Does Ruben Neves only score screamers?! | TRUE or FALSE | Nelson Semedo & Vitinha

Wolves players Nelson Semedo and Vitinha were the latest Premier League stars to take on our TRUE or FALSE format.
Is Nelson Semedo faster than Vitinha? Does João Moutinho have the best technique at Wolves? And does Ruben Neves only score screamers?
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  1. Sky Sports Football

    Sky Sports Football21 dag geleden

    Thanks to all that sent in questions! Which Premier League player would you love to see us interview next?

  2. Football impressions

    Football impressions15 dagen geleden

    You need to get bailey and pogba on

  3. Sachin Balakrishnan

    Sachin Balakrishnan16 dagen geleden


  4. Daniel Katz

    Daniel Katz18 dagen geleden

    Bruno Fernandes

  5. Musa Haqqanee

    Musa Haqqanee20 dagen geleden

    Bruno Fernandes Harvey Barnes Maddison or maybe Dan James

  6. SJæ

    SJæ20 dagen geleden

    We need arsenal players on this.

  7. Faze_Bilal

    Faze_Bilal10 dagen geleden

    Vitinha is the Portuguese Grealish

  8. Zareef Yeasin

    Zareef Yeasin13 dagen geleden

    Robbed off so many assists

  9. Zareef Yeasin

    Zareef Yeasin13 dagen geleden

    Best Youngster in the league

  10. jimei17

    jimei1717 dagen geleden

    Pedro neto looks different

  11. Fx Hokage

    Fx Hokage19 dagen geleden

    I don’t think people are aware how good Vitinha is.. give him couple season.. once he starts playing consistently y’all will see. I said the same thing when Pedro they signed Pedro Neto for wolves..

  12. Football Legends Live

    Football Legends Live14 dagen geleden

    He just showed it in the Euro U21 games these last days.

  13. Sol González

    Sol González20 dagen geleden

    Didn't know semedo could speak English so good

  14. Reece Yo

    Reece Yo20 dagen geleden

    still waiting on the mcginn and targett ep

  15. Fiona Jane

    Fiona Jane20 dagen geleden

    Vitinha’s English is really good, was expecting just get by basics.

  16. Abdulmalik Ali Mohamed

    Abdulmalik Ali Mohamed20 dagen geleden


  17. Jacob Bird

    Jacob Bird20 dagen geleden

    Why does Vitinha looks like jack grealish

  18. the_championi

    the_championi19 dagen geleden

    Better jack grealish

  19. Ford Cortina

    Ford Cortina19 dagen geleden

    Portuguese Jack Grealish

  20. David Hunt

    David Hunt21 dag geleden

    Do it with odegard and Leno and ask true or false odegard is the best midfielder in the world

  21. The Dobster

    The Dobster21 dag geleden

    A question I would have asked: has the team been/felt different without Raul?

  22. Andres Nava H.

    Andres Nava H.21 dag geleden

    Thought it would never come but 4:03, the first 'my friend'

  23. Micheal Oliver

    Micheal Oliver21 dag geleden

    Lucky long shot merchant....

  24. JonahJF

    JonahJF21 dag geleden

    Get Neto back on!

  25. Jake SCOTT

    Jake SCOTT21 dag geleden

    Bit confused, is vitinha a U23 player at the moment or just a normal player but not in the starting team

  26. Jonezy WWFC

    Jonezy WWFC18 dagen geleden

    Bench player atm

  27. the_championi

    the_championi19 dagen geleden

    Hes like 20/21 he plays for portugal u23 he played today

  28. Reiss

    Reiss21 dag geleden

    First team but struggles to get game time. Very similar player to Moutinho/Neves, so hasn’t got involved too much. I would imagine that Joao leaves this summer, as his contract is up, and Vitinha will be signed permanently to fill the role.

  29. Shiv HD

    Shiv HD21 dag geleden

    Question: 2:52 Pedro neto: very false. Very very false. Just So false

  30. Diarmuid Forrest

    Diarmuid Forrest21 dag geleden

    Joes trim

  31. The Amazing Akan

    The Amazing Akan21 dag geleden

    Wasn’t expecting that voice from Semedo. Thought he’d have a really deep voice 😂

  32. Nathan Lhoni

    Nathan Lhoni19 dagen geleden

    @D1 same🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. D1

    D119 dagen geleden

    @Nathan Lhoni I'm Black and this is funny 🤣 😆

  34. Nathan Lhoni

    Nathan Lhoni20 dagen geleden

    @Rathurshan Rajeekaran 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    Rathurshan Rajeekaran20 dagen geleden

    @Nathan Lhoni no wtf?

  36. Nathan Lhoni

    Nathan Lhoni21 dag geleden

    because he’s black?? 🤨🤨

  37. Articuno Legend

    Articuno Legend21 dag geleden

    People who say Adama is overrated clearly dont watch him. he wouldnt be getting picked if he wasnt good simple

  38. AlexMc13x

    AlexMc13x20 dagen geleden

    He also wouldn’t be getting consistent Spain call ups either hahaha

  39. Hayden

    Hayden21 dag geleden

    @Twelfth Execution you can't actually be a west brom fan lad I've seen you bigging up everyone at wolves in these comments 😂

  40. Hayden

    Hayden21 dag geleden

    I agree but getting picked is a given being as Podence has been injured

  41. Ushdabush 1

    Ushdabush 121 dag geleden

    Very very false no its so false

  42. nice chimp

    nice chimp21 dag geleden

    Very false very very false

  43. Liam 1809

    Liam 180921 dag geleden

    Screamers and pens.

  44. Cameron

    Cameron21 dag geleden

    shoutout to semedo for being my go to fullback in fifa

  45. Micheal Oliver

    Micheal Oliver21 dag geleden

    FIFA and football manager are clear of fraud games like pes....

  46. Zak Wilks

    Zak Wilks21 dag geleden

    @Twelfth Execution why have you been commenting on every comment, do you have nothing else to do 😂

  47. Kylerzz

    Kylerzz21 dag geleden

    @WBA XII imagine trolling

  48. Nadir Slimani

    Nadir Slimani21 dag geleden

    1:07 he is not moutinho ffs

  49. Nadir Slimani

    Nadir Slimani10 dagen geleden

    @Tomás Amaral nah man ik he knows him he just sounds different

  50. Tomás Amaral

    Tomás Amaral10 dagen geleden

    @Nadir Slimani but he doesn't, you making it sound like he doesn't know who is which it's not true

  51. Nadir Slimani

    Nadir Slimani10 dagen geleden

    @Tomás Amaral ik but he sounds like he is saying mouthino

  52. Tomás Amaral

    Tomás Amaral10 dagen geleden

    He said vitinha, it's his nickname

  53. Luke Attwell

    Luke Attwell21 dag geleden

    My question got on!!!

  54. Luke Attwell

    Luke Attwell20 dagen geleden

    @Harry Carson the Portuguese music one

  55. Harry Carson

    Harry Carson20 dagen geleden

    Which one?

  56. Luke Attwell

    Luke Attwell20 dagen geleden

    @Musa Haqqanee trust

  57. Francisco Varela

    Francisco Varela20 dagen geleden

    @Musa Haqqanee They have nothing better to do than trying to cause an argument all the time 😂

  58. Musa Haqqanee

    Musa Haqqanee20 dagen geleden

    Why are all these little babies in the comments mad he literally just said his question got featured 😂🤦

  59. Caitlin Randall

    Caitlin Randall21 dag geleden

    Nelson semendo is class

  60. Micheal Oliver

    Micheal Oliver21 dag geleden

    Cash and even O’Shea are clear....

  61. Kylerzz

    Kylerzz21 dag geleden

    @WBA XII you have Darnell Furlong at rb, don't think you have the right to talk bout anyone else's rbs

  62. Bakison Kansinde

    Bakison Kansinde21 dag geleden

    Turf question for neves

  63. Anterior Cruciate Ligament

    Anterior Cruciate Ligament21 dag geleden

    We need a Fabio Silva hair roasting podcast at this point

  64. GOAT AMA

    GOAT AMA21 dag geleden

    Semedo was actually a great player at Barca. Now he is quite bad.

  65. Mr. Blue Sky

    Mr. Blue Sky21 dag geleden

    @Hayden I agree... I think that fans give him way too much grief for doing next to nothing wrong. This year since the West Brom game he has been a consistent player who has done extremely well. At the start of the season he made errors but they are becoming less and less common. I think Semedo will be amazing next season when he fully learns how to play with the rest of the side.

  66. Hayden

    Hayden21 dag geleden

    This is such a shocking opinion it's been the complete opposite lmao all barca fans will tell you he was bad for them he's came to the wolves and been one of our best players this season

  67. Mr. Blue Sky

    Mr. Blue Sky21 dag geleden

    The style wolves play is a bit too defensive for him. He desperately needs a pre-Season with Adama. Him and Adama have too much pace to work with each other. When he is paired with Neto he is top class

  68. Chouda04

    Chouda0421 dag geleden

    This presenter is very good. Interacts well with the players and speaks well. Doesn’t make it awkward or anything. Top lad 👍

  69. Vibe With Crypto

    Vibe With Crypto13 uur geleden

    @Savage Gamer Joe mama gottem

  70. Josh Novack

    Josh Novack21 dag geleden

    If you wanna watch him more he’s got a channel called VYB which actually produces class content

  71. Ok Then

    Ok Then21 dag geleden

    @Twelfth Execution ratio

  72. Derek Marmalade

    Derek Marmalade21 dag geleden

    hes ginger though

  73. Kendrick Jackson

    Kendrick Jackson21 dag geleden

    This guy does a lot of content for Football Daily, his name is Joe Tomlinson

  74. North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast

    North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast21 dag geleden

    It feels weird if Neves even shoots inside the box! 😄

  75. Micheal Oliver

    Micheal Oliver21 dag geleden

    Better than martial and FRAUDbameyang....

  76. Husam H1

    Husam H121 dag geleden

    Hopefully Jimenez Is back for next season

  77. Contagion movie predicts CORONA 9 years ago W.T.F

    Contagion movie predicts CORONA 9 years ago W.T.F21 dag geleden

    @Twelfth Execution What the f___ ...are u 4 Real

  78. AllDrip

    AllDrip21 dag geleden

    @WBA XII the prem is enjoyable. You clearly don’t watch matches

  79. Szillar

    Szillar21 dag geleden

    Banter united

  80. James Robertson

    James Robertson21 dag geleden

    Banter PENited

  81. Micheal Oliver

    Micheal Oliver21 dag geleden

    Smallest club in the league along with arsenal and spurs while villa are the biggest....

  82. Kylerzz

    Kylerzz21 dag geleden

    ? OK...

  83. D16

    D1621 dag geleden

    Wolves have really missed Jimenez this year, his injury has really derailed their season. Glad he’s back and nearing fitness though!

  84. Its NB

    Its NB21 dag geleden

    @Sameer Hussain get him!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  85. Sameer Hussain

    Sameer Hussain21 dag geleden

    @WBA XII terrible attempt on trolling. See you in championship next season

  86. The weird man 7

    The weird man 721 dag geleden

    Hello people in the comments

  87. Micheal Oliver

    Micheal Oliver21 dag geleden

    Didn’t ask...

  88. Culé

    Culé21 dag geleden


  89. CBGames

    CBGames21 dag geleden


  90. Kylerzz

    Kylerzz21 dag geleden

    We mustn't forget it's been raining

  91. ZaidX7

    ZaidX721 dag geleden

    @Arsenal TV oh... 😂😂😂

  92. Arsenal TV

    Arsenal TV21 dag geleden

    @ZaidX7 it’s a reference to ty from AFTV

  93. Arsenal TV

    Arsenal TV21 dag geleden

    @ZaidX7 he wasn’t actually talking about the weather 😂

  94. ZaidX7

    ZaidX721 dag geleden

    Yes lol, for me it was sunny in the morning, rainy and cloudy when I was at school then on the way back from school it was raining so badly and now it is sunny