Could Chelsea challenge for the title this season? | Ashley Cole & Graeme Souness

Graeme Souness and former Chelsea defender Ashley Cole discuss whether Frank Lampard's side could challenge for the Premier League title this season. Where do you think Chelsea will finish in the table this season? Let us know in the comments.
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  1. Ali A

    Ali ADag geleden

    Well this aged well

  2. Evelyn Martinez

    Evelyn Martinez14 dagen geleden

    Rn it seems that Chelsea doesn’t care at the moment but at the end of the season they should be caught up to top 4

  3. Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin FranklinMaand geleden

    The only reason why you can't definitely say Chelsea will challenge is because their manager is an amateur. If pep, Mourinho or klopp was the manager of Chelsea, we'll say yes, Chelsea are definitely challenging. So Lampard, win a big trophy first, then the world will respect your team

  4. Kunal

    Kunal2 maanden geleden

    No, because of their matches against the big sides

  5. Tony Spyrou

    Tony Spyrou2 maanden geleden

    Its wide open this season why not weve done it before

  6. Swapnil Taur

    Swapnil Taur2 maanden geleden

    Presenter: Do you think Chelsea can challenge for the Premier League title? Souness: Personally for me this Pogba guy is huge problem..


    RICKY WOLVES2 maanden geleden

    I think they can challange why not they got an amazing squad and good depth. This is a strange season anything can happen. Its the big games I'm not sure about with Chelsea if they go and win against the big 6 then they have a huge chance of winning the league because they will beat the lesser teams at home and away. Apart from Arsenal and Manu the rest of the big 6 can win the league this season for sure.

  8. Scott Stephens

    Scott Stephens2 maanden geleden

    Gold star 🌟 for use of the word 'Pointsies ' 😂

  9. Karim Kawim

    Karim Kawim2 maanden geleden

    Pouvez-vous nous traduire en francais afin de bien vous suivte MERCI

  10. Ryan Wilsdon

    Ryan Wilsdon2 maanden geleden

    Short answer: No.



    How about fuckoff 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Anouar Sraidi

    Anouar Sraidi2 maanden geleden

    People really are sleeping on this guy. He was bought by Ajax after they panicked after a 4-1 throuncing against Rostov in the preliminaries of the CL. He transformed them over night. Made them one the top teams in Europe. They reached the EL final that same year and after that semi-finals of the CL. All the while collecting 3 POTY awards in that same period.Ziyech First player in their history to do so. Not even Cruyff, v. Basten, Ibrahimovic, Suarez, Snijder, vd Vaart or Erikssen where able to that with the club. This guy is a legend and deserves real recognition.

  13. A-wal Games

    A-wal Games2 maanden geleden

    2:53 Important 3 pointses?

  14. The John Cooper Show

    The John Cooper Show2 maanden geleden

    Not as good as spurs

  15. Yadhu Mohan

    Yadhu Mohan2 maanden geleden

    Why not spurs? Aren't they special ones?

  16. Nero Pasta

    Nero Pasta2 maanden geleden

    Tbh, Chelsea is a good contender. I would say that Spurs or Aston Villa are going to win the league though.

  17. Glen KE

    Glen KE2 maanden geleden

    😂😂😂you said Aston villa

  18. lee mercer

    lee mercer2 maanden geleden

    Anyone can win the league in this non football season Covid - no fans - rules getting worse aka var decisions Who ever gets the most lucky with that and injuries wins . Anyone who wins the league i take with a pinch of salt due to the above. Roll on next season with fans and normality .

  19. youssefzyadpt

    youssefzyadpt2 maanden geleden

    😂 palm 🌴 of dates passes come from ziyach 🇲🇦💪 wait for him this season he just warm up now 😂 ✌ from 🇺🇸

  20. BEK football clips

    BEK football clips2 maanden geleden

    We can and we will💙

  21. ryan entwisle

    ryan entwisle2 maanden geleden

    Bell end souness needs a crack

  22. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

    Hfhdj Jtiir4u2 maanden geleden

    Chelsea keep going 2020

  23. CJ's tube Jack of all trade

    CJ's tube Jack of all trade2 maanden geleden

    No way.

  24. Phil thy

    Phil thy2 maanden geleden

    They can’t even beat Man U, no chance of challenging for the title 👌🏼

  25. Ha Lo

    Ha Lo2 maanden geleden

    I am liverpool fans and i think chelsea is gonna be huge title contender tis season and i think lampard is doing fabulous job so far😥😥😥 i am veli scared of him become another saf

  26. Sam Blooshi

    Sam Blooshi2 maanden geleden

    If Chelsea sell pogba they will be contenders -sounes

  27. Purist vs Purist

    Purist vs Purist2 maanden geleden

    Young team? New manager?.. Where was this compassion for Ole ❗ Y'all so dam biased both in the comments and as Pundits

  28. Drax300 Orion

    Drax300 Orion2 maanden geleden

    We're winning the League periodt We are Tottenham from the Lane COYS

  29. Ze Germanz

    Ze Germanz2 maanden geleden

    We've definitely got one of he best squads on paper but we are still so inconsistent. Next season is gonna be interesting I just hope for top 4 this season.

  30. Alim Siddique

    Alim Siddique2 maanden geleden

    I think they're the dark horse. They're gonna get better and better. Tbh I hope someone random wins it like Southampton or something but I don't see it happening. Tho it is a strange season. But as Ashley says here it's all about the pointses at the end of the day 💪

  31. Galactico 999

    Galactico 9992 maanden geleden

    Heated sky sports Heated.

  32. Bleu Sky

    Bleu Sky2 maanden geleden

    Yes they can WIN it all,,,,,think about it most of new players are working on their chemistry once they get there NO team can stop them NO team especially are young players city has and Liverpool have old players low energy... I give it to Chelsea this year.

  33. GK Booster

    GK Booster2 maanden geleden

    Any qn Souness:Liverpool won

  34. _.awsh._

    _.awsh._2 maanden geleden

    Every game is a stepping stone, We need to focus on gaining a place every. We need to focus on silver wear, the end result being Champions League Winner. Chelsea just to focus on making new upcoming talent. Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Liverpool could be the reason England win the next world cup.

  35. Tenza Emtade

    Tenza Emtade2 maanden geleden

    Cole has an interesting accent

  36. T God

    T God2 maanden geleden


  37. King Of Everything

    King Of Everything2 maanden geleden

    I just don't understand when someone says Chelsea is a top four team and not title contenders. We are literally the strongest squad and the deepest one up there with Man City in England. Our team hasn't even gelled yet and look at that nice momentum we built for now. I want to remain humble and if anyone says Chelsea are winning the league it's crazy, cause it's too early. BUT, Chelsea are definitely a top 3 team in England. Spurs are doing good I guess, but they don't have the depth as Chelsea and that will cost em.

  38. Asad Tareen

    Asad Tareen2 maanden geleden

    Definitely yes and reason unbelievable squad depth with the busy fixture no other team has the luxury of such squad depth

  39. many a true gamer

    many a true gamer2 maanden geleden

    Souness say Man City had a good defence XD laugh able

  40. Rolanda Kocenaite

    Rolanda Kocenaite2 maanden geleden

    I heard they might get matthias ginter this transfer window he's a good solid cb you get what you get

  41. Pun Ejemja

    Pun Ejemja2 maanden geleden

    Did Ashley Cole say three pointses? Jesus

  42. Adrian Boyce

    Adrian Boyce2 maanden geleden

    Chelsea can win the title with spurs as dark horses but Lampard needs to left mount on the bench

  43. censored

    censored2 maanden geleden



    BIG SHOOP2 maanden geleden

    Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd, Spurs, Villa, Leicester and Southampton have a higher chance of winning the league than Chelsea

  45. Only Football

    Only Football2 maanden geleden

    I seriously doubt they have the leaders in the front 6(maybe Werner) who can pull something out of the hat in times of desperation like Aguero, Sterling and Salah, Mane did in their title winning seasons respectively. If they can scrap wins against resilient teams when things are not going their way, they should be up there. Let's see if it's all about momentum or they are actually in the conversation after the international break.

  46. Lewis Scorer

    Lewis Scorer2 maanden geleden

    If Mendy and Silva both stay fit all season we can definitely challenge. If one of them gets a longish term injury I don’t think we could, we’d leak too many goals just like last season.

  47. Yacine lampard

    Yacine lampard2 maanden geleden

    I dont think that chelsea challenging for top 4... I think tottenham and arsenal is going big contenders for top 4 and could take it from united and chelsea.. These last two teams need to step up their game.

  48. jovam kw

    jovam kw2 maanden geleden

    i said it befor : chelsea will win the pl becoz of magico ziyech !

  49. Shaun Clancy

    Shaun Clancy2 maanden geleden

    I actually think they can, not because I think they are better than other teams, they just have a bigger squad of top level talent. Considering they cut the subs back to 3, started the season with no preseason, and are playing catchup with the euro comps, there is hectic fixture schedule. Chelsea's very large squad may have some benefits here the likes of even Liverpool and City don't have, that is, having top line replacements so players don't risk becoming exhausted under the schedule load. Ole and Klopp have both now complained about fixture exhaustion, and we're not even 10 weeks in yet.

  50. Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior2 maanden geleden

    I’m a Chelsea fan, but seeing Man City vs Liverpool match different class. The way they moved the ball quick in transition. In the future possibly.

  51. MYSTERY life

    MYSTERY life2 maanden geleden

    I like that Lampard is pacing themselves and not getting over joyed.

  52. GetInvolved MT

    GetInvolved MT2 maanden geleden

    Anyone can win the title.....this season is mad....bookies nightmare

  53. Hari Krishnan

    Hari Krishnan2 maanden geleden


  54. Jos P

    Jos P2 maanden geleden

    As chelsea fan, deep down I don't think so Chelsea will win the league this year but have the feeling that we might see another Antonio Conte's season. People didn't give us any chance that season and we remember what happened💙.

  55. Aman Kashyap

    Aman Kashyap2 maanden geleden

    Dear Chelsea stop doing it you are making a Barcelona fan fall in love with you. IMO both our teams are building for this decade and will be dominanat with such amazing youngsters. Ziyech and Thiago🔥 😘

  56. AR

    AR2 maanden geleden

    maybe if we looked at the started of this season. pos 3 is the make sense finish for them, cus how good city and lvpool. but now, after van dijk injured and how city started this season with h some of new faces. i think chelsea got the same opportunity with both of that team now, with mendy and thiago there

  57. Steeve Cantave

    Steeve Cantave2 maanden geleden

    Chelsea's wins this season: Brighton, Palace, Burnley, and Sheffield. Three of the four wins are against teams currently in the bottom five. On paper, their hardest games, against Spurs, Sevilla, Liverpool, and Man Utd, Chelsea have scored ONE goal. Against Man Utd, Chelsea had a very good team out there, and they didn't attempt to go forward.

  58. censored

    censored2 maanden geleden

    Also against Man U Maguire had Azpi in a headlock


    BOSANJERO2 maanden geleden

    Lol people always write Chelsea off and we always come back stronger

  60. Dubem Udemezue

    Dubem Udemezue2 maanden geleden

    Ashley Cole is a premier league legend. Without the support of Arsenal he wouldn’t be where he is today. It’s a shame how it ended between him and Arsenal.

  61. RedOne Alaoui

    RedOne Alaoui2 maanden geleden

    hakim ziyech

  62. Jamie Joe

    Jamie Joe2 maanden geleden


  63. Akeeme Williams

    Akeeme Williams2 maanden geleden

    They just dont want to gas it but they know Chelsea will kill it deep down

  64. Sa123

    Sa1232 maanden geleden

    The thing isn't are we gonna challenge cus we definitely are, but its can we win it?? We'll see, but the focus right now is game by game. 👀 then we'll see. Our job is to capitalise on other teams dropping points

  65. Katleho Trey

    Katleho Trey2 maanden geleden

    Other teams have a chance because of the injuries of liverpool and city if they have a bad season so if they don't take their chances then they won't get a better opportunity than now

  66. abc

    abc2 maanden geleden

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact Ashley Cole pronounced Espanyol as “España”.

  67. Greg Steenson

    Greg Steenson2 maanden geleden

    free pointses

  68. Jjuuko Ronald

    Jjuuko Ronald2 maanden geleden

    Once Chelsea keeps on playing well & prevents conciding un necessarily we gonna see a competitive challenge this season coz Chelsea has very vibrant players according to me so our manager has to stick on a system plus being with a special first lineup which coordinates better if we are to achieve more in this season👌

  69. Woody CFC

    Woody CFC2 maanden geleden

    Keep the defense solid and we will win the league

  70. R Pr

    R Pr2 maanden geleden


  71. H 1

    H 12 maanden geleden

    Answer: well yes, but actually no.

  72. Josh Cox

    Josh Cox2 maanden geleden

    Ovcourse they can the players they've got it's simple really it just depends if they can be resilient

  73. Akmal Hafiz Ramlee

    Akmal Hafiz Ramlee2 maanden geleden

    Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool and Spurs all have the quality to challenge for the title, just simply depends on which team can maintain good consistency of great performances and able to prevent their key players to long term injury

  74. *Youlovetoseeit*

    *Youlovetoseeit*2 maanden geleden

    well thats kinda generic any team that keeps consistency wins lmao

  75. ahvhhxz

    ahvhhxz2 maanden geleden


  76. Elohei Avraham

    Elohei Avraham2 maanden geleden

    hahah i don't know why they keep talking about City and liverpool, what about spurs, united, leicester. Have any of these guys seen how city and liverpool scrapping for points this season? Y'all stop with the politics, the PL is as real as it gets. Yes, Chelsea can win it, but so can all the top teams, and i say this as a hardcore chelsea fan. I know we can do it but it is anyones game this season, not just city and liverpool cos from what i have seen so far, those two are in for a shocker. Spurs is getting it together, united looks shaky but on a good day can punish any team, so i will be cautious to call anything.

  77. Aashish Neupane

    Aashish Neupane2 maanden geleden

    It is too early to tell. Promising signs but consistency is the key and that is what Chelsea should be looking for. No complacency, focus and right attitude is a must.

  78. Dean Husbands

    Dean Husbands2 maanden geleden

    Football a funny game, two months ago people were talking about lamps getting sacked

  79. Craig Hewitt

    Craig Hewitt2 maanden geleden

    I think out of all the teams Chelsea will pose the biggest threat, that said, I think there will be 5 or 6 clubs in and around each other, it's gonna be interesting! LFC for number 20? I'd like to think so!

  80. Ghost5379

    Ghost53792 maanden geleden

    Graham tell us about Chelsea Souness: Well I think Liverpool you know........

  81. D

    D2 maanden geleden

    Lampard still needs to prove himself in the big games against fellow top 6. So far he's got 2 points out of 9 this season and 10 points out of 30 last season.

  82. I'm a lover not a fighter

    I'm a lover not a fighter2 maanden geleden

    Comeback from international break they got Newcastle,i thought he was gonna say liverpool.we should be beating newcastle

  83. Miguel Nehm

    Miguel Nehm2 maanden geleden

    Personally I believe Paul Pogba personality is not material for Manchester United

  84. HL에이치엘 채널

    HL에이치엘 채널2 maanden geleden


  85. Lagster101

    Lagster1012 maanden geleden

    No they don’t but they have the best chance out of all the London clubs lol Lampard isn’t experienced enough especially when he is going crumble under the pressure when the fa cup and league cup starts

  86. finalrush7

    finalrush72 maanden geleden

    Cole: Important three pointses xD Chelsea legend

  87. Shady Nation

    Shady Nation2 maanden geleden

    We need a ex Chelsea pro with a personality and a bite in the medi like Roy or Jamie Carahger.Ashley Cole i love you but you’re too nice and relax bro Manchester United Arsenal and Liverpool expro dominate the media,The media need a Chelsea expro with a strong personality who’s not afraid to defend CFC.Souness always trying to undermine Chelsea even at times when we win the league

  88. splinter360

    splinter3602 maanden geleden

    People seriousely underestimate, forget or simply don't know how important managers are. Lampard ain't beating Klopp or Pep with their established teams to the title. It's that simple really.

  89. splinter360

    splinter3602 maanden geleden

    @Mau Mau Individual games mean absolutely nothing. Villa pipped Liverpool 7-2. Doesn't mean Dean Smith is a title winning manager now does it.

  90. Mau Mau

    Mau Mau2 maanden geleden

    Lampard beat Pep last season with a worse squad.

  91. M E

    M E2 maanden geleden

    Last 3 seasons the winner had 90+ points. Can't see Chelsea getting to that level - so it's not so much about how good Chelsea are, it's more about how far Liverpool and City drop down compared to the last few seasons - still far too early to make that judgement.

  92. football is my life

    football is my life2 maanden geleden

    They still have got pampard He may be better than ole but i am not convinced he will be successful at Chelsea regardless of huge money spent..

  93. Fin .Reilly

    Fin .Reilly2 maanden geleden

    Roy keane sitting at home wathcing on.. "utter nonsense"

  94. Tim Berge

    Tim Berge2 maanden geleden

    But if we win again Newcastle we will be right on it

  95. szsmix

    szsmix2 maanden geleden

    Looks like any team in the top 7 can. Will definitely see a gap before Christmas.

  96. highlights 77

    highlights 772 maanden geleden


  97. The Entertainer98

    The Entertainer982 maanden geleden

    Bla bla bla .

  98. TheLusianPopa

    TheLusianPopa2 maanden geleden

    they have good quality but are not the finished product yet but with city and liverpool having injuries to key players, with city and liverpool much more focused on the CL, and most importantly , if pep and klopp leave in the summer( and mind you city are already on the decline and liverpool have been showing signs as well), then by next season they can surely win the PL, espwith another 2-3 high quality signings in key areas

  99. Utkarsh Singh

    Utkarsh Singh2 maanden geleden

    You can only realistically tell who will challange after 20 games.

  100. Andy

    Andy2 maanden geleden

    Yes we can challenge for the title this season but winning it will depend on if everyone can stay fit and also not be struck down with this virus as with Havertz currently

  101. xxNate_ Rosarioxx

    xxNate_ Rosarioxx2 maanden geleden

    Chelsea definitely has a chance to win the league... if we can get Declan rice

  102. Adnan

    Adnan2 maanden geleden

    You can't spend 250m and not challenge for the title.

  103. Luke Jones

    Luke JonesMaand geleden

    @Adnan Robbie from aftv

  104. Adnan

    Adnan2 maanden geleden

    @Luke Jones who said that? No way Willian is better than Ziyech. I wish we went in for him would have been perfect.

  105. Luke Jones

    Luke Jones2 maanden geleden

    U can’t sign willian and think his better than ziyech

  106. MisterCritch

    MisterCritch2 maanden geleden


  107. Vinicius Almeida

    Vinicius Almeida2 maanden geleden

    Next season.

  108. Jay O'Hare

    Jay O'Hare2 maanden geleden

    Short answer : No Long answer : Frank Lampard

  109. sasaMK

    sasaMK2 maanden geleden

    Where are our 3 points from United they stole from us?

  110. Malcolm Nnabuagha

    Malcolm Nnabuagha2 maanden geleden

    Can some tell babatude we are talking about Chelsea not the red devils at the bottom....