Does Gary Neville think Man City will win the Quadruple?! | The Gary Neville Podcast

Gary Neville discusses Tottenham’s crucial win over Aston Villa which he feels will give Jose Mourinho belief that they can reach the top four. He reflects on the disappointment of Manchester Utd’s FA Cup quarter final defeat to Leicester and answers whether he thinks Manchester City can achieve an unprecedented quadruple.
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  1. MarshForShort

    MarshForShort11 uur geleden

    Garry "its possible" Neville

  2. David Power

    David Power8 dagen geleden

    Gary "they've got the type of players" Neville

  3. David Power

    David Power8 dagen geleden

    Gary "opportunity" Neville

  4. gaz nev

    gaz nev14 dagen geleden

    Surely citeh should have been banned from champions league !?!

  5. Jack Preece

    Jack Preece15 dagen geleden

    Should really just rename this to the Man united podcast.

  6. Crockett and Tubbs

    Crockett and Tubbs17 dagen geleden

    Great coach

  7. SparklePanda2012

    SparklePanda201217 dagen geleden

    As a lifelong Man City fan of 35 years I'll answer this easily. NO we won't win the quadruple we get asked the same question every year and I always answer NO. We have the manager, the players and talent needed to win it but we still lack belief and mentality and until we get those we'll always be quarter finalists maybe semi finalists at best.

  8. Habil Hussain

    Habil Hussain18 dagen geleden

    Just realised this is on spotify somet bout listening to podcasts on spotify is pretty dope idk why.

  9. John Mitchell

    John Mitchell20 dagen geleden

    Gary "so for me" Neville

  10. the Dean

    the Dean20 dagen geleden

    how did city go on against spurs at the etihad cant remember

  11. Derek Marmalade

    Derek Marmalade21 dag geleden

    Why does Phil Neville get air time????!!

  12. 49 Syed Shadab Tajwar

    49 Syed Shadab Tajwar22 dagen geleden

    Gary “Surprised” Neville

  13. Geoff Jones

    Geoff Jones22 dagen geleden

    Hope so

  14. karl bolton

    karl bolton22 dagen geleden

    Gary “if you think” Neville

  15. Altaf Butt

    Altaf Butt22 dagen geleden


  16. Nathan Goodall

    Nathan Goodall22 dagen geleden

    In terms of form right now CHELSEA are the 2nd best team in the league! You can’t even dispute that. TBF GNev isn’t normally biased but that opinion is!

  17. ceri Jones

    ceri Jones22 dagen geleden

    Gary "at this moment In time" Neville

  18. jn fn

    jn fn22 dagen geleden

    is it the world pfa? or English pfa? or take the p fa?

  19. Jack Monger

    Jack Monger23 dagen geleden

    The heartbreaking underclothes dentsply form because enemy gully slow among a bite-sized libra. vast, deeply windchime

  20. sid Ashwood

    sid Ashwood23 dagen geleden

    Great insight from gazza

  21. Paolo H

    Paolo H23 dagen geleden

    Ey-up Gary...where's thou'whippet 'n' t'black puddin?

  22. RISH

    RISH23 dagen geleden

    Gary "you have to look at the stats and judge" Neville.

  23. Sektion OBC

    Sektion OBC23 dagen geleden

    It doesn’t matter what Gary Neville thinks

  24. DizzyUpTheFool

    DizzyUpTheFool23 dagen geleden

    Maybe they will but nobody, aside City fans, will care.

  25. Burton Rd Forever 1977

    Burton Rd Forever 197723 dagen geleden

    Gary " very rarely personal" Neville.

  26. Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy23 dagen geleden

    Does anyone care what he thinks? He says managers should be given time and then goes and sacks managers at whim. He thinks he is bigger and better then he is. He thinks his club should be top of whatever league they are in just because he was part of ‘the class of 92’. The media love him and his old teammates and I don’t get why. Why do people hang on his word? He is a numpty. Also he looks daft in that cap.

  27. Marty Smith

    Marty Smith24 dagen geleden

    what an old fashioned microphone, why on earth are they using that

  28. Levi Coker

    Levi Coker24 dagen geleden

    Gary “they have the experience” Neville

  29. Nathan Lhoni

    Nathan Lhoni24 dagen geleden

    At least this week it was acc a pod n not an interview looooool😅😅still feels weird that it’s not Martin Tyler🤧🤧 but Rob Hawthorne still does a good job👍🏾👍🏾

  30. VONCEIL1

    VONCEIL124 dagen geleden

    Ratboy He's come along way.....I respect his punditry..... He needs to move on from the rags ....

  31. Dalmond

    Dalmond24 dagen geleden

    Course Mike Ashley won’t sack Bruce he wants Newcastle to get relegated

  32. Will S

    Will S24 dagen geleden

    If you think we will Finnish second your mad

  33. Nobby

    Nobby24 dagen geleden

    What a silly hat

  34. Mr X

    Mr X24 dagen geleden

    Turn that Hat around ffs.

  35. Reece

    Reece24 dagen geleden


  36. John Benbow

    John Benbow24 dagen geleden

    Gary Neville you silly fat bastard!!!

  37. Sourav Ghosal

    Sourav Ghosal24 dagen geleden

    11:26 Quadruple

  38. Nikola Ždero

    Nikola Ždero24 dagen geleden

    He really believes Utd is second best team in the league. My gosh...

  39. PlasticNewt

    PlasticNewt24 dagen geleden

    Think it’s Chelsea rn

  40. Dutch van Der linde

    Dutch van Der linde24 dagen geleden

    Good to know Gary’s a peaky blinder

  41. Dutch van Der linde

    Dutch van Der linde24 dagen geleden

    Gary got the drip sheeesh

  42. Nathan Merchant

    Nathan Merchant24 dagen geleden

    Man City are above them in the league, got further in the champions league, FA cup and league cup they are so far off the standard to being champions.

  43. samboggetti

    samboggetti24 dagen geleden

    they are talking about the quadruple cause it's very possible. they arent supposed to talk about what would be an unbelievable achievement???

  44. Aziz Alkun

    Aziz Alkun24 dagen geleden

    11:32 Man city part

  45. we Snooker

    we Snooker24 dagen geleden

    Media are the only ones who build quad talk not city or city fans then when it doesn’t happen everyone be like hahaha you thought you’d win quad. No we really didn’t.

  46. Beats24-7

    Beats24-724 dagen geleden

    Crazy vibes man!

  47. Recency Bias Radio

    Recency Bias Radio24 dagen geleden

    City wont win the UCL. Bayern are too much.

  48. Grawlys Lair

    Grawlys Lair24 dagen geleden

    Everyone talking about Man City winning the quadruple but nobody commented that the possibility still exists for every major trophy in Europe being in a Mancunian Trophy Cabinet at the end of the season? Utd still being in Europa League makes it a possibility. Unlikely that all 5 trophies will end up in Manchester this year but nevertheless still a possibility.

  49. DM

    DM24 dagen geleden

    Great to see Leicester getting some credit and coverage from Gary... Oh, wait

  50. MrJohndory111

    MrJohndory11124 dagen geleden

    my Grandad called Gary, wants him flat cap back

  51. simon toon

    simon toon24 dagen geleden

    Garry is great

  52. Will McKenzie

    Will McKenzie24 dagen geleden

    Gary Shelby

  53. jc .6

    jc .624 dagen geleden

    tottenham are the most boring team in the leauge

  54. Loui G

    Loui G24 dagen geleden

    You can't compare the Chelsea team that last played City to the team it is now... what a ridiculous barometer

  55. Arjun Goswami

    Arjun Goswami24 dagen geleden

    Just HAD to put the flat cap on for his trip to Brum didn't he 😂

  56. Mr Bring Back The Classic DayZ

    Mr Bring Back The Classic DayZ24 dagen geleden

    Gary "I'm demoralised" Neville.

  57. Joshua Buttery

    Joshua Buttery24 dagen geleden

    Gary By the order of the peaky blinders Neville

  58. pablofitzy

    pablofitzy24 dagen geleden

    If he takes that cap off, then I’ll take him seriously

  59. Toffee Gamer

    Toffee Gamer24 dagen geleden

    As a toffee I love neville ls pure and honest approach

  60. K K

    K K24 dagen geleden

    Yes I think man city will win the quadruple

  61. flyvon fernandes

    flyvon fernandes24 dagen geleden

    Premier league : Manchester City Fa cup : Chelsea Carabao cup : Tottenham Champions league : Liverpool

  62. Alkarp

    Alkarp24 dagen geleden

    I dont know why i wait for the Ouuuuh sound gary made when Torres scored against barca in camp nou..

  63. Robert Klutse

    Robert Klutse24 dagen geleden

    How comes Gary never speaks about arsenal there were literally 2 games on Sunday and he completely avoided the arsenal one . Not the first time either

  64. Realist Gooner

    Realist Gooner24 dagen geleden

    @Lewis Storer 3rd most successful team in the country 🤪🤧

  65. Lewis Storer

    Lewis Storer24 dagen geleden

    Arsenal who?

  66. Michael Abinader

    Michael Abinader24 dagen geleden

    They will win the fa cup and the league title thats about it.

  67. JDOE

    JDOE25 dagen geleden

    Gary "who's Tony Adams?" Neville

  68. 472017807

    47201780725 dagen geleden

    Someone's learned what disparaging means

  69. Jana Fausova

    Jana Fausova25 dagen geleden

    So no celebration last weekend

  70. Johnny FreeSpeech

    Johnny FreeSpeech25 dagen geleden

    Neville: ‘finishing second in the league will be the priority.’ ‘Manchester United are the second best team in the country.’ ‘It’s so important that you finish a close second and not a distant second.’ No Gary, I know Oles your mate but jeez... this is man United we’re talking about. Do you really think being top of the losers in the league is better than competing for and winning cups? As for saying that you need to finish a close second instead of a distant second, what makes you think you’re nailed on for second place? It really wouldn’t surprise me to see United drop a few places. Deluded.

  71. Johnny FreeSpeech

    Johnny FreeSpeech25 dagen geleden

    I swear this happens every time City are top of the league. ‘Oh look City are winning the league. They might win the quadruple!’ Calm down lol. They still need to play a two legged champions league quarter final, semi final and then the final itself (all against some of Europe’s very top teams by the way). They also have to beat a really in form Chelsea in the FA cup before even getting to the final and who’s to say that Tottenham don’t show up in the league cup final and play their best performance of the season? I don’t get it. Why do they always drum up a quadruple? I would understand if they had already won the league cup and were in the FA cup and champions league finals but they’re not their yet and there are some really difficult games standing in their way.

  72. Boxing finest AJ warrior

    Boxing finest AJ warrior25 dagen geleden

    NO WAY man city couldn't beat psg this year if 7 gave the 50 k bonus each im sorry but psg have just beat lion and lille easy they look soo good this season but man city will win 3 cups come back to this comment at the end of the season

  73. TheFootballGeniusHD

    TheFootballGeniusHD25 dagen geleden

    Gary "Sort of" Neville

  74. thailand smile

    thailand smile25 dagen geleden

    Ole is a disaster playing 2 cdm when the players he picks aren't even cdms

  75. Brian Kemp

    Brian Kemp25 dagen geleden

    Gary is as rambling nutcase

  76. Pie Guy

    Pie Guy25 dagen geleden

    No they won't because Liverpool are going to win the UCL

  77. Chelsea AreKillingMe

    Chelsea AreKillingMe25 dagen geleden

    Why did he compare lampards go out and express yourselves tactics to tuchels

  78. Robert A Burrows

    Robert A Burrows25 dagen geleden


  79. Pie Guy

    Pie Guy25 dagen geleden

    I know Liverpool are winning UCl not City

  80. muhammad akmal Kamarudin

    muhammad akmal Kamarudin25 dagen geleden

    Gary “at this moment in time” neville

  81. Bryan Mc Donnell

    Bryan Mc Donnell25 dagen geleden

    When you have to commentate at 8 and be on a peaky blinders set at 11.

  82. J D

    J D25 dagen geleden

    Top lad told Gary Nev. top pundit also

  83. MrHabib

    MrHabib25 dagen geleden

    Wtf are u wearing on ur head mate?

  84. Mark Farrow

    Mark Farrow25 dagen geleden

    Utd are crap period ...they are now quite happy to finish in the top 4 for the money it brings in ..... As in winning things cups ect erm no chance utd are crap with a crap manager

  85. Mark Farrow

    Mark Farrow24 dagen geleden

    @Pie Guy just remember pie face utd wouldnt of had a history of it wasnt for city n matt busby ?? Aye bit like liverpool who were nothing untill busby signed for em ....yep busby then fergie along with lots of money gave utd success but money isnt helping you now is it ? Yep still out spending most teams breakong yransfer records only this time you cant buy yoyr success coz you got shite staff managers players ect

  86. Pie Guy

    Pie Guy25 dagen geleden

    What's that got to with anything

  87. Ri Wu

    Ri Wu25 dagen geleden

    The abstracted jaw timely hook because boot dimensionally unfasten except a massive manicure. envious, weak sharon

  88. Jagon Chichon

    Jagon Chichon25 dagen geleden

    Great Passion from Neville... One of the few who uses his platform to challenge prejudice and advocate collective action

  89. Sean Live

    Sean Live25 dagen geleden

    Gary "they have to get it right" Neville

  90. seem peeson

    seem peeson25 dagen geleden

    "Does Gary Neville think mancity can cure cancer"????

  91. A T K Y

    A T K Y25 dagen geleden

    Take that hat off

  92. harrzzz

    harrzzz25 dagen geleden

    Neville speaks a lot of sense, but looking at the City victory against Chelsea isn't fair, it was pre-Tuchel, a different team.

  93. Franz

    Franz25 dagen geleden

    United will go below Leicester and likely Chelsea, bottlers.

  94. William Ritchie

    William Ritchie25 dagen geleden

    That's what I call a jovial result against leicester Gary!

  95. Tuhin Amin

    Tuhin Amin25 dagen geleden

    Did he rob Micah’s hat?

  96. AndreasNV

    AndreasNV25 dagen geleden

    Gary "Whereby" Neville

  97. H R

    H R25 dagen geleden

    Great stuff again. Love these podcasts from Gary

  98. F_2019

    F_201925 dagen geleden

    This podcast needs to be longer! He is sooo good, says it how it is and his analysis is always on point

  99. Joey 2tall

    Joey 2tall25 dagen geleden

    Everyone talks about spurs defence like it’s terrible, yet only Man City and Chelsea have conceded less goals than spurs so far this season.

  100. BeeSting

    BeeSting25 dagen geleden

    NLpush "comedian" comment section

  101. Pearce Kelly

    Pearce Kelly25 dagen geleden

    He’s always speaking facts

  102. Raws2000

    Raws200025 dagen geleden

    Gary ' Peaky blinder' Neville.

  103. Not From The Bottle

    Not From The Bottle25 dagen geleden

    Looks like a man who’s about to sack his manager..

  104. Tony machevelli

    Tony machevelli25 dagen geleden

    No they won't but will win a double! Leicester wins the FA.

  105. R69NiX

    R69NiX25 dagen geleden

    Harry Kane dives he's cute clever etc. Salah dives "it's a blatant dive" lol

  106. Kiss G

    Kiss G25 dagen geleden

    donkey Man utd are not the 2nd best teamin the Country lol tf are they smoking