Can Jose Mourinho turn it around at Spurs? | Saturday Social feat Chunkz and Thogden

Chunkz, Smithy and Joe are joined by Thogden on this week’s Saturday Social. After crashing out the Europa League in dramatic style on Thursday - we take a look at what is happening at Tottenham, and where do they go from here.
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  1. Gucci Mo

    Gucci Mo14 dagen geleden

    Someone tell me when the last time they actually got a score prediction right pls😭

  2. Nuni kidding

    Nuni kidding19 dagen geleden

    Thogden ❤

  3. 10mangakid

    10mangakid21 dag geleden

    Poch had a better team defensively. Jose has added only couple of players and while they have shown promise this team lost one of its best defenders and an amazing midfielder. What people don’t realize is that Jose has had this team for a little of a year now and has shown that this team is capable of winning. The question is do you think someone can manage this team better? Or are they 1 or 2 players away from going from challenger in the league to actual contenders?

  4. james roche

    james roche21 dag geleden

    We need a thogdad fact

  5. SwikMaster

    SwikMaster21 dag geleden

    Chunkz and his British accent 🤣🤣

  6. A S

    A S22 dagen geleden

    Chunkz really doesn’t know what’s he’s talking about

  7. Eoghan Ryan

    Eoghan Ryan22 dagen geleden

    No he cant

  8. Emmanuel Oyelese

    Emmanuel Oyelese22 dagen geleden

    Chunkz mocking it

  9. Scott Sparks

    Scott Sparks23 dagen geleden

    Not the biggest fan of thogden tbh but he acted so much more mature in this and knows his football gotta respect it. I love chunkz but he is top waffler on this show 🤣

  10. zakaria666

    zakaria66623 dagen geleden

    Why is chunks putting on a British accent lol

  11. JediMindTrickz

    JediMindTrickz23 dagen geleden

    Chunkz turns into such a lad when he’s talking about football 😂

  12. Neev P

    Neev P23 dagen geleden

    1:08 chuckz trying to act funny

  13. kevin mole

    kevin mole23 dagen geleden


  14. Robbie Walters

    Robbie Walters23 dagen geleden

    So you ask people who nout about football to talk about football

  15. Lemon James9759

    Lemon James975923 dagen geleden

    3 football journalists and chunkz is just a goat

  16. Daniel Munroe

    Daniel Munroe23 dagen geleden

    Wouldnt it be nice to see some actual pundits on sky sports instead of the local chavs and "mandem" who are only there to make things "relevant" and appeal to kids, what a load of bollocks.

  17. Kogrek

    Kogrek21 dag geleden

    It gets views so I don’t think they care lol

  18. Rez Clan

    Rez Clan23 dagen geleden

    i think we all just joined for thogden

  19. Alp Ongun

    Alp Ongun23 dagen geleden

    How tf did thogden come on sky sports

  20. Will

    Will23 dagen geleden

    Where is thogdad??

  21. ZEroツ

    ZEroツ24 dagen geleden

    I swear every English people know each other

  22. Donald Pumo

    Donald Pumo24 dagen geleden

    Get Thogden outta here lmao wtf is this geezer doing on Sky Sports 😭😭😭

  23. Lemon James9759

    Lemon James975923 dagen geleden

    If he was a 50 year old white guy he’d be good tho 😂

  24. Cai Howarth

    Cai Howarth24 dagen geleden

    Chunkz needs to go he doesn’t know anything about football

  25. Electric Forest

    Electric Forest24 dagen geleden

    Why did you even ask from arsenal fan about Spurs

  26. Penandes The Fraud

    Penandes The Fraud24 dagen geleden

    Get chunkz off he hasn’t a clue

  27. Cai Howarth

    Cai Howarth24 dagen geleden


  28. Gurpal Singh

    Gurpal Singh24 dagen geleden


  29. Nirav Popat

    Nirav Popat25 dagen geleden

    Arsenal fans thinking Prague will be easy. Deluded as always.

  30. c_o_ l_e

    c_o_ l_e25 dagen geleden

    I'm so happy for thogden


    SHAHID WILLIE25 dagen geleden

    chelsea all the way

  32. Oli DB

    Oli DB25 dagen geleden

    Big Thoggy, Let’s go mate! We need Thogdad on here next lads.

  33. Daniel Haslam

    Daniel Haslam25 dagen geleden


  34. Ryan Spurs Go

    Ryan Spurs Go25 dagen geleden

    Great to see thogden

  35. Timbone

    Timbone25 dagen geleden

    Mourinho started off as assistant manager at Barcelona. Has a game with his face on it.(Top Eleven) Do you think he is lacking money? The amount of hate on here is just sad. I find you all pathetic. It is funny that Jose is one of the few managers who isnt part of the elite and an ex pro like Pep or Zidane but the working class fans are all about the elite. It is pathetic how they turned on one of their home. I feel sorry for you alot

  36. Someguy.-

    Someguy.-26 dagen geleden

    Did he get paid tho?

  37. It is i, Count Olaf. Your new gurdian

    It is i, Count Olaf. Your new gurdian26 dagen geleden


  38. Old But True

    Old But True26 dagen geleden

    Yeah, he did, muppets

  39. Mark Saunders

    Mark Saunders26 dagen geleden

    Thogden knows a lot about football. He actually watches matches from different leagues so I can see why he is on this show. I like Chunkz but he knows very little about football.

  40. mathirangan balasingham

    mathirangan balasingham26 dagen geleden

    Who is thogden

  41. mathirangan balasingham

    mathirangan balasingham26 dagen geleden


  42. Saltlake

    Saltlake26 dagen geleden

    crazy how humanity got to this point when you think about it. we're doomed

  43. Mr Towelie

    Mr Towelie26 dagen geleden

    do people actually find chunkz funny?

  44. kirkham111

    kirkham11126 dagen geleden

    Shame they give kids airtime when real normal football supporters like myself who know more about the game inside out are ignored

  45. Boden56

    Boden5626 dagen geleden


  46. Brandon Mitchell

    Brandon Mitchell26 dagen geleden

    Chunkz has no business giving an opinion on matters such as this, he’s a nobody. Next.

  47. RC

    RC26 dagen geleden

    Mourinho is One of the best in history but we have to admit that his time is over

  48. im Inc

    im Inc26 dagen geleden

    Really this is what sky sports is coming to. Who even is thug den

  49. Joshua Bull

    Joshua Bull26 dagen geleden

    Theo “it’s a difficult one” Ogden

  50. Rai Star

    Rai Star26 dagen geleden

    They have to pay 24mil to sack him😂😂so they will probably not sack him until things get more worse

  51. -TruthSeekerUK-

    -TruthSeekerUK-26 dagen geleden

    Thogdan taking to Sky Sports like a 🦆 to 💧

  52. -TruthSeekerUK-

    -TruthSeekerUK-26 dagen geleden

    Good move getting Thogdan on 👏

  53. Rui Ribeiro

    Rui Ribeiro26 dagen geleden

    ESPN FC the TEEN version... talk nonsense all day and still get paid

  54. Shane O Mac

    Shane O Mac26 dagen geleden

    Both are the problem Player can't play defensively. Manager doesn't play to players strengths.

  55. Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis26 dagen geleden

    And Arsenal fans wanted Mourinho and not Arteta 🤣🤣🤣. Spurs fans wish they had Arteta.

  56. A S

    A S26 dagen geleden

    Thogden's a paigon

  57. P puh6tfrz

    P puh6tfrz26 dagen geleden

    I don't understand why Mourinho doesn't play Rodon in defence.

  58. Nathan Brennan

    Nathan Brennan26 dagen geleden

    Love how lads who make fun of Hillsborough can make their way onto Sky apparently

  59. Adrian Whitworth

    Adrian Whitworth26 dagen geleden

    Where have all the men gone? This is like children’s tv. Stick to cbeebies you idiots

  60. troy krentzs

    troy krentzs27 dagen geleden

    Just remember what always happen in Jose's 3rd season. 😂😂😂😂😂

  61. rakasa sangma

    rakasa sangma27 dagen geleden

    Big up charlie Puth 😂🔥

  62. Praneeth Duggirala

    Praneeth Duggirala27 dagen geleden

    Theo > this chunkz guy

  63. Calum Barton

    Calum Barton27 dagen geleden


  64. talnwdrw

    talnwdrw27 dagen geleden

    All will be well with the world as long as these lot never become pundits, the most biased people on the planet

  65. The Notorious

    The Notorious27 dagen geleden

    Stop talking about harry kane like that kid I'm sure u didn't play football this is why you're speaking like that

  66. MrLaughatthis

    MrLaughatthis27 dagen geleden

    Jose is done as a manager

  67. Melmeister -

    Melmeister -27 dagen geleden

    Up the TDL

  68. Bourkey 06

    Bourkey 0627 dagen geleden

    Big up thogden 🔥

  69. Darthgreenthum

    Darthgreenthum27 dagen geleden

    Thogden is a muppet

  70. Jimbo Jawa 27

    Jimbo Jawa 2727 dagen geleden


  71. Yahia Champ21

    Yahia Champ2127 dagen geleden

    Wait thogden is on sky

  72. James Hunter

    James Hunter27 dagen geleden

    Short answer no

  73. The Pitch

    The Pitch27 dagen geleden

    The Spurs have had a tough go this season. We even have a VIDEO on our channel going in depth into their difficulties this season 🔍

  74. Godelieve Hout

    Godelieve Hout27 dagen geleden

    Crypto is the new gold

  75. Maestros

    Maestros26 dagen geleden

    I feel these comments are all alts/scripted

  76. Anthony Miles

    Anthony Miles27 dagen geleden

    In few years or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

  77. Micheal Jerry

    Micheal Jerry27 dagen geleden

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  78. Gift Bernardo

    Gift Bernardo27 dagen geleden

    Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him

  79. richard kelvin

    richard kelvin27 dagen geleden

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  80. bruno is the goat

    bruno is the goat27 dagen geleden


  81. Louis Harrington-Edmans

    Louis Harrington-Edmans27 dagen geleden

    Tottenham cant get Nagelsman get real

  82. Hidden Sword

    Hidden Sword27 dagen geleden

    Turn what around? All the way back 30 plus years when they were winning things?

  83. Rashid Khalid

    Rashid Khalid27 dagen geleden

    Wheres dad he should of been next to you mate

  84. Alex Wilson

    Alex Wilson27 dagen geleden

    TDL Theo has come a long way from 0 subscribers to being on Sky Thogden Army Growing Everyday

  85. banter&beards

    banter&beards27 dagen geleden

    Does Thogden ever not have a brew/beer whilst on cam? 😂

  86. Wade Reynolds

    Wade Reynolds27 dagen geleden

    thogden was a Watford Fan right

  87. Terra messorem

    Terra messorem27 dagen geleden

    mourinhocant, he just doesnt see where to play his players, its easy to get results against small teams, but then they face arsenal and whoop, loss. Bale should not be on the right wing, hes a left winger only.

  88. Tarim Ulhaq

    Tarim Ulhaq27 dagen geleden

    Arsenal went From premier league heavyweights to getting whatever happiness they get out of watching these irrelevant unknown people

  89. Vuyolwethu Tshirana

    Vuyolwethu Tshirana27 dagen geleden

    No they can't 😂

  90. James Harper

    James Harper27 dagen geleden

    I can't see City getting past Bayern so they better hope they meet PSG

  91. MKN RiZe

    MKN RiZe27 dagen geleden

    0:57 the crackhead that looks through your peep hole or ring

  92. Cozzy

    Cozzy27 dagen geleden

    Jose is the absolute master at deflection..NOTHING is ever his fault.

  93. Alfie McConnachie

    Alfie McConnachie27 dagen geleden


  94. B L

    B L27 dagen geleden

    So is a degree in Sports Journalism redundant now?

  95. digonto zahid

    digonto zahid27 dagen geleden

    Someone slap up chunkz did he really say jose's spurs look better than poch did he really just say that ....someone should have went through the screen and slapped him up

  96. PeterorPk

    PeterorPk27 dagen geleden

    Yeah, he can try starting Gareth Bale week in week out

  97. Clan clapertron gaming

    Clan clapertron gaming27 dagen geleden

    thogden yesssss he really deserve thiss

  98. Dan S

    Dan S27 dagen geleden

    What are these plonkers doing on sky it’s ridiculous

  99. pallyali786

    pallyali78627 dagen geleden

    They should have got expressions on again

  100. Catalin Darii

    Catalin Darii27 dagen geleden


  101. David Pearson

    David Pearson27 dagen geleden

    What is happening to sky sports really going downhill fast

  102. Richard Tricker

    Richard Tricker27 dagen geleden

    Jose is a has been, why on Earth he was appointed, Potch should still be there,

  103. When you Lookintoit

    When you Lookintoit27 dagen geleden

    What's happened to sky sports? Is the viewership mostly kids these days? Why else would sky sports be dominated by annoying NLpush children. Whats going on?

  104. Poia Asli

    Poia Asli27 dagen geleden

    Did the same thing with the centerbacks in ManU, even bought som but roteted them all the time.

  105. Scott -O

    Scott -O27 dagen geleden

    Long live Thogdad

  106. cineogy

    cineogy27 dagen geleden

    Congrats to Theo! You've come so far mate.

  107. chris

    chris27 dagen geleden

    ‘Smithy’ babysitting again

  108. Faaz Arshad

    Faaz Arshad27 dagen geleden

    I hope Tottenham loses tomorrow against villa.

  109. the Webster

    the Webster27 dagen geleden

    4 no marks commenting on one of the worlds best managers ffs Sky are beyond a joke

  110. Rushton's TRUE LION STRENGTH

    Rushton's TRUE LION STRENGTH27 dagen geleden

    As a wolves fan and a big nuno fan, I'm very worried with a lot of possible big managers with wealthy owners who would pay top dollar for a top manager, about despite every bad luck wolves had with jimenez it's still a results game, is nuno in trouble. Hopefully he does get another few months to get a fully fit squad to get a proper crack next season. But I'm not jeff shi.

  111. 300bags

    300bags27 dagen geleden

    Word of advice: use chunks in thumbnails