Food LifeStyle And Travel

    FLAT - Food LifeStyle And Travel26 dagen geleden

    Ruthless Jose is back. I love it. Take the finger u fraud players:)

  74. Matt Dukeshire

    Matt Dukeshire26 dagen geleden

    Jose is a genius. United were too impatient. As a spurs fan I hope our players can buy in to his mentality because our squad is good enough on paper to challenge any team in Europe. COYS

  75. James Cherry

    James Cherry26 dagen geleden

    Does he not want to have a referee interview for the bad penalty call like he did after the arsenal game?

  76. James Cherry

    James Cherry25 dagen geleden

    @Rafael Santos totally agree, just wanted the same energy from him

  77. Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos25 dagen geleden

    I think the one vs Arsenal is defo a penalty but this one is also a pen

  78. Nico Widjaja

    Nico Widjaja26 dagen geleden

    Goodluck Jose. Remember you still no.1.

  79. Tate Weaver

    Tate Weaver25 dagen geleden


  80. Aaron T

    Aaron T26 dagen geleden

    jose looks tired

  81. Fact Sake Rafa

    Fact Sake Rafa26 dagen geleden

    Lucky that Orsic doesn’t play for Aston Villa. Fact!

  82. Minkah Yahuda

    Minkah Yahuda26 dagen geleden

    Lol 😂 absolute Ninny post!

  83. José Coelho

    José Coelho26 dagen geleden

    Tottenham played well! Not fantastic but with much better attitude and professionalism like Mourinho said! Tanganga and Rodon were a example to some players! The tactical change worked well because Vinicius is a typical number 9 and a target man fixing the 2 centre backs and that allows Harry Kane to drop deep and have more space in between the lines to create chances! Pierre, Lucas, Kane and Tanguy were really good as well!

  84. José Coelho

    José Coelho25 dagen geleden

    @*다람쥐* the mentality is the right one and trains really hard

  85. Steve Hope

    Steve Hope25 dagen geleden

    Yeah Kane is very professional, a professional wuss and cheat

  86. *다람쥐*

    *다람쥐*26 dagen geleden

    Funny how pundits and some players keep saying that you absolutely need a run of games to perform well. Tanganga hasn't played that many minutes in the PL for months and played well enough to be my first half MOTM (even though Lucas takes it on the whole 90 minutes).

  87. Red Lavish

    Red Lavish26 dagen geleden

    Jose(in reality); thank god Jack grealish didn’t play, I fink he saved my job.

  88. Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos25 dagen geleden

    @Yomexy11 No

  89. Yomexy11

    Yomexy1126 dagen geleden

    Did Son and Lamela play?

  90. Henrik the king Larsson

    Henrik the king Larsson26 dagen geleden

    Jose : it was the biggest achievement of my career to win today 😂😉

  91. Tan Swan Foo Ken

    Tan Swan Foo Ken26 dagen geleden

    Always love the man 😀

  92. Bitcoin miner Bitcoin miner

    Bitcoin miner Bitcoin miner26 dagen geleden

    If he win he make the longest interview and if he don’t he will just make less than 2 minutes sh*t manager

  93. Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos25 dagen geleden

    What tf are you talking about? Waffling lad, you're waffling

  94. Jimmy Savile

    Jimmy Savile26 dagen geleden

    Hahahahhaha couldn’t even beat part time Croatian milkmen and bailiffs another trophyless season for spurs.........

  95. Ciaran O'Connell

    Ciaran O'Connell26 dagen geleden

    Like this guy wasn't a vulture hanging over the Utd job getting in touch with agents and media people to undermine Louis Van Gaal, a supposed friend of his who goes back a long time, and he happily betrayed him just to get the Utd job. I might add that Van Gaal won a trophy as Mourinho was backstabbing him with agents & media. Now Mourinho is bitching about ''outside forces'' undermining him when his team have been way worse than what Van Gaal did at Utd. Mourinho, as always, is a hypocrite.

  96. Real Ess

    Real Ess26 dagen geleden

    Did he try and say 'debut' come on jose your paddy power adverts made more sense😂

  97. Jimmy Savile

    Jimmy Savile26 dagen geleden

    Finished manager should go join the dynamo Zagreb manager in jail......

  98. Realist Gooner

    Realist Gooner24 dagen geleden

    @Elaine Patterson Terror against football.

  99. Elaine Patterson

    Elaine Patterson25 dagen geleden

    For what crime?

  100. Vincenzo Porcelli

    Vincenzo Porcelli26 dagen geleden

    I think Tottenham is strong when don't play Bale.

  101. Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos25 dagen geleden

    @sir victahh Aurier, Sissoko, Winks

  102. sir victahh

    sir victahh25 dagen geleden

    @CE23 COYS Probably Dier and Doherty.

  103. CE23 COYS

    CE23 COYS26 dagen geleden

    No he’s not the problem. Other players are.

  104. cullys view

    cullys view26 dagen geleden

    Hes still top 5 coach in the world 🌎 and on his season with the right players with the right mentality his the best in the world

  105. Aqua Man

    Aqua Man26 dagen geleden

    Congrats Spurs on not loosing for once

  106. graham moulds

    graham moulds26 dagen geleden

    How can any one justify paying someone 36 million buy clauses

  107. josh1

    josh126 dagen geleden

    spurs fans r dellusional...mauricio pochetino performed miracles now they have the best manager around and theyre calling for his head. bang average squad apart from son,kane and lloris

  108. *다람쥐*

    *다람쥐*26 dagen geleden

    @CE23 COYS except for Sanchez I agree, I believe even Toby is a better defender.

  109. CE23 COYS

    CE23 COYS26 dagen geleden

    I don’t think it’s Mourinho‘s fault but N‘dombele, Lucas, Alderweireld, Højbjerg, Reguilon, Lo Celso, Bale, Sanchez aren’t average.

  110. Jean Jacques Lundi

    Jean Jacques Lundi26 dagen geleden

    Well can you blame them? The media narrative is INTENSE. SOOO many people want José to fail to say they were right about him.

  111. Richard EVANS

    Richard EVANS26 dagen geleden

    Been anti Jose for months, but if there's players causing trouble and downing tools, then I will back Jose all day long

  112. Tony Nightingale

    Tony Nightingale24 dagen geleden

    @Sammy Beck Because that's how it is, Sammy. Their earnings have very little to do with motivation and form in fact. Presumably, you've never played football?

  113. Tony Nightingale

    Tony Nightingale24 dagen geleden

    @beau milano Milandou With respect, your comment is ludicrous. Yes, I would agree that they perhaps "shouldn't" need a Manager to motivate them but they are human beings playing a sport and humans tend to follow the leader. In football, the leader tends to be the appointed Manager. Right now the leader of Spurs isn't doing a very good job. If, however, you are suggesting that the present Spurs squad would be better off without any Manager whatsoever and should manage and motivate themselves entirely (and pick their own side presumably), then that might indeed be a fun thing to try for a game or two. So er, yes...Why not?

  114. Tony Nightingale

    Tony Nightingale24 dagen geleden

    @Sammy Beck I don't disagree with the sentiment of what you're saying but ultimately, all the top teams have a similar quality of squad and the differences between performing well or not are pretty small and revolve largely around the personality of the Manager at the time...

  115. beau milano Milandou

    beau milano Milandou25 dagen geleden

    @Tony Nightingale wrong those players get million of pound salary for playing 90 minutes football and i don't think they need a manager to motivate them

  116. encarnación

    encarnación25 dagen geleden

    These players have no grit

  117. Mouhsine Tchenchana

    Mouhsine Tchenchana26 dagen geleden

    the special one

  118. Jehu Khomola

    Jehu Khomola26 dagen geleden

    Give him some time. He will build spurs into a good side

  119. Victory Okany

    Victory Okany24 dagen geleden

    Mate kane and son will have to leave this season or their careers will be considered as flops

  120. fardeed chowdhury

    fardeed chowdhury25 dagen geleden

    @Tate Weaver should’ve been sacked solely for benching moura in the final

  121. Edder Wright

    Edder Wright25 dagen geleden

    Spurs are a joke, just stop.

  122. Tate Weaver

    Tate Weaver25 dagen geleden


  123. All-Father

    All-Father25 dagen geleden

    Jokes 😂😂😂

  124. Info Time

    Info Time26 dagen geleden

    I think he’ll be able to get t🔝 4 these season if they play like this.

  125. Achraf Khallouli

    Achraf Khallouli26 dagen geleden

    Mou hates Lucas and that's sad!

  126. Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos25 dagen geleden

    Man, when it comes to José the comments section is bonkers like some of the stuff ppl say, I struggle to figure out what are they thinking

  127. Jean Jacques Lundi

    Jean Jacques Lundi26 dagen geleden

    Lol stfu. José loves Lucas and has said so many times. Lucas himself has also thanked José many times for his vote of confidence.

  128. Glenn F

    Glenn F26 dagen geleden

    You are the man Jose you can beat Man City in the cup. GGMU

  129. dean

    dean26 dagen geleden

    oh shut-up spurs honestly acting asif you parked the bus or something we handed u a penalty by a harry kane dirty trick ethier way still a penalty and we handed u the goal without being capable to score from open play and our keeper came off his line weirdly and made an error doing that and left u a wide open goal u honestly acting like you've breezed past villa or something like Job done if our player didn't think fouling in the pen area hoping the ref didn't see it it wouldn't of been a goal if he had a sensible head on . in other words tht was a 0-0 game otherwise

  130. Isak Memedi

    Isak Memedi26 dagen geleden

    Spurs fans, you have to be patient, the trophies will come soon with Jose Mou, We were waiting for the Champions League about 40 years and Jose Mou came to Inter and we won it.

  131. David Massawa

    David Massawa25 dagen geleden

    @ZMIJUSH yes and it's still clear of that failure merchant Mourinho

  132. ZMIJUSH

    ZMIJUSH25 dagen geleden

    @David Massawa Show me your CV . Let me guess. 20 years in mommys basement and 1000 beers in front of supermarket .

  133. Nico Widjaja

    Nico Widjaja26 dagen geleden

    @Rehan is your comment related

  134. Nico Widjaja

    Nico Widjaja26 dagen geleden

    @David Massawa copy cat

  135. Goris Suri Music

    Goris Suri Music26 dagen geleden

    @David Massawa he won so many brow.. Calm Down

  136. Stiven Mikhail

    Stiven Mikhail26 dagen geleden

    Atta boy JM ...head up and keep going !

  137. FReSh JiVE

    FReSh JiVE26 dagen geleden

    Villa fan but they deserved it tonight...we have utter dross in the starting xi when you look at our side. Bog standard players out of form. Sanson looks like a dud already. Sluggish, slow, still plays like he's in the pub league. Why we still have al ghazi and trez running around like headless chickens is beyond me. Mcginn just flatters to deceive, a lot of effort with no return. Poor old Watkins is made to look like a carthorse so poor is his service. The back 5 and luiz- prem standard. Everyone else should be looking over their shoulder in the summer

  138. Awaisu Gambo

    Awaisu Gambo26 dagen geleden

    One love 💕 jose

  139. Elijah Believe

    Elijah Believe26 dagen geleden

    We will win the League cup & get top 4. Mark my words.

  140. David Massawa

    David Massawa25 dagen geleden

    @Old But True yes but City will still win

  141. Old But True

    Old But True25 dagen geleden

    @David Massawa They will be fresher than yours buddy.

  142. Michias Negassi

    Michias Negassi25 dagen geleden


  143. J Hat

    J Hat25 dagen geleden

    I’m a Spurs fan, definitely would wish that for Tottenham being as it would be this seasons best outcome now for us but have a laugh ? 😂😂

  144. Steve Hope

    Steve Hope25 dagen geleden

    League cup 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  145. Aaron Patel

    Aaron Patel26 dagen geleden

    the team did it not him remember that

  146. Aaron Patel

    Aaron Patel26 dagen geleden

    better carry on like this or his gone!!!!

  147. Dilan Patel

    Dilan Patel26 dagen geleden

    Lool people are saying vinicius needs more of an opportunity, I'd love to see how many people would drop harry kane in Mourinho's position 😂

  148. Joe Sarker

    Joe Sarker25 dagen geleden

    @Gremunky no the translation is I’ve provided enough evidence and points and also admitted where I was wrong and correct myself and changed my statement. But I can’t win an argument against an autistic moron. 😂😂 can’t make a person understand who doesn’t want to understand. That’s the correct translation. U need to get checked , socialise and not take every dam word literally. Get help 😂

  149. Gremunky

    Gremunky25 dagen geleden

    @Joe Sarker translation: I have nothing to say and can't back myself because my initial point was bullshit and I refused to back down when I was initially called out.

  150. Joe Sarker

    Joe Sarker25 dagen geleden

    @Gremunky Man U r for real autistic 😂😂😂 I’m not reading that nonsense gibberish essay. Get help

  151. Gremunky

    Gremunky25 dagen geleden

    @Joe Sarker having an identity doesn't mean you conform to it all the time. Did I not say in 2 of my comments that Mourinho doesn't conform to the identity? Their identity for attacking football and flair goes back to the 50s, doesn't mean they play that way every game or under every manager, and Mourinho's departure from that identity has been discussed at great length by every pundit under the sun since he came in. And Poch did play attacking football even in his last 18 months, they just didn't pull it off at all and they were very lethargic, the plan didn't change, just the execution. And when have I taken every word literally? You said the only identity they had was as bottlers and that they feared success, I dismissed it as banter, you told me it was a serious point, so I dismantled it as the rubbish it was, and now you're backtracking and resorting to immature insults because you've got nowhere to go with your point seeing as you first said it wasn't banter and are now saying it shouldn't be taken seriously. If something isn't banter but also shouldn't be taken seriously...what is it? How are people supposed to take it? I don't know why you didn't just acknowledge it as banter in the first place. Obviously it was never going to stand up to serious scrutiny and now I've given it the scrutiny you demanded, I'm taking it too seriously for you? Like I said in the beginning, saying Spurs' identity is as bottlers and they fear success: great banter, rubbish serious argument.

  152. Joe Sarker

    Joe Sarker25 dagen geleden

    @Gremunky well Spurs doesn’t only play attacking football. They played defensive football the last 18 months under poch 😂😂 . The last 18 moths under poch was horrendous and not attacking at all. So when u say Spurs identity is they play attacking football and play with flair where was that flair and attacking football under the last 18 months of poch? Where is it now? 😂😂😂 it’s a sign of autism when a person takes every single world literally. Bc if I Take your word Literally it means Spurs never play low block defensive flair less football. but they played that way for 18 months. U r treating this post as if u r at the University writing an essay where u r gonna be scrutinised for every single word. 😂😂 i guess my fault was not recognising that I’m speaking with an autistic socially incompetent individual who would take every single word I use in a sentence literally. So I am going to correct my self. Spurs identity is not only bottling but also playing attacking football with plenty of flair. 😂😂😂

  153. based nauticalmandems

    based nauticalmandems26 dagen geleden

    Tanganga is good enough to be starting for me now

  154. Slim Shady

    Slim Shady24 dagen geleden

    You ain't the manger so stfu

  155. Alexis TADIFO

    Alexis TADIFO25 dagen geleden

    @based nauticalmandems Problem is that Tanganga suffered from a lot of injuries previously. But everytime he was available and fit, he played. Hope he'll stay fit and healthy.

  156. Rant Radio

    Rant Radio25 dagen geleden

    He should've Always been starting.. Especially ahead of Doherty

  157. Maciej Bala

    Maciej Bala26 dagen geleden

    @II Bailey II agreed, sissoko has always been wildly inconsistent, should sell him and dele alli for me, possibly more

  158. II Bailey II

    II Bailey II26 dagen geleden

    @based nauticalmandems Sissoko should’ve been sold years ago...