"It was a poor 15 minutes" | Scott Parker reacts to Fulham's relegation battle after loss to Villa

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Fulham manager Scott Parker gives his thoughts on his team's performance after they threw away a 1-0 goal lead to lose 3-1 at Aston Villa. Parker also discusses the Premier League relegation battle, with Fulham sitting 18th in the table following the defeat to Villa.
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  1. officer crabtree

    officer crabtree7 dagen geleden

    If Scott Parker was foreign they'd be ripping him to bits

  2. Aaron T

    Aaron T9 dagen geleden

    future england manager

  3. AJellySnake Rebel

    AJellySnake Rebel9 dagen geleden

    villa fan here. we were veeery lucky to get anything from the game. it took 70mins or so to break deadlock of what was essentially a very end to end but drab game.

  4. J k

    J k9 dagen geleden

    Proper manager, good luck Fulham. UTV.

  5. JaffaJaffaJef

    JaffaJaffaJef10 dagen geleden

    fulham need to go down they are out of their depth as a club. newcastle just have an atrocious manager and owner.

  6. safc joe

    safc joe10 dagen geleden

    They don't beat Wolves they're going down imo.

  7. Privatejose B32

    Privatejose B3210 dagen geleden

    Don't know what he expected but Fulham anit going anywhere but down

  8. Andy Gibson

    Andy Gibson10 dagen geleden

    He would look good as a lieutenant in a WW11 movie

  9. Mc Dyse

    Mc Dyse11 dagen geleden

    I like Scott Parker. Being a fellow Londoner and he comes across professional and well presented and analytical I hope him and Fulham the best. I genuinely would like to see Fulham stay up. Abit more time and some fine attacking tuning and more defensive resilience and the old cliché more money I hope to see em in the Premier League a couple seasons longer! peace. ⚽️

  10. Ash Fernandes

    Ash Fernandes11 dagen geleden

    This guy is too handsome to be a football manager.

  11. Noodle Neck Rat Ribs

    Noodle Neck Rat Ribs11 dagen geleden

    What a bell

  12. thefilmandmusic

    thefilmandmusic11 dagen geleden

    I like Scott and I wish him well.. A Villa fan .

  13. Nelson Demba

    Nelson Demba11 dagen geleden

    Unpopular opinion- Scott Parker with a better capable team he would be pushing for European spots.

  14. Temporary User Account #001

    Temporary User Account #00111 dagen geleden

    TL;DW ... "Bumps!"

  15. roger COOKE

    roger COOKE11 dagen geleden

    Looks like he is about to burst into tears 🤣

  16. DavidThompsonV1

    DavidThompsonV17 dagen geleden

    Don’t know about him but I know I am 😭

  17. Johan Rijhkelaar

    Johan Rijhkelaar11 dagen geleden

    He’s doing great to be honest and managed to turn the team into believing there’s a chance of staying up and actually fight for it, it sure if they’ll do it though but won’t go down without a fight

  18. Joner Time

    Joner Time11 dagen geleden

    Scott Parker and Roy Keane always makes me click and watch.. brilliant talkers.

  19. Murdock

    Murdock11 dagen geleden

    Unlucky lads, Fulham definitely deserved something as they were the better team for the majority of the game but our subs completely changed how we looked. Best of luck for the season, never say never we stayed up on the last day last year and it wasn’t easy so you never know.

  20. D T

    D T11 dagen geleden

    He's been very impressive from the moment he took over. He deserves a long career and hopefully manages at the highest level one day.

  21. D T

    D T10 dagen geleden

    @Kenneth Wilkinson thx, I meant bigger club, ucl level, national team etc

  22. Kenneth Wilkinson

    Kenneth Wilkinson10 dagen geleden

    He's managing in the premier league lol

  23. Geoff Langley

    Geoff Langley11 dagen geleden

    Does he realise he’s in a relegation scrap . You go 1-0 up , then you defend for your lives .

  24. Froggen88

    Froggen8811 dagen geleden

    Hold it down boy, your head’s getting blurred

  25. rio pickwick

    rio pickwick11 dagen geleden

    The next thunderbirds puppet?

  26. Seaside sweeps

    Seaside sweeps11 dagen geleden

    This dude is the king of rambling on

  27. Hocane

    Hocane11 dagen geleden

    Jamie Carragher was right at the start of the season. Fair play to him.

  28. Marek Ulicny

    Marek Ulicny11 dagen geleden

    Newcastle v Fulham on the last day of the season could be a mad one

  29. City of Leeds Fans

    City of Leeds Fans11 dagen geleden

    Love that reaction! "Easy, Easy" Hope he keeps them up! Never makes no nonsense excuses!

  30. omar salh iraq #omar 1995

    omar salh iraq #omar 199511 dagen geleden

    He look like a move star 😁😂

  31. Lewis Gilfillan

    Lewis Gilfillan12 dagen geleden

    Fulham have fucked it

  32. Jonny M

    Jonny M12 dagen geleden

    Fulham will stay up... Newcastle will drop...

  33. Adam Bushell

    Adam Bushell12 dagen geleden

    “easy goals silly goals” their goal was off a mistake and tapped in. only silly goal was trez’s second one when their defender give it away. dafty.

  34. Rodney Trotter

    Rodney Trotter12 dagen geleden

    Dry your eyes mate

  35. stay true

    stay true12 dagen geleden

    Got to like and respect a manager like this, hope fulham stay up from a wolves supporter

  36. C Gray

    C Gray12 dagen geleden

    A solid player , not a magic one to watch but solid and dedicated , no nonsense or pre Madonna attitude, some of the clowns today could take a lesson.

  37. D T

    D T11 dagen geleden

    @C Gray haha, nah not that long...

  38. C Gray

    C Gray11 dagen geleden

    @D T mate I bet You were waiting to write something profound all weekend... well done on you !

  39. D T

    D T11 dagen geleden

    prima Donna

  40. ricochetpig

    ricochetpig12 dagen geleden

    Dry your eyes mate. 🎶 Hope he can turn it around, Fulham have probably got less points than they deserve this season.

  41. galty1987

    galty198712 dagen geleden

    Quietly dignified in the face of being utterly mediocre... Ladies and gents... You’re looking at the next England Manager

  42. manlike TV

    manlike TV11 dagen geleden

    @galty1987 you probably dont watch football then if u think that lol. Highlights merchant

  43. galty1987

    galty198711 dagen geleden

    @manlike TV No he wouldn’t, he’d do the same job as Southgate

  44. manlike TV

    manlike TV12 dagen geleden

    Hed do a decent job

  45. Abacus

    Abacus12 dagen geleden

    Sounds like David Haye

  46. Francisco Leiva

    Francisco Leiva12 dagen geleden

    I hope Fulham stay in the Premier

  47. Luke Forsyth

    Luke Forsyth12 dagen geleden

    what a gaffer 🙌🏽💯

  48. Cass C

    Cass C12 dagen geleden

    Has a Villa fan, I have alot of respect for the manager and the team. I really hope they stay up and they should take comfort and drive from Villa, we stayed up by a point in the last game of the season.

  49. Chidera ann ugwu

    Chidera ann ugwu12 dagen geleden

    I really want fulham to stay up ❤️❤️❤️🙏

  50. Sibusiso Xaba

    Sibusiso Xaba12 dagen geleden

    I like that 👊🏾

  51. Mudz

    Mudz12 dagen geleden

    class manager, think he deserves to stay up, with money he can built upon his squad

  52. Nigel G

    Nigel G12 dagen geleden

    This needs another Streets remix

  53. Josh

    Josh12 dagen geleden

    Scott Parker was a baller in his day

  54. The Big Hitters FPL

    The Big Hitters FPL11 dagen geleden

    I know, he was underrated

  55. Daryl Kelly

    Daryl Kelly12 dagen geleden

    Christian bale.....

  56. Henry

    Henry12 dagen geleden

    more like Bristian Cale

  57. Geoff Langley

    Geoff Langley12 dagen geleden

    Blew it Bigtime . Villa were awful .

  58. Geoff Langley

    Geoff Langley12 dagen geleden

    Tosin is Terrible . Can’t Defend .

  59. Damian Brown

    Damian Brown12 dagen geleden


  60. Aeson Industries

    Aeson Industries12 dagen geleden

    Should be the England Coach not fking Southgate

  61. Jordon A

    Jordon A12 dagen geleden

    As a Villa fan I do feel sorry for Scott fantastic player and think he will be a great manager, trust the process

  62. broken1394

    broken139412 dagen geleden

    I hope Fulham can stay up. Much respect. UTV

  63. Piss in Boots

    Piss in Boots12 dagen geleden

    Wow he’s dreamy

  64. Dohers

    Dohers12 dagen geleden

    The NLpush thumbnail makes it look like he is in a Bross tribute act with himself

  65. Jake SCOTT

    Jake SCOTT12 dagen geleden

    I think they can still do it, they have a better defence and arguably attack to overcome enough teams to relegate Newcastle, but it could be good for Newcastle, Ashley will have to sell the club for cheaper if they drop down a division

  66. Andy Gibson

    Andy Gibson10 dagen geleden

    Ashley is deluded and knows nothing about football he probably will Think it’s still worth 350m

  67. The Frugal Brit - Orlando

    The Frugal Brit - Orlando12 dagen geleden

    He's got the right mentality for a manager.

  68. NickAvfc04

    NickAvfc0411 dagen geleden

    @dean absolutely

  69. dean

    dean11 dagen geleden

    @NickAvfc04 utfv?

  70. NickAvfc04

    NickAvfc0412 dagen geleden

    @Louis Lee relegated?

  71. Robbie Keane Villa Legend

    Robbie Keane Villa Legend12 dagen geleden

    Enjoy relegation

  72. Robbie Keane Villa Legend

    Robbie Keane Villa Legend11 dagen geleden

    @rdfgg gghvdf LOOOL didn’t even realise this. So I’ll ask again why would I be mad?

  73. rdfgg gghvdf

    rdfgg gghvdf12 dagen geleden

    @Eoin 97 bc a few years ago on transfer deadline day Fulham beat villa to the signing of Joe Bryan

  74. Eoin 97

    Eoin 9712 dagen geleden

    @rdfgg gghvdf Why would he be mad lol he supports Villa

  75. Robbie Keane Villa Legend

    Robbie Keane Villa Legend12 dagen geleden

    @rdfgg gghvdf no why?

  76. rdfgg gghvdf

    rdfgg gghvdf12 dagen geleden

    You mad😂

  77. Jacob Givens

    Jacob Givens12 dagen geleden

    Underrated coach imo, very calm and collected and doesn’t panic

  78. Patrick Dixon

    Patrick Dixon11 dagen geleden

    @Roank I still think Fulham should be doing better. It's frustrating to watch them try to attack. Never play in simple and always overplay simple chance. One too many dribbles or passes. They'd need a tactical manager if they want success in the future

  79. Roank

    Roank11 dagen geleden

    @Patrick Dixon well they all are surplus to requirement at those clubs

  80. Patrick Dixon

    Patrick Dixon11 dagen geleden

    @Roank Lookman has been at Everton, Loftus-Cheek at Chelsea and Crystal Palace, Lemina at Southampton, Mitrovic twice. Mitrovic deserves a better club, just being disrespected at Fulham

  81. Roank

    Roank11 dagen geleden

    @Patrick Dixon u are being far too generous, mitrovic has been bang average an loads of them are first timers in prem their squad is far inferior to newcastles for example

  82. Patrick Dixon

    Patrick Dixon11 dagen geleden

    @Roank A team with Andersen, Lookman, Areola, Lemina, Mitrovic, Loftus-Cheek etc should be doing better. Some of these have actually been in the prem so your point is flawed

  83. Robbie Keane Villa Legend

    Robbie Keane Villa Legend12 dagen geleden

    Villa doing a FuLhAm........ you know who you are 🤤

  84. TinJ تينجي

    TinJ تينجي12 dagen geleden

    This guys should just quit coaching and pursue modelling, he's beautiful!

  85. James La Rios

    James La Rios12 dagen geleden

    Strange to see them capitulate like that after looking safe and steady for 70 mins

  86. Greaser

    Greaser12 dagen geleden

    Really really want Fulham and Scott Parker to stay up

  87. Matthew Doyle

    Matthew Doyle9 dagen geleden

    @Julie Turner You got super lucky to stay up last season

  88. Julie Turner

    Julie Turner9 dagen geleden

    I’m a villa fan and i want Fulham to stay up no cap I was gutted that they lost to be honest I felt for Scott Parker and Fulham

  89. Matthew Doyle

    Matthew Doyle10 dagen geleden

    @G4 KB Sadly Fulham will go

  90. Ali express Zapotron

    Ali express Zapotron11 dagen geleden

    @Mike Riley they have fans and the whole sport needs these types of clubs to start challenging to stop it being the same all the time

  91. Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    Rathurshan Rajeekaran11 dagen geleden

    @Ben Semple LOL

  92. dean

    dean12 dagen geleden

    Eminem been real quiet since this dropped

  93. Temporary User Account #001

    Temporary User Account #00111 dagen geleden

    @Henry Lol!

  94. Henry

    Henry11 dagen geleden

    @Temporary User Account #001 parker talks faster than eminem when he is rapping

  95. Temporary User Account #001

    Temporary User Account #00111 dagen geleden

    Explanation please!

  96. Henry

    Henry12 dagen geleden


  97. dean

    dean12 dagen geleden

    just a bad 15 minutes that's all matee *been a bad entire season mate bye bye*

  98. Vishka Vishovski

    Vishka Vishovski12 dagen geleden

    Dry your eyes mate

  99. Vishka Vishovski

    Vishka Vishovski11 dagen geleden

    @rdfgg gghvdf ‘you’re’ illiterate.

  100. rdfgg gghvdf

    rdfgg gghvdf12 dagen geleden

    Your mad🤡

  101. Stu Marsh

    Stu Marsh12 dagen geleden

    Thunderbirds are go!!!

  102. Sherif

    Sherif12 dagen geleden

    Dude looks like a blockbuster Hollywood movie villain.



    Looks more like James Bond innit?

  104. James D

    James D11 dagen geleden

    He looks like Guy Pearce

  105. Temporary User Account #001

    Temporary User Account #00111 dagen geleden

    Baron Zemo.

  106. Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    Rathurshan Rajeekaran11 dagen geleden

    @Disaster Boy not rlly

  107. Sherif

    Sherif11 dagen geleden

    @T. de Goeij Yeah they’re villains. How convenient.

  108. LFC Spectre

    LFC Spectre12 dagen geleden

    There's better chance of Parker being next 007 than Fulham staying up at moment.

  109. Z-REX

    Z-REX11 dagen geleden

    @peuty How’s that being cocky? And we’re not even playing Fulham again this season so it’s ok for us to talk about them. As an Arsenal fan you should be the last person talking about getting cocky, Arsenal fans are the kings of it. So many Arsenal fans said we were an easy 3 pts and then as per usual they get embarrassed by Liverpool.

  110. peuty

    peuty12 dagen geleden

    @James Robertson next Villa v Liverpool game is at Anfield pal I wouldn't be too cocky yet

  111. fraser 9

    fraser 912 dagen geleden

    @A2 newcastle played villa the other week and drew, arguable could of won. fulham played them today and lost 3-1 . both didn’t have grealish. they’ve got a game in hand aswell, so i wouldn’t count them out yet

  112. A2

    A212 dagen geleden

    Not necessarily. Newcastle are very, very bad. Fulham are not gone yet.

  113. Robbie Keane Villa Legend

    Robbie Keane Villa Legend12 dagen geleden

    @James Robertson ??????

  114. Daniel Hughes

    Daniel Hughes12 dagen geleden

    Poor again tonight villa, smith needs to change it up when jacks missing and start Davies with Ollie up top standard 4-4-2 will do me

  115. Daniel Hughes

    Daniel Hughes12 dagen geleden

    GrealishSZN yes proper geezer I love my cousin

  116. GrealishSZN

    GrealishSZN12 dagen geleden

    @Daniel Hughes amazing mate. He sounds like a really good guy 😃

  117. Daniel Hughes

    Daniel Hughes12 dagen geleden

    GrealishSZN I go to his and Sarah’s most Tuesdays for bangers and mash. He’s fave 😍😍

  118. Daniel Hughes

    Daniel Hughes12 dagen geleden

    GrealishSZN yes he’s my cousin best mate and all round confidant. Love the bloke I do

  119. GrealishSZN

    GrealishSZN12 dagen geleden

    @Daniel Hughes damn thats awesome

  120. Christophe Michael Clarence

    Christophe Michael Clarence12 dagen geleden

    Fulham's defense is so weak. That's the problem.

  121. Will Bateman

    Will Bateman12 dagen geleden

    @Ben Lane yes I know I’m a fulham fan

  122. Christophe Michael Clarence

    Christophe Michael Clarence12 dagen geleden

    @Ben Lane Indeed.

  123. Ben Lane

    Ben Lane12 dagen geleden

    They’ve only conceded 5/6 more goals than man United or Leicester over the whole season who are 2nd and third, so how is their defence the problem

  124. Will Bateman

    Will Bateman12 dagen geleden

    It was good for 4 months and have now fallen apart

  125. Robbie Keane Villa Legend

    Robbie Keane Villa Legend12 dagen geleden

    Well done Sherlock


    LOVE HEARTS12 dagen geleden

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  127. Tauheed_

    Tauheed_12 dagen geleden

    Who asked

  128. Hashi Zak

    Hashi Zak12 dagen geleden

    But who asked

  129. kakaka

    kakaka12 dagen geleden

    There is no god

  130. Lucas Carvalho

    Lucas Carvalho12 dagen geleden

    No thanks my guy

  131. Szillar

    Szillar12 dagen geleden

    Spurs will get relegated anyways

  132. Luty Boi

    Luty Boi12 dagen geleden

    So spurs are going to bottle their way from 5th to 18th? Sounds realistic

  133. Tauheed_

    Tauheed_12 dagen geleden

    @GrealishSZN they will😂

  134. GrealishSZN

    GrealishSZN12 dagen geleden


  135. LynxVelvet

    LynxVelvet12 dagen geleden

    Why does he look so posh

  136. Noir FIFA

    Noir FIFA12 dagen geleden

    Suits Fulham

  137. James Robertson

    James Robertson12 dagen geleden


  138. Joe Bloggs

    Joe Bloggs12 dagen geleden

    It's the smart, tight suit and the slicked back hair that does it

  139. polarr

    polarr12 dagen geleden

    trust me LMAOO

  140. Christian

    Christian12 dagen geleden

    Really like Parker

  141. Tenza Emtade

    Tenza Emtade12 dagen geleden

    Fulham shouldn't have hijacked Joe Bryan. Karma is hitting them hard season by season

  142. rdfgg gghvdf

    rdfgg gghvdf12 dagen geleden

    Pov: you are a bitter Aston villa fan

  143. Captain Leeroy

    Captain Leeroy12 dagen geleden

    Don't mug yourself

  144. Aidan Lynn

    Aidan Lynn12 dagen geleden

    2 Scott Parkers?

  145. Empire Joshvir262

    Empire Joshvir26212 dagen geleden

    Ones called peter

  146. Thomas Frost

    Thomas Frost12 dagen geleden

    Gotta love knowing that the commentators for the game said this opening start to the game is exactly what Parker would want

  147. P B

    P B12 dagen geleden

    As a villa fan that was embarrassing wish you all the luck in the world mate 👍good luck Fulham

  148. Aleksandar Nesic

    Aleksandar Nesic12 dagen geleden

    Mitrovic needs to go in some bigger club

  149. del boy69

    del boy6912 dagen geleden

    Dry your eyes mate

  150. Jake 1

    Jake 112 dagen geleden

    get a job

  151. The Big Hitters FPL

    The Big Hitters FPL12 dagen geleden

    Imagine Scott Parker being the next England manager. Another jacket another game

  152. Ben Parr

    Ben Parr12 dagen geleden

    @AP _TJ ???

  153. AP _TJ

    AP _TJ12 dagen geleden

    @ׁ I hope you're a female commenting like that

  154. ׁ

    ׁ12 dagen geleden

    Hes very attractive

  155. Zen9539

    Zen953912 dagen geleden

    Fulham are a hot and cold team

  156. Padgey

    Padgey12 dagen geleden

    Can’t we have some streets music over the top of this please sky

  157. Nenad Bibic

    Nenad Bibic12 dagen geleden

    Mitrovic is again

  158. Joe Wedg

    Joe Wedg12 dagen geleden


  159. Fitzm12

    Fitzm1212 dagen geleden

    Fulham don't deserve any of this that's happening to them

  160. Bigmanshutup

    Bigmanshutup12 dagen geleden

    I feel happy cause i support Newcastle

  161. Coasters 4 Life

    Coasters 4 Life11 dagen geleden

    @Popcorn Kfc chicken I like your optimism but it’s just false hope I’m afraid

  162. Popcorn Kfc chicken

    Popcorn Kfc chicken12 dagen geleden

    @Coasters 4 Life 3 points clear and a game in hand

  163. Raheemy42

    Raheemy4212 dagen geleden

    Ur going down

  164. Ludovic Collis

    Ludovic Collis12 dagen geleden


  165. Coasters 4 Life

    Coasters 4 Life12 dagen geleden

    You’re still getting relegated mate......