"I'm Mourinho in" | AJ Tracey talks Tottenham, transfer stories & his musician 5 a-side team!

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Jaydee Dyer is joined by AJ Tracey to talk all thing Tottenham. With a mixed season for Totteham, is AJ still backing Jose Mourinho, what is the story behind the #AgentAJ hashtag and which musicians make his 5 a-side team?
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  1. Freddie Peet

    Freddie Peet3 dagen geleden

    AJ I like you but Kane better lewandowski behave yourself

  2. n b

    n b4 dagen geleden

    Why are you allowing Thugs on?

  3. Mr. Beast

    Mr. Beast5 dagen geleden

    Who else got recommended this after Tottenham’s loss to United?

  4. H Nawaz

    H Nawaz6 dagen geleden

    for his musician 5 a side i expected himto pick sj

  5. Ananth Narayan

    Ananth Narayan7 dagen geleden

    I genuinely thought this was aubameyang

  6. ayodeji ogunbiyi

    ayodeji ogunbiyi9 dagen geleden

    Spurs fans are deluded spurs aren't winning nothing

  7. owen southern

    owen southern9 dagen geleden

    Dave getting compared to aitch now🤕😞

  8. JB

    JB9 dagen geleden

    All this time I though he supported Man Utd

  9. Pedro Correia

    Pedro Correia9 dagen geleden

    From hearing this guy I would think spurs were top of the league

  10. Carlson

    Carlson9 dagen geleden

    Kane is better than lewandoski.🤡🤡

  11. Kartik Selvaraju

    Kartik Selvaraju10 dagen geleden

    That presenter’s fit ... my goodness that’s a crime

  12. Ali Private Channel

    Ali Private Channel10 dagen geleden

    i love how he chose dele over kane looool

  13. Mr Dragonz

    Mr Dragonz10 dagen geleden

    Thought this was an interview with Aubameyang.

  14. Tirthak

    Tirthak11 dagen geleden

    "Kane is more complete than Lewandowski" 😳

  15. TheHonourableJudge 10

    TheHonourableJudge 106 dagen geleden

    He is though, lewa is better but kane has more things that make him good but the few things that make lewa good are crazy good

  16. JDGaming

    JDGaming11 dagen geleden

    Aubameyang looks rather different ngl

  17. Epic Tag

    Epic Tag11 dagen geleden

    Sky hire AJ someone with a passion for the football game

  18. G

    G11 dagen geleden

    My guy gassing AJ like his some president lol ok mate 😂😂😂

  19. David Hickling

    David Hickling11 dagen geleden

    I thought that was Aubameyang in The Thumbnail 🤦‍♂️.

  20. Mason Turner

    Mason Turner11 dagen geleden

    Did he call Son "Sonaldo" 😂😂 3:10

  21. Liam Adams

    Liam Adams11 dagen geleden

    Sonaldo, son heung messi

  22. Adam Phillip

    Adam Phillip12 dagen geleden

    Fire Hitchen now & hire this man

  23. Thomas Angelidis

    Thomas Angelidis12 dagen geleden

    Me toooo

  24. Scott Wilson

    Scott Wilson12 dagen geleden

    looool Lewandowski is by far the better striker in the world Lewandowski= 50 goal involvements in 36 games Kane= 27 goal involvements

  25. Brook Solomon

    Brook Solomon12 dagen geleden

    Best interview on this channel I've seen.

  26. Iyanu Alabi

    Iyanu Alabi12 dagen geleden

    🔥🔥🔥🔥spur for the champion league 🤣😂🤣 not in ur life time popping hopefully b4 ur no 1 alubum fam

  27. AT-MC

    AT-MC12 dagen geleden

    both AJ and spurs went down in my estimation

  28. Dillon Gordon

    Dillon Gordon12 dagen geleden

    Kane is the best striker haha, I'll just turn it off now so.

  29. Joe Grimes

    Joe Grimes12 dagen geleden

    He clearly doesn’t watch us if he’s mourinho in and dele alli in 🤦‍♂️

  30. clockwork

    clockwork8 dagen geleden

    Everyone saying he knows football you the tapped one so relax bro

  31. COMROD Music

    COMROD Music12 dagen geleden

    If I was England manager, I would make all the players do a lie detector and ask if they would rather win the CL or the world cup. If anyone would truly not rather win the world cup then they should never play for England

  32. Replying is Futile

    Replying is Futile12 dagen geleden

    Sanchez is dogshit

  33. RealEyesRealiseRealLies

    RealEyesRealiseRealLies12 dagen geleden

    Ali is spurs best player, natural talent doesn't have to try hard to make things happen I'm arsenal fan

  34. Ryan Sawyers

    Ryan Sawyers12 dagen geleden

    Sons the best winger? What u smoking Tracey?

  35. AMANB57

    AMANB5712 dagen geleden

    What does MTP stand for?

  36. Aaron Phelan

    Aaron Phelan12 dagen geleden

    only idiots buy jeans already torn

  37. Mr Hussain

    Mr Hussain12 dagen geleden

    AJ is killing it right now, but he's Football opinions are a mess.

  38. Ronnie Gilbert

    Ronnie Gilbert12 dagen geleden

    How don’t ppl see that alli is awful

  39. Imtiaz Mufti

    Imtiaz Mufti12 dagen geleden

    Rubbish artist supporting a rubbish team.

  40. Strictly Football

    Strictly Football12 dagen geleden

    Spurs really need to get AJ on the payroll mans out here negotiating

  41. Jack Wilson

    Jack Wilson12 dagen geleden

    he never gonna say mourinho out on sky sports when he tryin to get inside with the club

  42. Brian Nazareth

    Brian Nazareth12 dagen geleden

    Auba has switched sides!

  43. J A

    J A12 dagen geleden

    This is cringe 'blood' 'My guy' 'Get me' pair of f***ing clowns 🤡🤡

  44. Zubair Khan

    Zubair Khan12 dagen geleden

    Respect SSN for embracing London culture

  45. Bill Mckenna

    Bill Mckenna12 dagen geleden

    Is my man sterlings cousin

  46. Jay Mehta

    Jay Mehta12 dagen geleden

    I was just about to say why is Aubamayeng in the Spurs dressing room!

  47. elysian_ amy_

    elysian_ amy_8 dagen geleden

    LOG TF OUT😭😭😭

  48. Sam Fisher

    Sam Fisher12 dagen geleden

    Sky sports clutching for views

  49. Diego Love

    Diego Love13 dagen geleden

    AJ never seen Spurs the league fact

  50. Callum O'Connor

    Callum O'Connor13 dagen geleden

    Chose alli and son over bale n kane

  51. Pat

    Pat13 dagen geleden

    kane is the best complete forward for sure. its been obvious in his performance this year. lewy has an eye for goals, but doesn't set the up in the way kane does. also lewy won't scrap the way kane does.

  52. Jose Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho13 dagen geleden

    I thought it was aubameyang for a second

  53. Nadroj

    Nadroj13 dagen geleden

    Them heels bro?

  54. Beza Ermias

    Beza Ermias13 dagen geleden

    What’s he doing if he bucks Messi

  55. Keisha D.

    Keisha D.13 dagen geleden

    Great interview, more like this Sky Sports!

  56. theking931000

    theking93100013 dagen geleden

    anyone else thought this was gonna be raheem sterling interviewing aj tracey ?

  57. TheCompCop

    TheCompCop13 dagen geleden

    the interviewer is too busy star struck

  58. Wills -

    Wills -13 dagen geleden

    I like AJ but bro are you mad, Kane > Lewa. Lewa gets to UCL finals, Kane gets to Carabao finals 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  59. Chloe Lui

    Chloe Lui13 dagen geleden

    Spurs were in UCL final only 2 years ago 🤔

  60. 1341141 N4JI13

    1341141 N4JI1313 dagen geleden

    He Looks Like Aubermang

  61. Graham Merry

    Graham Merry13 dagen geleden

    Jose Out out out. Respect Danny Rose

  62. Rohan Thakker

    Rohan Thakker13 dagen geleden

    Newcastle 1-0 Spurs.

  63. Rants 'N' Bantz

    Rants 'N' Bantz13 dagen geleden

    Honestly talking facts I believe dele in I had faith in ndombele as soon as we signed him knew hes a baller!! Let's go also agreee we should of never sold dembele

  64. Rants 'N' Bantz

    Rants 'N' Bantz13 dagen geleden

    Talking some sense to be fair... ahah

  65. Hana Mahmood

    Hana Mahmood13 dagen geleden

    Messi > ronaldo ❤️👑

  66. Nelson K

    Nelson K13 dagen geleden

    AJ’s colab with Slowthai slaps 💯

  67. Jad

    Jad13 dagen geleden

    This man knows ball


    TYPHOON MANCHESTER13 dagen geleden

    You get me fam . You get me bro . Your a baller bro . Yeah fam init fam . Gangster moron talk idiots grow up talking crap like 2 13 year olds .

  69. Harry Bratton-Evans

    Harry Bratton-Evans13 dagen geleden

    Bale is: not your player

  70. Érik Dog

    Érik Dog13 dagen geleden

    Look it's 'like' not 'liiiike', stop corrupting our language

  71. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name13 dagen geleden

    2:26 their lives again ooh their lives will pull us through their lives again ooh their lives will pull us through

  72. Silent Joel

    Silent Joel13 dagen geleden

    Wait, he was getting his haircut during the Ajax and Spurs match?!

  73. George Whaley

    George Whaley13 dagen geleden

    Tf does he know about football

  74. Dan Scholey

    Dan Scholey13 dagen geleden

    I love hearing the opinions of so called musicians about a sport they’ve never played professionally. It’s works both ways too. I often ask Frank Bruno on his thoughts on Mozart.

  75. Lets Talk Crud

    Lets Talk Crud13 dagen geleden

    Lol AJ is a smart well spoken guy

  76. C D

    C D7 dagen geleden

    that west london fast talk

  77. Javi Ismael

    Javi Ismael13 dagen geleden

    Spurs ballers check list. Best manager: Mourinho Best striker: Kane Best winger: Son Bbest midfielder: Ndombele Spurs medals: 000000000 Balllers 😂😂😂😂

  78. Javi Ismael

    Javi Ismael12 dagen geleden

    @TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1882 #COYS I’m not even Arsenal fan 😂😂😂


    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1882 #COYS13 dagen geleden

    Fuckoff you woolwich Arsenal idiot

  80. HD Visonz

    HD Visonz13 dagen geleden

    How’s many fully with chest saying Harry Kane is better than lewdowski, a guy scored more goals than games he played last season😂😂😂😂

  81. PC Andy

    PC Andy10 dagen geleden

    If lewandowski came to the prem he would suffer

  82. Diçe

    Diçe13 dagen geleden

    Because bundesliga has no defenders

  83. MomoFifa140P

    MomoFifa140P13 dagen geleden

    Aj could get mbappe and haaland at Spurs by just sending them a dm 🤣

  84. Pete

    Pete13 dagen geleden

    Presenter couldn't love himself anymore.

  85. Richard Banibensu

    Richard Banibensu13 dagen geleden

    The "unpopular" opinions at the start suddenly had me really invested in this video I won't lie

  86. Omid

    Omid13 dagen geleden

    It's 2021 and Sky Sports still uploads in 720p.

  87. Fathi Sharif

    Fathi Sharif13 dagen geleden

    Man said Son-aldo copied that @expressions Oozing 😂😂🤣

  88. Truth

    Truth13 dagen geleden

    Kane best striker in the world. Deluded rapper lmao

  89. Valentino

    Valentino13 dagen geleden

    Spurs need mid n back line

  90. Stacey Tom

    Stacey Tom13 dagen geleden

    He guy look like Raheem sterling for a second.

  91. Aaron T

    Aaron T13 dagen geleden

    drop kucoc ft nav

  92. Joao Pina

    Joao Pina13 dagen geleden

    As a sporting fan let's just remember Tottenham did get Bruno Fernandes over lo Celso 👀😭🤣🤣 what a joke, same price 😎

  93. Shahid Karim

    Shahid Karim13 dagen geleden

    These two chat the most 💩💩.

  94. Epic Tag

    Epic Tag11 dagen geleden

    At least AJ is a real supporter unlike you bellend probably never been to a game in your life

  95. Shahid Karim

    Shahid Karim13 dagen geleden

    Man said Son best winger in the world. Messi ????? Neymar ????? Mbappe ?????

  96. Grow Stuff

    Grow Stuff13 dagen geleden

    Fair comment throughout. I'll get my daughter to play me his music now.

  97. BestInTheWorld 24

    BestInTheWorld 2413 dagen geleden

    Yh I'm José in too 🙃

  98. rcmw

    rcmw13 dagen geleden

    Replace interviewer with Expressions

  99. Kyle Gallagher

    Kyle Gallagher13 dagen geleden

    Where’s the white people?

  100. SkillsUtd _

    SkillsUtd _13 dagen geleden

    On the other sky sports videos 👍🏽

  101. J M

    J M13 dagen geleden

    Jose is gone by mid next season. They're gonna finish below top 6 this season, Jose will have a meltdown, they'll buy 1 player in a position they dont need and then pay £20m to sack Jose next season.

  102. J M

    J M12 dagen geleden

    @Jude Ifechukwu I am actually thanks for noticing

  103. Jude Ifechukwu

    Jude Ifechukwu13 dagen geleden

    Because you're God right?

  104. AJ #1

    AJ #113 dagen geleden

    Auba with a London accent bro

  105. Fungusz _

    Fungusz _13 dagen geleden



    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1882 #COYS13 dagen geleden

    Fuckoff you idiot

  107. Jordan Crichlow

    Jordan Crichlow13 dagen geleden

    Big up AJ Tracey 👊🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🔥🔥

  108. Ali Mirzai

    Ali Mirzai13 dagen geleden

    mbappe and haaland are better than bale

  109. Ali Mirzai

    Ali Mirzai13 dagen geleden

    that was a big fluke mate

  110. AG

    AG13 dagen geleden

    Have Sterling interview himself next

  111. Christian

    Christian13 dagen geleden

    Pure waffle 🤣 such a Spurs fan

  112. Afdeling Skillz

    Afdeling Skillz13 dagen geleden

    Agent AJ

  113. KS

    KS13 dagen geleden

    hold tight lewandowski

  114. uju Nzewi

    uju Nzewi13 dagen geleden

    Kane is the best striker in football. Are u sure about that I can name alot of striker nah but kane is world class striker ngl

  115. Afdeling Skillz

    Afdeling Skillz13 dagen geleden

    CR7 GOAT