"£200m?!? I don't think that's outrageous!" | How much would Spurs be willing to sell Kane for?

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Graeme Souness and Michael Dawson discuss Harry Kane's future at Tottenham, with Graeme saying he doesn't find Michael's claim that he's worth £200m as being an outrageous price, when taking add ons into account.
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  1. Youngabz

    Youngabz2 uur geleden

    Why would Real Madrid want Kane they’ve got benzema a top 3 striker in the world that scored in multiple champions league games

  2. eireforever

    eireforever8 uur geleden

    £200m for kane is ridiculous

  3. Chad

    Chad14 uur geleden

    200m is definately outrageous. It may not sound it but everyone is forgetting where this money is coming from? No club on the planet can afford to pay over 150m tops for Harry Kane.

  4. lolipedofin

    lolipedofin16 uur geleden

    200m?? For that price, you can get yourself a combo helping of Haaland + Sancho.

  5. Daniel Mosias

    Daniel Mosias19 uur geleden

    Mbabbe must be worth a trillion if Kane's worth 200 million 😂. If Kane does leave he'll probably go to Juve, the "old lady" likes old men 😃

  6. zoundsic

    zoundsicDag geleden

    Not worth it so take the money, might get a team in return. Then spurs fans can enjoy some football from a new team, should be good for a few weeks before Jose works his magic.

  7. Hekima Josh

    Hekima JoshDag geleden

    Dawson - one of the most underrated defenders in premier league history

  8. ASK

    ASKDag geleden

    If the English owned Messi his price tag would really be unimaginable. £200m for Kean is just a joke.

  9. sandeep sharma

    sandeep sharmaDag geleden

    Harry kane for 200...no one buy more than 90 ...to 100.

  10. Stratboy999

    Stratboy999Dag geleden

    Spurs ran out of steam this season. Maybe 200M would put that right with some clever signings. But Harry wouldn't do well at Madrid, I don't think he would cope with playing abroad.

  11. Mus Taiz

    Mus TaizDag geleden

    😂😂😂There's nothing special about Harry Kane.. Hes simply a better version of Giroud.. I wonder why brits like to hype players and yet the country can't win a simple euro tournament when the likes of Portugal are able to win it.. Let's face it.. English players are average and extremely overhyped with the exception of greenwood foden saka maybe and that's just a maybe Madison.. The rest are just average.. Nothing special. I laugh when Kane is compared to Ronaldo or Messi by the puuundits . It's just amazing I forgot to add that British managers too.. 😂😂Good for bottom team.. Their only savior Lampard was given the boot rightfully so and it's evident with Chelsea now..

  12. Dalmond

    Dalmond2 dagen geleden

    Dawson could say the sky was blue and Souness would contradict him

  13. Edison Russell

    Edison Russell2 dagen geleden

    Son > Kane

  14. Devon Wilson

    Devon Wilson2 dagen geleden

    This is the problem i have with white uk players their price tag be so outrageous its like hows He's worth that much?give me a break two hundred what?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Miss Fortune

    Miss Fortune2 dagen geleden

    kane 200 million??? hahahahahhahaha what a joke

  16. Josh smith

    Josh smith2 dagen geleden

    Souness is one joke pundit

  17. Tyrone Williams

    Tyrone Williams2 dagen geleden

    £200M???? Stop smoking crack Souness.....

  18. simon eric

    simon eric2 dagen geleden

    Donny Van De Beek now with Sky Sports? 😂

  19. Ameya Gokhale

    Ameya GokhaleDag geleden

    Well he is still Benched at Man U so no one will notice

  20. love pink

    love pink2 dagen geleden

    Only EPL teams will be an option for Kane. And no one is paying 200M for him

  21. ricardo81170

    ricardo811702 dagen geleden

    No way I would buy kane who get injured every year

  22. Shaneey

    Shaneey2 dagen geleden

    200 mil over 5 installments for 5 season Newcastle Enter The Chat

  23. Mr Meeseeks

    Mr Meeseeks2 dagen geleden

    But where is pogba in all this

  24. chazzdposh

    chazzdposh2 dagen geleden

    Maybe Kane is worth 200M in 2018 when he was 24. He should've gone to Real Madrid then. They'd just lost Ronaldo for 100M and they could've easily replaced his goals with Kane's. Now since he's 27 he's worth quite a bit less.

  25. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel2 dagen geleden

    If I can get Haaland for 150m why would I go for Kane for 200m? Some British people talk about Kane like he is Lewandowski.

  26. Tilak R

    Tilak R2 dagen geleden

    Michael Dawson.....

  27. Zac Brad

    Zac Brad2 dagen geleden

    Spurs without Kane its like burger without patty

  28. Zac Brad

    Zac Brad2 dagen geleden

    Harry kane must go to Real madrid

  29. epheso ngailo

    epheso ngailo3 dagen geleden

    I don't think this price tag, will make players play football freely rather it is putting pressure on their shoulders!

  30. commando azbo

    commando azbo3 dagen geleden


  31. Guinness

    Guinness3 dagen geleden

    Kane and Haarland up front back to a traditional two up top what a strike force

  32. Joshua Salisbury

    Joshua Salisbury3 dagen geleden

    Do you think Souness slaps his missus if she puts too much milk in his tea

  33. South West

    South West3 dagen geleden

    I don’t think 200 m is realistic for a player that’s shy of 30 I would say 100-120 million is realistic why wouldn’t you spend 200 million on a player you are going to get 3 years out of at his best when you could buy halland or mbappe and have them for years.

  34. Johnny *

    Johnny *3 dagen geleden

    Haaland isn’t better than Mbappe. It ridiculous how everyone thinks so

  35. H Wgv

    H Wgv3 dagen geleden

    200 million really that's just greed lol 🤣

  36. Louis Nunn

    Louis Nunn3 dagen geleden

    As a spurs fan I’d say between 120-150 is realistic for Kane

  37. JumpManBLAnco

    JumpManBLAnco4 dagen geleden

    Harry Kane is World Class.

  38. Amann

    Amann4 dagen geleden

    £200 million for Kane??? Might aswell just get Haaland

  39. yoloswag420 911wasaninsidejob

    yoloswag420 911wasaninsidejob4 dagen geleden

    I mean Kyle Walker left to join City and look what happened, he won trophies. There’s no doubt that if city don’t win the UCL then perhaps Kane or a consistent striker will be the final expensive piece that they need. But it’s getting ridiculous with how huge the wages are at city. It’s crazy.

  40. DrNemea

    DrNemea4 dagen geleden

    They thought Brit players have extra legs. Lol

  41. Emmanuel Awuah

    Emmanuel Awuah4 dagen geleden

    You shouldn't forget Harry will always give you half of the season with injuries 200 million is outrageously high. 60 - 85 million is fine

  42. loveable gal

    loveable gal4 dagen geleden

    The one going under the radar that wants to leave for a new challenge is Kylian Mbappé. Chelsea"s gonna sign him up while everyone else is distracted by Harland.

  43. Edwin Sithole

    Edwin Sithole4 dagen geleden

    Doesn’t Michael Dawson look like an older Donnie Van De Beek🤭?

  44. Sree Ram

    Sree Ram4 dagen geleden

    Madrid has their own injury issues with hazard. They dont need more

  45. Sakhile Dlamini

    Sakhile Dlamini4 dagen geleden

    Kane is okay, He's not world class. Definitely not worth 200mil

  46. Edward Bamber

    Edward Bamber4 dagen geleden

    "200m? I don't think that's outrageous" >Kane signs for United, 200m transfer fee "It's outrageous the amount of money clubs are spending on players nowadays; ruins the sport!"

  47. Nin9211

    Nin92115 dagen geleden

    "200 million pounds? Who you kidnapped? Chelsea Clinton?"

  48. flagsandwich

    flagsandwich5 dagen geleden

    Turn it in silly bollocks

  49. jamiemb17

    jamiemb175 dagen geleden

    Did this guy really just imply that Hojbjerg, Ndombele and Lucas Moura are good enough to win Spurs a league or Champions League...my God.

  50. Clement Siby

    Clement Siby5 dagen geleden

    Of course 200 million is outrageous in these covid times.. what are these guys smoking?

  51. mathjoker

    mathjoker5 dagen geleden

    When will players wake up and stop signing contract extensions that hand over millions of pounds in free money to clubs? Let your contract run out and then negotiate for higher wages or go wherever you want.

  52. Jesse Lioce

    Jesse Lioce5 dagen geleden

    still 3 to 4 year contract 200 m euro sure but only 1 year? are you mad

  53. Essex_1998 HD

    Essex_1998 HD5 dagen geleden

    200M isn’t outrages ? Do me a favour 🤦🏻‍♂️

  54. aj t

    aj t5 dagen geleden


  55. Ibrahim San

    Ibrahim San5 dagen geleden

    Benz playing for Madrid like he is now, they are good. They don't need Kane, unless he is planning to play as winger. Madrid needs a winger, and some midfielders as subs, other than that. In my humble opinion Kane can score goals, but he ain't no leader, and certainly he can't carry a team. That is the difference between him and Benz. Benz is leader, and understands the fundamentals of the game better than anyone else. He knows when to pass, when to shoot, where to shoot, when to run, when to defend, who to counter, reads defense and makes the midfielders lives much easier with his fluid motion and position understanding. That is my simple understanding.

  56. Mitchael Hollingsworth

    Mitchael Hollingsworth5 dagen geleden

    kane is overrated because he is english. he also is injury prone, and he'll be 28 when next season starts. not everyone is a zlatan or cr7 able to play at a high level into their late thirties. some people peak early and struggle with injury and adapting to reduced physical attributes. if you were a director of football, do you want to given this current financial climate spend 150 million on kane for two or three good years?

  57. Robin Love

    Robin Love5 dagen geleden

    if your talking 200 million thats pretty much mbappe or halaand price and you'd take either of those over Kane just for ages alone. Spurs need money and they can hold out for that much

  58. Hussein J Makshofi

    Hussein J Makshofi5 dagen geleden

    But of course, would anything else have been expected of this segment?

  59. mcfcguvnors

    mcfcguvnors5 dagen geleden

    Dont see it myself hes not worth that - there are 10 strikers before him in that bracket he has no pedigree ,hes NEVER WON a trophy outside of school football one jammy awful champs league final & the WCSF is the hilight of his career start the bids at around 40 mil for a 28 year old thats fair & NO = WE DONT WANT HIM !!

  60. Holy Msson

    Holy Msson5 dagen geleden

    Two league Cups in 29 years

  61. mybackpocket

    mybackpocket5 dagen geleden

    Someone get Graham drug tested.

  62. theo farhan

    theo farhan5 dagen geleden

    200m??? I definitely need whatever they are smoking

  63. JohnDaWhale3

    JohnDaWhale36 dagen geleden


  64. Garcia Pedro

    Garcia Pedro6 dagen geleden

    Real Madrid has their eyes set on mbappe and halaand, Kane lós this chance

  65. Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin6 dagen geleden

    Why would Madrid buy kean? Benzima is unbelievable and still have few years to go.

  66. J Fella

    J Fella6 dagen geleden

    0 chemistry

  67. S N

    S N6 dagen geleden

    Souness has lost it that's why he is a failed manager 200million for Harry kane? Really is this an April fools joke. Mbappe is 1000million then

  68. Zamanster

    Zamanster6 dagen geleden

    I would take mbappe over kane

  69. Broceliande Forest

    Broceliande Forest6 dagen geleden

    It's Kanes decision but he is getting nowhere at Spurs.

  70. Stingin_Roger

    Stingin_Roger6 dagen geleden

    With that logic lewandowski is 400 million 🤣

  71. Michael Dodds

    Michael Dodds6 dagen geleden

    200m after a long pandemic for a player who has dodgy ankles and regular injuries? How about 150m for Lingard?

  72. vinnyvasquez

    vinnyvasquez6 dagen geleden

    He's 28 in July and has ankles made of Weetabix. Mbappe may cost £200m, not Kane. Haaland because of his age and potential would cost more than Kane also.

  73. steve24steve

    steve24steve6 dagen geleden

    Kane has the same issue as Messi both players need to move to another club to win more trophies and end their careers on a high.

  74. Joris

    Joris6 dagen geleden

    80-120m more like it, 27 and picks up injuries faster than my courier picks up my food order.

  75. Blender Boy

    Blender Boy6 dagen geleden

    200 million 😭 How much are lewandowski, Haaland and mbappe them 😂

  76. Fearless Promotions

    Fearless Promotions6 dagen geleden

    200 is a bit much

  77. Garry Galloway

    Garry Galloway6 dagen geleden

    £200 million for a (nearly) 28 year old with that injury record? IF YOU SAY SO!

  78. Akwandze Lephogole

    Akwandze Lephogole6 dagen geleden

    Why is everyone commenting his not worth for 200 million 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  79. The Anomity

    The Anomity6 dagen geleden

    Dude can barely speak english, how he gonna settle in spain? 😭

  80. Trevor Angel

    Trevor Angel6 dagen geleden


  81. []

    []6 dagen geleden

    Kane is not the level of Haaland. English media bias

  82. ayush ghimire

    ayush ghimire6 dagen geleden

    these transfer values are outragious.

  83. Andy Pansy1979

    Andy Pansy19796 dagen geleden

    All aboard the Sky Sports hype train!! AGAIN!! 🚂🚂🚂🚂

  84. Pedro 86

    Pedro 867 dagen geleden

    200M pennys for this market when its about Kane

  85. BonuxCouleur

    BonuxCouleur7 dagen geleden

    English footballers, as delusional as it can get. Kane is worth around $70 max and that's to today's crazy standards. "We know what we get from him" yes you do, no titles with either Tottenham or England.

  86. adb0471

    adb04717 dagen geleden

    No chance

  87. Shiner Quartly

    Shiner Quartly7 dagen geleden

    Graeme Souness = The biggest Spurs hater on the planet. LOL

  88. Graham Randall

    Graham Randall7 dagen geleden

    200m?! during a pandemic, while the finances of most clubs are in turmoil, ya' gotta be joking... surely?! If Kane comes out a wants to leave, it won't even be 100m! Balls in your court Kane!

  89. Ciaran G

    Ciaran G7 dagen geleden

    200m for the Fourth best striker in the world? Madness 😂

  90. StrawHatPele

    StrawHatPele7 dagen geleden

    Whats happening right nah is all on Levi. Only wanted/needed an experienced defender, goes for a young cheap future talent

  91. StrawHatPele

    StrawHatPele7 dagen geleden

    Only be a Spurs legend if he stays. Won nout with them

  92. zak kadri

    zak kadri7 dagen geleden

    This video is just a waste of time, pure waffle, he said he wants to win trophies he’s not doing that at Spurs but no one will pay 200 million for a 29 year old when they are younger cheaper strikers that are in similar contractual positions

  93. gman og

    gman og7 dagen geleden

    Not worth 200 million maybe 100 million too injury prone.

  94. ozilthebeast mohe

    ozilthebeast mohe7 dagen geleden

    200 you could buy mbappe IF he was unhappy. you could def get haaland. you could get Sanchez. you could get anyone who a 28 yo

  95. Simon Boyle

    Simon Boyle7 dagen geleden

    £200m 😂😂😂

  96. Marco Cipollini

    Marco Cipollini7 dagen geleden

    Not even worth half of that fkn clowns

  97. carl cederhorn

    carl cederhorn7 dagen geleden

    Benzema is clearly better then kaner

  98. Gorz_EoD

    Gorz_EoD7 dagen geleden

    PSG: We value Mbappe at around €120 million Souness: Harry Kane is worth £200 million.

  99. Capt. CoCo

    Capt. CoCo8 dagen geleden

    He's old now for such huge fee and the difficult financial times adds more.

  100. Dunamis Hub

    Dunamis Hub8 dagen geleden

    Kane to city for 200million and Aguero to Spurs as extra. Yes we will take that and get Mbape and a few defenders.


    BERNARDO CELORIO8 dagen geleden

    Souness is the epitome of the delusional English press. Harry Kane £200 mil?? Lmaoooo these guys are high as a kite. Kane is a decent player, good for English player standards. This guy is good for Spurs, maybe Utd. Hes not a Liverpool or City type player and he for damn sure isnt a Barcelona, Madrid player. Question mark on Haaland? Hes better than Kane has ever been at this age right now, mans ceiling is so much higher and is a baby in football terms. England has a decent team, with a few great players sprinkled in. Nothing more nothing less.