Is Hudson-Odoi the Chelsea dance-off king?! | TRUE or FALSE | Callum Hudson-Odoi & Antonio Rudiger

Chelsea players Callum Hudson-Odoi and Antonio Rudiger were the latest Premier League stars to take on our TRUE or FALSE format.
Does Tammy Abraham get nutmegged the most in training? Can Antonio Rudiger rap? And is Hudson-Odoi the dance-off king at Chelsea?!
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  1. lob sang

    lob sang5 dagen geleden

    Rudiger got loads of character and i reckon that adds to his value to the dressing room too.

  2. Nene Afadzinu

    Nene Afadzinu14 dagen geleden

    Thought Matt Law said Rudiger bullied CHO and the other kids?

  3. Lucas Sizemore

    Lucas Sizemore15 dagen geleden

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  4. Tshepiso Khunyedi

    Tshepiso Khunyedi17 dagen geleden

    And they say Tony was a problem

  5. Emmanuel Owusu

    Emmanuel Owusu20 dagen geleden

    Hudson-Odoi showing the Ghanaian in him with those laughs and noises😂

  6. Havertzinho

    Havertzinho20 dagen geleden

    Zouma is the funniest

  7. jamal s. jama

    jamal s. jama21 dag geleden

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  8. Manchesterify

    Manchesterify21 dag geleden

    hudson sounds african XD

  9. Tomiwa Gbalajobi

    Tomiwa Gbalajobi22 dagen geleden


  10. Abdullah Ghamjan

    Abdullah Ghamjan22 dagen geleden


  11. Ousainou Makwar

    Ousainou Makwar22 dagen geleden

    Rudiger and odoi duo hella underrated just behind the rashford lingard one they are jokes😂😂😂

  12. kisses Gh

    kisses Gh23 dagen geleden


  13. Abdimalik Hamdi

    Abdimalik Hamdi23 dagen geleden

    The way Callum is screaming, must have Nigerian roots hhh

  14. MJ dance

    MJ dance23 dagen geleden

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  15. Rayan Aayat Chowdhury

    Rayan Aayat Chowdhury23 dagen geleden

    The second question was mine

  16. Kabelo Mkhabela

    Kabelo Mkhabela24 dagen geleden

    Is this how Rudiger bullies them? If that’s the case I’d like to be bullied. Freaking useless reporters🤦‍♂️

  17. Isaac Kumah

    Isaac Kumah24 dagen geleden

    1:53 LmaO!!!!! CHO switched to full Ghanaian there with the HERH!!!

  18. VKO

    VKO24 dagen geleden

    The way Rudiger said “look this boy trained with us since he was 16 same haircut”. The way he said “this boy” like that killed me 😂😂

  19. Kvng Kay

    Kvng Kay24 dagen geleden

    😂😂😂why are they conversing like Nigerians 😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Owais Islam

    Owais Islam24 dagen geleden

    This is the best video to grace the internet

  21. J2S

    J2S24 dagen geleden

    Did this guy just say he’s kinda obese😭😭😂

  22. MJ dance

    MJ dance24 dagen geleden

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  23. Sergio Berlin

    Sergio Berlin24 dagen geleden

    I know this boy since 16 he's got the same haircut

  24. Emmanuel Mensah

    Emmanuel Mensah25 dagen geleden

    The Ghanaian in Odoi came when he said "Herrhh"😂

  25. Mohammed Almontasir

    Mohammed Almontasir25 dagen geleden

    I'm dying when Toni said you should go low like me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭

  26. johnny zebie

    johnny zebie25 dagen geleden

    Great episode. I agree with Rudiger about CHO's hairstile. He should go low, now he looks like a palmtree.

  27. Haji Younes

    Haji Younes25 dagen geleden

    We need true or falce with n'golo kante

  28. Abdul B

    Abdul B25 dagen geleden

    These guys r hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. TrisTV

    TrisTV25 dagen geleden

    “Hey Toni your meant to be my brother”

  30. Saban Tander

    Saban Tander25 dagen geleden

    Callum is jokes man

  31. Haan Gomba

    Haan Gomba25 dagen geleden

    😂😂😂😂😂 damn this was soo funny

  32. Quabena Monster

    Quabena Monster25 dagen geleden

    Hudson odoi and laughing 😂😂😂

  33. Nathan Lhoni

    Nathan Lhoni26 dagen geleden

    Rudiger is jokes man looooool😂😂😂😂

  34. Sarah I

    Sarah I26 dagen geleden


  35. jayboss upsettinz

    jayboss upsettinz26 dagen geleden

    Rudiger- this little boy Callum in his head- this little boy earn more money than you..whos really the little boy here

  36. Mamora Olaoluwa Oyindamola

    Mamora Olaoluwa Oyindamola26 dagen geleden

    This little boy🤣🤣🤣


    EAGLE PANCAKES26 dagen geleden

    Get joe Tomlinson back for these

  38. Ridwanullah Salami

    Ridwanullah Salami26 dagen geleden

    Nice vid,you lots saying this true and false ep is the best need to watch Pedro Neto's ep


    BOUNCER U.K MAN DEM26 dagen geleden

    I have to bk them on kante,we met him in sainsbury's near wandsworth bridge a few yrs bk...the guy was so humble

  40. Cyborg Gee

    Cyborg Gee27 dagen geleden

    Truely Ghanaian the way Odoi shouted 'Herrrhh' when the dance question came up

  41. Kaio Hyzel

    Kaio Hyzel27 dagen geleden

    Imagine Matt law lying that Rudiger bullying the youth, more than one player said he is one of the best in the locker room.

  42. djmusicace

    djmusicace27 dagen geleden

    Mann! Rudiger is also so likeable. Love my club

  43. Dream sport football

    Dream sport football27 dagen geleden

    We want something like this 😂😂

  44. Zack Allan

    Zack Allan27 dagen geleden

    It's cause Azpi's going to work, all business all day baby. gotta tuck that shirt in skipper

  45. FZ11 .t

    FZ11 .t27 dagen geleden

    funniest duo I seen on these kind of videos

  46. Tayo Odusanya

    Tayo Odusanya27 dagen geleden

    Shame on all Journalists that claimed Rudiger was trying to divide the dressing room.

  47. 1Bro Gadd

    1Bro Gadd27 dagen geleden

    Ziyech and someone else next please!

  48. Jiren

    Jiren27 dagen geleden

    funny vid

  49. byron bartlett

    byron bartlett27 dagen geleden

    Matt law really said that rudiger is a bad apple in the dressing room

  50. Iyanu Alabi

    Iyanu Alabi27 dagen geleden

    Nice one sky sport

  51. James fresh

    James fresh27 dagen geleden

    Waoh players have never seen kante angry amazing he's such an amazing man rudiger said if you hate Kante then something is wrong with you 😂😂 upstairs


    RASHFORD THE GOAT27 dagen geleden

    The one about kante is false Hes not the nicest man in football Hes the nicest man in the world

  53. Elli

    Elli27 dagen geleden

    Love this edition they clearly good teammates.

  54. harry.03

    harry.0327 dagen geleden

    aubameyang and willian

  55. Carl

    Carl27 dagen geleden

    Adam must have to force every laugh when he does these.laughs at everything anyone says

  56. Unknown Wolf

    Unknown Wolf27 dagen geleden

    Hudson-Odoi should leave chelsea and go to a club he will get starts at

  57. B.Z

    B.Z27 dagen geleden

    Rudiger cannot be the funniest huh

  58. Future chef

    Future chef27 dagen geleden

    I like your profile pic 🤩

  59. skatertreflipable

    skatertreflipable27 dagen geleden

    I love Callum

  60. Afc Comps

    Afc Comps27 dagen geleden

    That was quality🤣🤣🤣 both of them r good vibes

  61. Danforth David

    Danforth David27 dagen geleden

    Tonio is like Callums cool uncle

  62. Stix Entertainment

    Stix Entertainment27 dagen geleden


  63. Subhrajyoti Roy

    Subhrajyoti Roy28 dagen geleden

    And then reports were saying Toni bullied youngstars of the squad 😂😂😂😂😂

  64. Badou Me

    Badou Me21 dag geleden

    @Rayray44x I was clearly joking

  65. Rayray44x

    Rayray44x22 dagen geleden

    @Badou Me thats far from the level they were talking about when the rumors came out

  66. Badou Me

    Badou Me22 dagen geleden

    @Rayray44x ...

  67. Rayray44x

    Rayray44x22 dagen geleden

    @Badou Me bruh...

  68. Badou Me

    Badou Me26 dagen geleden

    He was bullying his haircut here ...

  69. Bar AV

    Bar AV28 dagen geleden

    Love it! 🤣🔵💙

  70. Jordan Hopkins

    Jordan Hopkins28 dagen geleden

    why does adam try that hype voice in the voiceovers lmao

  71. Prosper Omiponle

    Prosper Omiponle28 dagen geleden

    Callum is the most outspoken person in football for sure

  72. Maryam

    Maryam28 dagen geleden

    They were amazing btw 🥰

  73. Maryam

    Maryam28 dagen geleden

    I really like cho personality he’s very confident as someone who’s not confident at all its hard for us to like someone who is but he’s really cool as well

  74. Milos Radusinovic

    Milos Radusinovic28 dagen geleden

    This was good 🤣

  75. Sherif

    Sherif28 dagen geleden

    Hands down Chelsea players are the funniest 😂


    CHOLLEEWOLLEE THABOT28 dagen geleden

    N’Golo Kanté the GOAT

  77. shibbie tube

    shibbie tube28 dagen geleden

    Chelsea lads get on so well

  78. TempestYT

    TempestYT28 dagen geleden

    “Leave me alone” rudiger is soo funny what a guy

  79. Mia san Mia

    Mia san Mia28 dagen geleden

    Rüdiger checks if his beard is still there... don't worry Toni he's still there

  80. Mia san Mia

    Mia san Mia28 dagen geleden

    CHO... come to the Champions of Europe and the World... FC BAYERN.

  81. King Felix

    King Felix28 dagen geleden

    My Nicest man in football would be JUAN MATA.

  82. Ahmed Saeed Ahmed

    Ahmed Saeed Ahmed28 dagen geleden

    Why does callum reminds me with yung filly when he talks

  83. T3_wavey

    T3_wavey26 dagen geleden

    Both from South Ldn

  84. Ammeh Wilfred Angel

    Ammeh Wilfred Angel28 dagen geleden


  85. Jack Daly

    Jack Daly28 dagen geleden

    Love when people can't understand our scottish accent, just depends on if you know English or no

  86. Trunks

    Trunks28 dagen geleden

    it depends on how deep ur voice is

  87. Jack Chelsea

    Jack Chelsea28 dagen geleden

    Hes a very good presenter

  88. William's Sauce House

    William's Sauce House28 dagen geleden

    Tis horrendous content being made yes

  89. Jayvnyn Russell

    Jayvnyn Russell28 dagen geleden

    My team💙 this was rlly funny

  90. Dan Evans

    Dan Evans28 dagen geleden

    I love Kante lol

  91. Kareem Hassan

    Kareem Hassan28 dagen geleden

    Best true or false out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  92. shivachetan ulavi

    shivachetan ulavi28 dagen geleden

    Rudiger is basically Chelsea's Ramos without bookings lol!

  93. Metehan Bekgoz

    Metehan Bekgoz28 dagen geleden

    Hudson odoi earns more then we all can image but still hasn’t got a stable WiFi😂

  94. Arian A

    Arian A28 dagen geleden

    Cho the underrated baller

  95. Anonymous

    Anonymous28 dagen geleden

    why didn’t you ask rudiger if he took suarez out of his pocket?

  96. fiasko Dollari

    fiasko Dollari28 dagen geleden

    This is The type of content I signed for 🤣😃👍

  97. t.k da skinny

    t.k da skinny28 dagen geleden

    Hudson has a nice trim 👌🏾

  98. Wristbreak

    Wristbreak28 dagen geleden

    best ep yet. nothing seems forced, the chemistry between them two is amazing

  99. Wristbreak

    Wristbreak28 dagen geleden

    That ‘Hey’ by Callum is too funny. Reminds me of an african uncle

  100. Mujidat Ajibola

    Mujidat Ajibola27 dagen geleden

    I know right

  101. Ok Then

    Ok Then28 dagen geleden

    Probably the best one so far 😂

  102. Huzeyfaa Tube

    Huzeyfaa Tube28 dagen geleden

    True or false funniest ever

  103. MvL

    MvL28 dagen geleden

    Should have asked which of them is faster

  104. Scar 19

    Scar 1928 dagen geleden

    7:34 Rüdiger for a second sounded like Werner. I guess that’s because they are both German.

  105. David

    David28 dagen geleden

    Ya I hear it

  106. Abdulahi Ali

    Abdulahi Ali28 dagen geleden


  107. Sachin Balakrishnan

    Sachin Balakrishnan28 dagen geleden


  108. Nathan Kindon

    Nathan Kindon28 dagen geleden

    When is the bamford vid coming out

  109. archiewall15

    archiewall1528 dagen geleden

    Just another 2 players Tuchel has massively improved. 2 of many

  110. Rayane Bensouda

    Rayane Bensouda27 dagen geleden

    Twice the player he was under lampard

  111. Rayane Bensouda

    Rayane Bensouda27 dagen geleden


  112. Adam Smith

    Adam Smith28 dagen geleden

    Hope you all enjoy this one. Which duo would you like to see doing True or False next and we will do our best to make it happen? Cheers Smithy

  113. audio

    audioDag geleden

    @its rayyan tv omg yes

  114. Hedi Hajat

    Hedi Hajat18 dagen geleden

    Bruno fernandes and Marcus rashford or Bruno fernandes and Pedro Neto

  115. Aakash Salian

    Aakash Salian20 dagen geleden

    Messi and Ronaldo😂

  116. Aakash Singh Kaira

    Aakash Singh Kaira22 dagen geleden

    @C F haha that would be fun

  117. Aakash Singh Kaira

    Aakash Singh Kaira22 dagen geleden

    Kai and Timo!

  118. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa28 dagen geleden

    This has to be the best true or false on this channel, this video is hilarious!! 😂

  119. Ridwanullah Salami

    Ridwanullah Salami26 dagen geleden

    Nahhh bro,you need to watch Pedro Neto's It was so hilarious 😂