"It's pure greed!" Roy Keane & Micah Richards react to the European Super League plans

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Roy Keane & Micah Richards discuss the implications a European Super League could have on world football.
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  1. Universal Greek

    Universal Greek12 dagen geleden

    Glad the ESL has been stopped - its plainly wrong. However I will not be lectured on "Greed" by Roy Keane - a man who held Man Utd to ransom over his £50k per week wages. That was also 'Greed'.

  2. Therese Hammond

    Therese Hammond14 dagen geleden

    SKYSPORTS = hypocrisy

  3. Rohith Raman

    Rohith Raman15 dagen geleden

    You know things are serious when Liverpool and Man Utd fans agree with each other

  4. guntur alam

    guntur alam23 dagen geleden

    C'mon BRIT-SUPER LEAGUE which could replace Carabao Cup content Big 6 EPL, 2 Glasgow Clubs, 1 FA Cup Winner & 1 SFA Cup Winner & 2 qualified clubs from both EPL & SPL (end season raises at top tables). Yeaa.

  5. Mark Power

    Mark Power23 dagen geleden

    Micah wud burst onto the scene in the Super League

  6. X-Tech Gam!nG

    X-Tech Gam!nG23 dagen geleden

    Are they wetting the field before the game starts..?

  7. Benja haga

    Benja haga24 dagen geleden

    Would roy not let you guys put united in the thumbnail?

  8. redplague

    redplague24 dagen geleden

    Thing is that if the ESL had gone ahead Sky Sports would be chomping at the bit to get a piece of it.

  9. Joseph Barker

    Joseph Barker24 dagen geleden

    Possibly but I bet they would of excepted the money if offered to them.

  10. Joe Sesh

    Joe Sesh25 dagen geleden

    I hope it happens, whats the point playing Burnley every week , I have faith in it ,its going to happen, money talks

  11. alexizdabestPSN

    alexizdabestPSN25 dagen geleden

    Great, now will they condemn fifa and uefa for their greed? Probably not

  12. Mathews Chizinga

    Mathews Chizinga25 dagen geleden

    Hope UEFA must ban all clubs who will play in European Super League

  13. Thomas Peters

    Thomas Peters25 dagen geleden

    Roy Keane was the first 100k a week player

  14. Магжан Сыдыков

    Магжан Сыдыков25 dagen geleden

    F...ck the stake holders! It's our game!

  15. TheLulzTV

    TheLulzTV25 dagen geleden

    The irony of a sky employee talking about greed.

  16. gcfootballwatchalong

    gcfootballwatchalong26 dagen geleden

    Keane said he wouldn't play for man u again unless he got a new contract worth 50k per week. Hahhahahha. Ah, and they moan about owners wanting/needing more money

  17. Les Napier

    Les Napier26 dagen geleden

    "it's pure greed" says multi-millionaire Keane. He and the many other pundits who mostly talk sh1te and get paid tens of thousands of pounds for it are thee biggest hypocrits of all.

  18. Mr Key

    Mr Key26 dagen geleden

    New title - The Yanks decided to make America everywhere - The Arabs provided the oil - The Russians had nothing to do with it. You're welcome.

  19. Bonnie Drasco

    Bonnie Drasco26 dagen geleden

    Glad Klopp came out as a manager and stuck by his previous opinion on it and said give him time to sort it! I can only imagine the conversation he had with the FSG hierarchy, you do this and we’re done!

  20. Levan Berulava

    Levan Berulava26 dagen geleden

    Fk these billioner owners!!!!!

  21. Kim Peow Lau

    Kim Peow Lau26 dagen geleden

    Just stop these rhetoric already. These pundits can join UEFA and FIFA. They have no idea how difficult for the current top clubs are facing past 1+ year Pandemic period and not sure how to recover the loss revenues next 2 years. Go figure...all mouths of UEFA who has introduced more games to play for what but make money.

  22. The OG Naptser

    The OG Naptser26 dagen geleden

    "open competition" what a joke. European football is a joke, there is no parity and each league is dominated by their own version of the Yankees. the rich teams are perpetually at the top. Can't stand watching this sport and dont get me started on the corporate sponsorship issue, is it Manchester United or Manchester Chevrolets. Totally sponsorship whores with no integrity. Euro trash all the way.

  23. Friki Grom

    Friki Grom26 dagen geleden

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  24. Friki Grom

    Friki Grom26 dagen geleden

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  25. what a plonker rodney

    what a plonker rodney26 dagen geleden

    Football is full of greed

  26. roshand matabick

    roshand matabick26 dagen geleden

    When you build your club on debt, it will crumble, fan support or not.

  27. supocarta74

    supocarta7426 dagen geleden

    Toffee fan" how many league titles have city,spurs Chelsea ? Oh yeah less than 9" big clubs?

  28. Orraman

    Orraman26 dagen geleden

    Shock, horror, the big clubs have demonstrated that, for them at least, the sport of football plays second fiddle to the business of football.

  29. Ian Mortimer

    Ian Mortimer26 dagen geleden

    Fine 30 million, dropped 40 points and 3 year ban from Europe.

  30. Brian Morecombe

    Brian Morecombe26 dagen geleden

    All the 6 clubs in England have pulled out euro revolting league,it will be dismissed.Whats interesting is the first yank whos apologised is John Henry for Liverpool fc.I will never see Glazer come out and apologise.

  31. 1individeo

    1individeo26 dagen geleden

    It's pure greed and at end they got what they wanted: money. We now know that UEFA is going to ease the Financial Fair Play and the contract for pay per view are going to be reviewed in Spain which mean more money from Qatar, the Emirates, China or Russia and more money for Real, Barça and Atlético compared to what other clubs get from TVs. Those Sharks wanted to remain big and they managed to do so. They were loosing influence to smaller clubs like, Lille, Leipzig or Atalanta since the Fair Play were introduced and now everything is going back to "normal". The Super League op was just a false flag op. The withdrawal of all these clubs was too "easy".

  32. Grande 807

    Grande 80727 dagen geleden

    Can’t wait to watch this new league.

  33. Jim230176

    Jim23017627 dagen geleden

    Chicken dinosaurs, smiley faces and beans today! Yes!!

  34. Adam Whitbread

    Adam Whitbread27 dagen geleden

    It’s a disgrace what the top 6 owners try do but all the other clubs taking the moral high ground would of done exactly the same had they been invited don’t pretend that they wouldn’t

  35. ِ

    ِ27 dagen geleden

    Micah i killed you in red dead redemption 2

  36. sultanabran1

    sultanabran127 dagen geleden

    if no one watches the dumb league, they won't make any money. so before people are saying it'll ruin this and that, fans need to be honest and say they won't watch it either. and since when did tottenham become a traditional big 6?

  37. Sami Folio

    Sami Folio27 dagen geleden

    1:55 we heard nothing from FIFI yet

  38. D D

    D D27 dagen geleden

    It’s just going to the American system that pushes up the value of those top clubs because it’s a monopoly. When this thing is dead and buried and the autopsy is fine, American owners are likely to be the culprits.

  39. Bawa Eric Skylar

    Bawa Eric Skylar27 dagen geleden

    Paris n Bayern are the real football clubs with passion n dignity 💕💕

  40. ِ

    ِ27 dagen geleden

    Not really, they are still dogs of their investors. Their investors work with uefa thats the difference.

  41. Juan Carlos Gallardo Vargas

    Juan Carlos Gallardo Vargas27 dagen geleden

    What's greed is that you players want more and more money. This things had to happen if you guys want to be the best paid of any sport. It's unbelievable that clubs that cheated the "rules of football" (petrol money) are claiming about this superleague. If chelsea was never sold to Abramovich it would have never been in a champions league game.

  42. Joe McNamara

    Joe McNamara27 dagen geleden

    John Henry... do me a favour!

  43. Des Slattery

    Des Slattery27 dagen geleden

    Wasn't roy all for this a few years back

  44. colintraveller

    colintraveller27 dagen geleden

    If you think the premise for the ESL is based on PURE FINANCIAL GREED . When the cost of the game has increased over the years and players are now basically millionaires on the wages some clubs .. are forking out .. European Cup is now basically a MINI LEAGUE You're argument citing Financial greed is null and void

  45. Nicolae Badea

    Nicolae Badea27 dagen geleden

    Yes, Sir Neville, we all should be disgusted! Sportsmanship and merit are principles that no longer belong to football. They were replaced by mercantilism. Money speaks. The turn was taken in the 90s, when UEFA set up the so-called Champions League. No one in the West protested, no one spoke of greed or shame. All the money went to some strong championships, while the rest of Europe sank silently. You English, Spanish, French, Italians and Germans rejoiced, because all the valuable players in the world came to your countries. It didn't bother you that a team from the fourth place plays in CL, just like the league champion! What interest could a PL team have to win the domestic championship? You have devalued your own league! A lot of teams became best in Europe not being best in its own league! The establishment of CL triggered a race for footballers' salaries. Many players no longer want to play for their national team, so as not to get injured! Football is no longer for the fans, it is for the sheikhs and the televisions. The Super League will be established, whether we like it or not. It is the only way the owners could avoid bankruptcy and also maintain the wage race. With love from Romania!

  46. YGRbookS

    YGRbookS27 dagen geleden

    I wish the clubs going for this monstrosity would be punished by the league. Here is what I would like to see: the first two clubs to see their error relegated to the Championship. The next two relegated to League One. And the remaining two to League Two. The Premiere League would probably suffer at the beginning, but then fans would realize that this is a cool running competition. And love it. For the "chosen $ix" it shou£d be a le$$on: "You can foo£ a££ of the peop£e $ome of the time and $ome of the peop£e a££ the time, but you can't foo£ a££ the peop£e a££ the time" (Abraham Lincoln? I am not sure ...)

  47. CroPETROforeverNBA

    CroPETROforeverNBA27 dagen geleden

    Thanks God this "Super" Garbage will fall, this almost destroyed entire football... JESUS CHRIST I cannot believe this was almost reality... greets from Croatia. Props to Chelsea and others who resigned from this Super-Garbage.

  48. George Shippen

    George Shippen27 dagen geleden

    Any club what hose in super League fans should stop support ING them,

  49. pmay222

    pmay22227 dagen geleden

    Am i the only one noticing the GLARINGLY OBVIOUS SIMILARITY to this and the greedy VACCINE BASTARDS robbing the WHOLE WORLD . ? 🤔

  50. Victor Godović-López

    Victor Godović-López27 dagen geleden

    Do me a favour

  51. Joe Doyle

    Joe Doyle27 dagen geleden

    Say the millionaires.

  52. Rocky Espinoza

    Rocky Espinoza27 dagen geleden

    Relegate every single one of them for trying to kill football

  53. lawmaker22

    lawmaker2227 dagen geleden

    and you players are not greedy? you guys are swimming in piles of million of pounds that those club presidents paid you

  54. mrgoodatfortniteipromiseimcraked myguylmaooo

    mrgoodatfortniteipromiseimcraked myguylmaooo27 dagen geleden

    This is bs all it is is idiots want teams money 💰 which is stupid and should be banned in England im a Manchester utd fan but I think all Premier league teams shout be banned

  55. Alex Short

    Alex Short27 dagen geleden

    Everyone loves a billionaire owner when there buying stadiums and tens of millions on a player but when they want to make a business decision to make themselves more money they are selfish and greedy?!? 🤷‍♀️😂

  56. philip philip

    philip philip27 dagen geleden

    obviosly the premier league will say that...

  57. lapland123

    lapland12327 dagen geleden

    When did the "big 6" win anything? NEVER!

  58. RSheen

    RSheen27 dagen geleden

    Traditionall big 6? Ha. Then why has Aston Villa and Everton have more league titles than Spurs/Chelsea/Man City? And actually finished in the top 4 way more.

  59. steven beadie

    steven beadie27 dagen geleden

    Sky want to come down off their high horse. Talk about money grabbing? £15 box office football!!!

  60. Kostas Ladopoulos

    Kostas Ladopoulos27 dagen geleden

    This greedy-to-the-bone action does not benefit the European Football Network in any absolute way. On the contrary, it gives a big blow to it (for many reasons analyzed already thoroughly). The big irony though, is that it does not benefit even the clubs that participate in it. Why? Because it simply benefits the corporation part of those clubs. A football club is so much more; it is the uniform, the fans, the history, the players, the trophies. And all of them/us are disgusted.

  61. Malcolm Abram

    Malcolm Abram27 dagen geleden

    Company's are businesses, clubs are not businesses but to provide pleasure to those who support it. Period. Manchester United Company Ltd.

  62. Kay Faulds

    Kay Faulds27 dagen geleden

    With billions going to the clubs for joining, for that reason it will go ahead, the owners are business men not sporting men

  63. franck clement

    franck clement27 dagen geleden

    Football is an eleven against eleven game but at the end it always the shareholders who win

  64. SpiritofE

    SpiritofE27 dagen geleden

    Put a salary cap in place and then let's see which teams are the best.

  65. Eptor

    Eptor27 dagen geleden

    Get Banks involved in anything & its all about the "Green $!" Americans wud sell their soul to the Devil if they thought there was a profit to be had!Just dont subscribe to TV Streaming DENY them the Revenue they seek & if these Teams do leave?As hard as it is/maybe find another team to support by voting with your feet & cash?Keep football for the people not the few!Who cares if 2 billion Chinese will pay to watch this tripe -there welcome to it!

  66. Nash Jaikharan

    Nash Jaikharan27 dagen geleden

    football had become about money decades ago

  67. Personified Ape

    Personified Ape27 dagen geleden

    It’s quite simple the premier league should tell the 6 clubs if they haven’t told us by Friday that they will ‘not’ go ahead with these plans you are as of 8pm Friday no longer part of the premier league. They will change their tune!

  68. The Big Cat

    The Big Cat27 dagen geleden

    Relegate all six to League One and dock them 20 points for the coming season . Teach them some humility . Even with their resources it would take them quite a while to EARN their way back to the Premier League and they may even get beaten by some of those "inferior" little clubs on the way . Bye the way I am a Spurs supporter of 50 years .

  69. Matt

    Matt27 dagen geleden

    Sky news......calling out greed LOL

  70. Buildusarocket

    Buildusarocket27 dagen geleden

    but isnt UEFA doing the same thing since forever?

  71. Ahmed James

    Ahmed James27 dagen geleden

    This is crazy that’s going on in world football if it happens It’ll ruin football forever The poor created IT the rich stealing IT

  72. Mark Tuffield

    Mark Tuffield27 dagen geleden

    Sky worried their cash cow coming to an end much??? 🤔

  73. Mole Marden

    Mole Marden27 dagen geleden

    Get them out now

  74. Bob Wallace Jnr

    Bob Wallace Jnr27 dagen geleden

    All of them 2 faced bastards. Players on 350k a week and they call a new super league "greedy"? These tools would grab the cash if they were still playing. This league WILL go ahead at some point so get used to it.

  75. Stephen Burke

    Stephen Burke27 dagen geleden

    Murdock propaganda machine in full flow when UEFA and Murdock are the real greed merchants.

  76. Dream

    Dream27 dagen geleden

    Roy is right

  77. Glenegles

    Glenegles27 dagen geleden

    My opinion :Win ucl :€19,000,000 ,and all the 12 teams think thats not enough ,which is yes *Sory for my bad English btw

  78. Ejeikwu Theophilus

    Ejeikwu Theophilus27 dagen geleden

    I won't pay to watch european super league. Any attack on open competition and merit is an attack on humanity.

  79. DrDeathX

    DrDeathX27 dagen geleden

    Next 10 UCL Finals: Bayern vs PSG Bayern vs PSG Bayern vs PSG Bayern vs PSG Bayern vs PSG Bayern vs PSG Bayern vs PSG Bayern vs PSG Bayern vs PSG Bayern vs PSG

  80. bayram efe

    bayram efe27 dagen geleden

    Let Barca and Real play matches every week.American wrestling uuuuuhahahahaaaaaaaa

  81. Woody Woodcock

    Woody Woodcock27 dagen geleden

    Ole and jurgan could stop this in one unplayed match. The Chinese want United and Liverpool the rest are just side orders.

  82. helpoj

    helpoj27 dagen geleden

    The only thing funny about this whole thing is that no one really cares too much about tottenham supporting the superleagur 😂

  83. Bobby Silver

    Bobby Silver27 dagen geleden

    It is somewhat ironic and bizarre to listen to many millionaire footballers criticising the billionaires. What a strange planet this is.

  84. Nutty livett

    Nutty livett27 dagen geleden

    Pure greed is big ears linerker

  85. GordonDoshy1

    GordonDoshy127 dagen geleden

    I've not heard ONE PERSON agree with these greedy bastards. Not one

  86. Karl Dean

    Karl Dean27 dagen geleden

    Not even a football fan and I know this is bs. Give the fans what they want ffs

  87. Robert Cook

    Robert Cook27 dagen geleden

    Shouldn’t be allowed full stop. Who do these clubs owners think they are?! Football is part of our heritage in the same way as any listed building is. You wouldn’t allow a builder to destroy a listed building he’s been lucky enough to be allowed to purchase. On the condition he maintains it in its original form. This is the same thing on a much larger scale. And should be treated as such. Football is just as much a part of our heritage in the same way. And should be protected from these ass holes in the game with all the power. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Greedy foreign owners. Bunch of soulless wk stains.

  88. Commendatore

    Commendatore27 dagen geleden

    this super league is exactly the best example how sick this world is in many things and aspects, its bad and corrupt yet they want to throw it in your throat

  89. Jon Macdonald

    Jon Macdonald27 dagen geleden

    For the next 100 years, the First Division was the top professional league in English football. In 1992 the 22 clubs making up the First Division elected to resign from the Football League and set up the Premier League. The Football League was consequently re-organised, with the Second, Third and Fourth Divisions renamed the First, Second and Third respectively. Thus, the First Division, while still the top level of the Football League became the second level of the entire English football league syste

  90. edward wigmore

    edward wigmore27 dagen geleden

    Let them go. Why can't we go back to to Divisions 1,2,3 etc.? Premier/First? It's just a title. Let these six go and play in this Groundhog Day 'Super League'. But make it perfectly clear that they will NEVER be allowed back into the English League. So when it all goes tits up they will be in the wilderness. The F. A. - U.E.F.A. & F.I.F.A must stand together and not allow these teams to dictate what happens to the game. Billionaire foreign owners with to knowledge of the game, its history, its traditions and zero regard for the fans who, let's face it are who the game is for, are in it for the money. The Americans want to turn it into a meaningless money-making enterprise with no relegation and no promotion. That will kill incentive and the passion. This is a cynical ploy by big business. It needs to be stopped now. Sanctions should be imposed on the Big 6(!) English clubs for signing up to this.

  91. Lionel Rakitic

    Lionel Rakitic27 dagen geleden

    UEFA also greed, they also wanted money, it's all about money......both sides

  92. Dave Cook

    Dave Cook27 dagen geleden

    Mon the thistle where’s our invite we’re bye far the greatest time the world has ever seen and it’s partick thistle my other club is rushden and diamonds

  93. xaxaxa

    xaxaxa27 dagen geleden

    Is it greedy to make money on your terms?

  94. wazzup

    wazzup27 dagen geleden

    This has 0% chance to work in Europe so the americans can gtfo.

  95. SuperFutux

    SuperFutux27 dagen geleden

    Good! This way UEFA and FIFA won't steal 70% of the money. Eventually ucl final would've been between these teams, right? So where is the problem? Who cares about them winning all the time with teams like Eibar or Brighton? And don't worry, PSG and Bayern WILL join. It's all about entertainment and money, always been. Football died since ucl was founded in 1993.

  96. GBtha G

    GBtha G27 dagen geleden

    This is a useless, stupid project , really stupid by those so-called 12 big clubs. Personally I don't think it gonna take place. I'm glad Bayern my team ain't taking part.

  97. Gmanuk

    Gmanuk27 dagen geleden

    These top clubs fans need to carry on this protesting as it's a disgrace football will be so boring its unreal. That's the fun of the game relegation the names in the leugue that have been there for decades it's a joke

  98. Karl Lambert

    Karl Lambert27 dagen geleden

    We haveThe best league in the world

  99. Karl Lambert

    Karl Lambert27 dagen geleden

    Every team that play the six should turn their backs on them before each game

  100. Matt Dominic

    Matt Dominic27 dagen geleden

    Any comments from Murdoch yet............

  101. Vladimir Shinkarev

    Vladimir Shinkarev27 dagen geleden

    I can't understand all these Super League naysayers. All they are talking about is how bad it is and how it'll kill the football spirit. What the heck is the football spirit anyway? They use fancy Robin-Hood-like communist slogans: "Created by the poor, stolen by the rich". Was it stolen though? I tend to think that it was refined, developed, and brought to a new level. What football would look like without great managers like Perez? I doubt that we would have all these nice big stadiums. It has suddenly become bad to be rich. Although, the only thing that differs between the rich and the poor is that the latter are too lazy to work as hard as the first. Perez was able to attract previously unimaginable investments for the creation of the Super League. Undoubtedly, this will only benefit the development of the game. People for some mysterious reason desperately support UEFA. But what have they done for the development of football? All they seem to do is to fail big clubs. Hence, the CEOs had to act to save their businesses. And be not mistaken, a football club first and foremost is a company. Thus, its main role is generating income. And there's nothing bad about it. Put yourself in Perez's shoes. What would you do in his situation? How would you act? Imagine the US government telling Tim Cook to cut down the production of iPhones because America needs more Motorolas. Hilarious, right? UEFA has shown its real face of greedy bureaucrats, dictators, and usurpers in this situation. People who threat to ban anything are not good. But even their threats would benefit the Super League. They don't favor letting players leaving for national matches anyway. And why do people fight so much for national leagues and competitions? Do they promote patriotism? Isn't it just another word for racism? It would explain why there are so many so-called 'fans', who are ultras, in reality, supporting UEFA. If you still don't understand why the Super League is a good idea and why UEFA is a harmful organization, I would highly recommend you read some of Ayn Rand's books. Anyway, I would like to appreciate Florentino Perez and his partners for this bold move and to wish to overcome all the challenges in the nearest future. In the dark times, we live indeed.

  102. Javier K

    Javier K27 dagen geleden

    The only English teams that deserve to be Super are Liverpool and Utd, maybe Chelsea. The others are pretty much irrelevant in football history. I'd rather have Nottingham Forest or Aston Villa over Tottenham and Arsenal