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  1. Iv_ chadtwong

    Iv_ chadtwong14 uur geleden

    All angles?

  2. shellsbignumber2

    shellsbignumber214 uur geleden

    Allison goal is best, Keepers hardly ever score, so when they do its pretty special.

  3. Ben Kenn

    Ben Kenn14 uur geleden

    Unbelievable header 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Rage

    Rage14 uur geleden

    That was just Keegan being Keegan.

  5. MrJJuK

    MrJJuK14 uur geleden

    LiVARpool strike again. 2-2 Full time.

  6. Joe fifa group Hussey

    Joe fifa group Hussey14 uur geleden

    Tores goal

  7. david chamberlain

    david chamberlain14 uur geleden

    Boing Boing down..welcome back home boing boings.coventry and blues welcome will be happier here with us.....boing boing😉

  8. Dani Lani

    Dani Lani14 uur geleden

    Alison goal was more special than the rest, it meant more

  9. Erle Martin Carvalho

    Erle Martin Carvalho14 uur geleden

    A wonderful goal and a beautiful tribute to his Dad and God.

  10. Ross Cowan

    Ross Cowan14 uur geleden

    He’s one of the lads!!!!! On the way to a long successful career as a manager.... what you’ve done has been nothing but spectacular! He’s managed his squad well, goals from all over the park and solid at the back!

  11. Manish Jaiswal

    Manish Jaiswal14 uur geleden

    lol hes taking about god, looks like he tryna start his crusaders

  12. Louis legend _YT

    Louis legend _YT14 uur geleden

    Allison's gole was insane omg

  13. H-_-price

    H-_-price14 uur geleden

    1:07 what a save 😂

  14. ben laddie

    ben laddie14 uur geleden

    What song is that?

  15. LordHeath1972

    LordHeath197214 uur geleden

    Nope. Didn't happen. Nope.

  16. kevin mag

    kevin mag14 uur geleden

    Fat sam hahaha up yours LFC 2/1 😜

  17. LordHeath1972

    LordHeath197214 uur geleden

    I'm not sure my eyes can fully comprehend what they just witnessed here.

  18. Michael Finn

    Michael Finn14 uur geleden

    An Englishman and Catholic helping a Protestant Scottish team with many black players.That’s what i call progress...

  19. erkan yunis

    erkan yunis14 uur geleden

    The laugh of joy makes this even better

  20. Reuben Hamer

    Reuben Hamer14 uur geleden

    can we just give goal of the month to Ali.

  21. Alan Goulart

    Alan Goulart14 uur geleden

    Alisson you are the best goalkeeper in the premier league !

  22. Lord Nicklas Bendtner

    Lord Nicklas Bendtner14 uur geleden

    Big up Alisson - scored as many goals this season as willian

  23. S Lennon

    S Lennon14 uur geleden

    Best one ever keeper is alisson

  24. Alan Goulart

    Alan Goulart14 uur geleden

    Alisson, the best goalkeeper Liverpool ever had !

  25. Lars loves Tech

    Lars loves Tech14 uur geleden

    considering at the start of this video they mentioned that schmeichel had just scored his 9th goal of his career i would say he simply needs a video all to himself

  26. MrJJuK

    MrJJuK14 uur geleden

    Alisson thinking he's a B-Tec Peter Schmeichel 😅

  27. moulinyan

    moulinyan14 uur geleden

    lfc rangers preseason full house lets have it at anfield bring him home

  28. Jesse Valentine

    Jesse Valentine14 uur geleden

    Would have been good If West Brom kicked Off and they lobbed Alison as his on his way back goal xD

  29. Vidal Conteh

    Vidal Conteh14 uur geleden

    What rashford tried to take the ball after he scored trent never let him😭😭

  30. Jeff Palmer

    Jeff Palmer14 uur geleden

    He's not just in the goalkeeper's eyeline, he's also blocking the view of the goalkeeper to the header - it's a shame for WBA because I think it would have ended up being a goal anyway but the offside decision was correct.

  31. gouta alfadel

    gouta alfadel14 uur geleden

    Im so happy fir him may his father go to heaven and rest in peace.

  32. Bala Nanduri

    Bala Nanduri14 uur geleden

    Allison! It was a Screamer!!

  33. Extermible 3

    Extermible 314 uur geleden

    Come on Liverpool get into the champions league!

  34. Brian R

    Brian R14 uur geleden

    And a goals conceded record I'm sure.

  35. Tushar Roy

    Tushar Roy14 uur geleden

    Carra still has an accent😃

  36. dynamo

    dynamo14 uur geleden

    I guess we’re gonna be sucking off Alisson for the next month then

  37. Snitch

    Snitch14 uur geleden

    2:41 alisson replay button

  38. Heramb Rana

    Heramb Rana14 uur geleden

    Alisson's goal hits different

  39. Jack Brown

    Jack Brown14 uur geleden

    Great to see the man onboard like that .......superb SG .

  40. Jonah Hubble

    Jonah Hubble14 uur geleden

    Sky Sports forgot about the insane Smith Rowe Goal Against Chelsea! 😂😂

  41. ami mé ami

    ami mé ami14 uur geleden

    Imagine if it was o world cup final.

  42. Vishal Farma

    Vishal Farma14 uur geleden

    Holy crap these man squeeze out content like their life depends on it 😂😂

  43. Sam Denzey

    Sam Denzey14 uur geleden


  44. Alfie Harvey

    Alfie Harvey14 uur geleden

    One of my favorite things to goalkeeper

  45. Luqman Mohamud Year 09

    Luqman Mohamud Year 0914 uur geleden

    ederson is better than allison

  46. Oscar Atherton

    Oscar Atherton14 uur geleden

    The taste of salt is overpowering

  47. Lancer Maza

    Lancer Maza14 uur geleden

    You’re blessed Allison. What a header


    FIFA IS GOOOOD14 uur geleden

    respect to Alisson and his father