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  1. Andrew Sanderson

    Andrew Sanderson23 uur geleden

    Bail has been taking pictures on Instagram showing his training is it won't picking watching the Euro 2020 match now 16th of June 2021 he is bored watching a bit and there's still 10 minutes left and I think there's a young Welsh lad now I could probably fill those shoes for 10-minutes but they're not making any substitutions in this heat second game in there group if they keep up this 1-0 lead it's 4 points out of 6 for Wales hang on Turkey if it the post this is intense go on Dan James go and Dan James excellent performance and Dan James

  2. MasonB 10

    MasonB 1023 uur geleden

    He is the only retired player that is still fit and ready to play legend

  3. Andrew Sanderson

    Andrew Sanderson23 uur geleden

    The problem is things have been said and behind closed doors even if you're not playing there's a lot of money going in your bank account each week and that infuriates the majority of people on this plain

  4. Chris Tidbury

    Chris Tidbury23 uur geleden

    They get that keeper from wish?

  5. Andy Harrison

    Andy Harrison23 uur geleden

    Didn't know Jimmy was a part time painter and decorator... Got to respect that grind, must have come straight from a job for this vid.

  6. Cycling Nut

    Cycling Nut23 uur geleden

    If I was the boss I would of got the ref to redcard Kepa you can't let a player disrespect you Can you imagine someone doing this to Sir Alex Ferguson 🤣

  7. Dave Murrells

    Dave Murrells23 uur geleden

    3:28 he looks like a little old lady

  8. tran donnghia

    tran donnghia23 uur geleden

    Wow, they predict is so well, SANCHO LEFT OUT THE FIRSTXI ...

  9. Mike H

    Mike H23 uur geleden

    Neville is a ball bag, we will batter them about 4 or 5 nil.

  10. Jack Russell

    Jack Russell23 uur geleden

    Seeing a lot of England fans turning this game over but ask yourself, if this was a really nothing game for England why are you all on here commenting about it being a “nothing game” if it was really a nothing game you probably wouodnt be watchjng this video never mind commenting, its a rivalry and its big for both countries, keep telling yourself it isnt but you know deep down it is.

  11. Craig Carroll

    Craig Carroll23 uur geleden

    So Rashy, ya like stuff ?

  12. tidsy

    tidsyDag geleden

    Imagine getting a love heart from sky sports

  13. Steven Pease

    Steven PeaseDag geleden

    0:01 for bullards cheeky skill. Your welcome :)

  14. Nathan Lane

    Nathan LaneDag geleden

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought Bullard was a girl.

  15. Lawbringer boi

    Lawbringer boiDag geleden

    Martin Tyler putting me to sleep

  16. Soham Mehta

    Soham MehtaDag geleden

    Is Bullard's gender transition into a woman complete yet?

  17. Szillar

    SzillarDag geleden

    Bullard > penandes

  18. fucking cunt

    fucking cuntDag geleden

    This video made me realise that Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Pessi.

  19. Monster Munch

    Monster MunchDag geleden

    Is Jim a painter and decorator these days?

  20. cHeeKo BandiT

    cHeeKo BandiTDag geleden

    jimmy bullard legend as always


    BEAST99 GAMERDag geleden

    Sky, back with the banger content!

  22. Busboy

    BusboyDag geleden

    Carragher seemed visibly & deeply moved by Ginola's story...

  23. The King

    The KingDag geleden

    It’s true what he saying in France everywhere is pitches

  24. Notorious Nerd

    Notorious NerdDag geleden

    Good at talking the talk

  25. Some Words

    Some WordsDag geleden

    eyes were read after the dutch game lmao

  26. Travellingisagift

    TravellingisagiftDag geleden

    30 compressions, 2 breath, 30 compressions. Shld be 5 cm in pressing the chest

  27. tommy m m

    tommy m mDag geleden

    Can someone buy this guy a personality?

  28. Philadelfia Timothy

    Philadelfia TimothyDag geleden

    Rasford Talks > Performance.

  29. Obi-Wan Jabroni

    Obi-Wan JabroniDag geleden

    Well done, Sky Sports. Excellent video to post, just think how much a difference this could actually make

  30. Travellingisagift

    TravellingisagiftDag geleden

    This is very educational. Thank you Sky

  31. Dhrv

    DhrvDag geleden

    Good ol Phil Brown. I am from Hyderabad, India where he finished his managing stinct at. I once met him at a party and missed a huge opportunity by not doing the Jimmy Bullard celebration right at his face.

  32. Julia Carlson

    Julia CarlsonDag geleden

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  33. Darth

    DarthDag geleden

    Black lads should just stop playing football and find something more constructive to do with themselves

  34. E M

    E MDag geleden

    First aid should be the first thing every athlete should learn!

  35. Ritchie Mullins

    Ritchie MullinsDag geleden

    Reporter should have asked him, will u ever score a goal Marcus??

  36. KNK

    KNKDag geleden

    There is just something funny about watching angry fans get out of their seats to point and shout with such anger it’s amazing

  37. R L

    R LDag geleden

    He did not answer one question. He just stated the obvious and has been so media trained he seems incapable of giving a natural response.

  38. Lee Taylor

    Lee TaylorDag geleden

    This is why those Gary Neville interviews receive hundreds of thousands of views compared to these journalist who sound so robotic and scripted giving questions they know the answer to

  39. CleanestBowl

    CleanestBowlDag geleden

    This didn't show the other two hits aswell

  40. Numinous20111

    Numinous20111Dag geleden

    I'm Irish. I have nothing against England. The problem with English teams for decades has been that they play in 15 to 20 minute bursts and then loose focus. The passing starts getting aimless and error-prone and opposing teams (even if they are inferior) start to get encouraged and build momentum. England need a more consistent game plan. They usually have enough players with attacking ability, but they never seem to be the sum of their parts. I hope they do well, but I've just got too many doubts about how they will consistently perform.

  41. Danny Green

    Danny GreenDag geleden

    So soft centered....he should join Tottenham.

  42. Jason Hawkings

    Jason HawkingsDag geleden

    Finish top and beat the best too be the best

  43. Tony Sampson

    Tony SampsonDag geleden

    They missed out the David Batty and Graeme Le Saux scrap for some reason. Pretty sure one of them even broke or fractured their wrist in that scrap.

  44. Noodle Neck Rat Ribs

    Noodle Neck Rat RibsDag geleden

    🤣We are shite end of.